Mere Angne Mein 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam agreeing to help Nimmi. Riya calls him. He says I m going mad. She asks what happened, just come and help me. He asks what is the matter. She tells him something. He says fine, I m coming. Sarla and Ashok go for photo shoot. Sarla takes young avatar and he screams asking what is it. She asks don’t I look good. He says you look good. She asks him to wear hero clothes and sends him to change. Nandu and Nimmi are on the way and go to jeweler’s shop. Pari and Preeti follow them. Pari takes video and says this video will make you get divorce, it will be fun, no one can stop your divorce. Ashok comes and Sarla compliments him. They pose for the pic.

Nimmi asks price of jewelry. The man says this costs over 15000rs. Nimmi asks for something else. She likes a

chain. Nandu asks how much this cost. The man says it costs 11000rs. Nimmi says we will buy later. Nandu says no, you like this, we will buy this, I have a ring. Nimmi asks what are you doing. Pari records them and tells Preeti that Nimmi is making Nandu shop for her, she is smart. The man says I can give 16000rs for this ring, have this new earrings and 5000rs. Nandu thanks him and they leave. Pari asks Preeti to make divorce papers soon. Preeti thanks her and says you are so good. Pari says I love you a lot, don’t make me cry. Preeti hugs her and goes. Pari makes a face.

Riya asks Shivam to come. Shivam comes in disguise. Riya smiles and hugs him. She says now no one can stop my work, I just love you, bye. She goes. Preeti goes to garage to meet Lucky. Nandu tells Nimmi that he is getting his boss call and asks her to go. He talks to Preeti as Lucky. She asks him to come soon, I m waiting. He asks why, is there any imp work. She asks won’t you come if there is no work. He says I will come.

Riya goes to meet Rani. Rani gets surprised and asks is everything fine. Riya says mummy ji has sent jalebi and samosa for you. Rani asks her to come inside. She asks Riya to have samosa. Rani eats jalebi and says its like Ashok’s canteen. Riya coughs and says mummy ji learnt making this from Ashok. She asks where is everyone. Rani says Sarla and Ashok went to have photo. Riya makes jalebi fall on her saree and says sorry. Rani says its fine and goes to change. Nirmala comes and sees Riya.

Riya says I came to take Rani. Nirmala asks where and why. Riya asks don’t you know about party in Ashok’s canteen, everyone is coming there. Nirmala gets shocked. Nirmala says I will go in party, Ashok is my husband. Riya says no, I won’t move, I won’t let you go. Nirmala says I will go, and leaves. Riya says my plan got successful. She tells Rani that she will come later. She leaves. Sarla and Ashok are on the way in rickshaw and takes selfies. She says judge will feel we go out to roam like normal people. Riya follows Nirmala. Nirmala falls Ashok.

Sarla sees Nirmala and asks Ashok to go, she is going to plan against us. Lucky meets Preeti. She asks why do you make me wait. He says my work of car repair is like that, tell me, what did you want to say. She says I kept Karwachauth fast for you, as I regard you as my husband. He says fine, but I have to come to you to break your fast, I will come your home. She says you can’t. He asks why, we love each other. She says you can’t come infront of my family. He says fine, but you have to come to break the fast. She says you come outside house. He agrees. She says you have to marry me in temple. He gets shocked.

Ashok goes to canteen. Riya calls him and asks did Nirmala call you. He says yes, twice, I did not answer. Riya asks what, now answer her call. Ashok says I don’t know what will she say. Riya says this is my plan, answer her call, I can’t say complete story, your canteen has party, I told Nirmala, she got irritated, now you have to stop her from reaching canteen and she gets angry, if you are afraid, just scold her in anger. He agrees. She says now my next step, I think swing is not far from me.

Lucky says no, this is not possible, I will marry you infront of everyone. She says we can’t marry infront of everyone, you have to marry me in temple, think its Karwachauth gift for me, your brother fixed marriage date with Pari, you are not agreeing, do you want to marry me or not. He says I have to. She asks when. He says fine, I will marry you before Diwali. She smiles and hugs him.

Pari tells Sarla that this is Preeti and Nandu’s divorce papers, once they sign, it will be big drama in Shanti Sadan. Sarla says I will ruin Shanti Sadan’s peace.

Nirmala is angry on Ashok. Riya informs Shivam that Nirmala is coming. Nirmala falls down and Shivam goes to help her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ha ha… nyc epi… accha hua shivam ek ek karke sabki help karega…Riya khushia nimmi koi jitega nahi aur nirmala bhi sarla ki life se out ho jayega…aur jitega shivam ne…then shanti will make him heir… it will be good to see..

  2. Hope sarla and pari’s plan fails. Surely there’s nothing against a sister in law helping to buy a gift for her sister. What storyline is this?

  3. Hope pari and sarla’s plan fails. Surely there’s nothing wrong in a sis in law helping to buy a gift for her sister. What sort of storyline is this?

  4. Nice episode

  5. Preeti needs to learn a lesson.. She treat her family bad.

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