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Mere Angne Mein 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav and Shivam coming to Sarla. Raghav asks Sarla about Amit, is that all true which she said. Sarla says yes, Ashok’s canteen was shut, so Amit has taken loan to manage home. Ashok gets shocked seeing her lie again. Rani goes to police station to file Amit’s missing report. The inspector lady refuses to take her complaint, as she joked before by fooling police by waste case on Sarla. Rani says she will file complaint anyhow and cries. She gives money to the boy and asks him to do her work.

Raghav tells Sarla and Ashok that his friend will find Amit, he is in police. Sarla cries. Raghav and Shivam wait in Sarla’s home till his friend comes. Rani cries and threatens the inspector to take her complaint. She asks boy to make video of her burning, then she

will put on internet. She tells everything while putting kerosene on her. The inspector lady stops her and calls her mad. Rani asks her to find Amit else she will burn herself. The lady slaps her and asks her to sit quiet, and give complaint.

Nimmi and Preeti talk about Shanti disowning Sarla. Nimmi says its good, that Shanti will not be biased towards mummy now. We are still confused whether we like Riya or not. The inspector lady asks Rani to come with her. Rani wishes Amit is fine. Raghav’s friend inspector asks Sarla to call goons and ask where to meet. Sarla calls goon and talks to him. The goon says where to come and not bring police. Sarla says yes, I will come sure. The goon threatens her about taking Amit’s organs. Amit shouts to Sarla to save her. Sarla asks Amit not to worry, she will come to take him. She cries and asks Raghav to save Amit, don’t punish him for my mistakes.

Riya sees Shanti worried and thinks her intention was not such to hurt them. She calls Shivam. Shanti makes Kaushalya call Raghav and tells her not to ask about Sarla. Raghav says he called inspector Ghosh and they will find Amit. Kaushalya asks him to be careful. Raghav says Amit is kidnapped. Kaushalya says nothing should happen to Amit. He ends call. Shanti says she does not want to come. Kaushalya tells her everything. Riya says I did not know Amit’s life will be in risk, do anything. Shanti worries and says she will not talk to anyone. Shanti calls Kaushalya in her room and talks to her.

Pari goes to Vyom’s room and flirts with him. Vyom asks what if Sujeev came. Pari says she does not care and falls over him. They romance. Shanti is praying and takes puja plate. Kaushalya thinks Shanti is doing this for Sarla and Amit. Shanti shivers. She wears sweater and goes out in cold breeze of night. Everyone stop her from doing this. Shanti lies down on the ground. Shanti rolls on the ground and does Tapasya. Kaushalya also does Tapasya with her. The goon throws water on Amit’s face and takes him. The goon says he will take Amit to Sarla to get money. Amit gets glad and goes with him. Riya sweeps the ground seeing Shanti and Kaushalya roll on the floor. Riya sees the glass pieces and picks it to save them.

She removes the glass pieces by her dupatta and her finger gets hurt. Nimmi sees a glass piece and removes it. Riya asks man for flower basket and was giving him her earrings. Nimmi stops her and asks man man to collect money from home. Riya and Nimmi shower flowers in the path for Shanti and Kaushalya’s ease in their Tapasya.

Sarla, Rani, Raghav and Shivam wait for Amit and goons. Rani says this is my and Amit’s loss, please save him, I love him a lot. Sarla cries and asks Raghav to save Amit. Raghav holds her hand and assures her. She gets glad seeing Raghav and Shivam supporting her. The inspector says Sarla has to meet goons alone, else they will know we all are here. He asks Raghav to wear cap and shawl, and sit at tyre shop as customer, just sign if there is any signal. Raghav can’t hear him, after wearing the cap. Sarla stands alone near the post box. The goons bring Amit there. They see everything fine. The goon goes to check if Sarla has come alone. Shivam and Rani hide far behind the trees. Sarla sees the goon and signs Rani. The police is hidden under the bridge. Shanti and Kaushalya reach temple and get up. Shanti prays that she has done Sarla’s tyaag, but give her problems to Shanti, just save Amit.

Amit asks for water. The goon scolds him. Another goon goes to tea stall and takes tea. He sees Raghav and says this time, its more cold. Raghav does not hear him properly. The goon asks for newspaper and looks around. Kaushalya and Shanti pray in temple. The goon whistles to signal the other goons. Rani goes to grab the goon. The goon runs away and everyone run after him. Shanti cries and prays that Sarla gets Amit. Sarla runs through jungle to follow goons. Raghav and everyone get late and catch the goon Pappu. Sarla gets back to the same spot and goons van comes there.

The goons look for Pappu. Raghav and everyone wait and look on from far. Shanti takes diya in hand and does aarti. Everyone cry. The goons get down the van and bring Amit. Sarla and Rani smile seeing Amit. Sarla runs to Amit and cries. Amit asks Sarla to save him. She says she got money and gives him. She says I will take Amit now. The bag does not open. Pappu comes running. The goons try to run. Sarla catches hold of Amit and does not let them take Amit. The police beats the goons and arrests them. Rani hugs Amit. Sarla asks Rani to move away. Raghav thanks inspector Ghosh. Sarla apologizes to Raghav.

Raghav asks Shanti to solve this problem. Shanti asks what is the solution, fine I will forgive Sarla, but kick out Riya from home. Riya hears this and drops the water glass.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nyc…..poor riya

  2. Thoooooooooo bakvaaaasss senseless serial..I guess a standing near dustbin is much better than wtching this serial..thanks again ameena for saving our brain n time

  3. What a disappointment the way the story is moving. Shivam knows well that Amit gambles. Why cant he tell so. I think he is like modern youth that think telling on a cousin or friend is not done. Will this story make the youth tell truth to family members ?.

  4. Sense less serial ever seen !!!! The family don’t deserve good person like RIYA

  5. Shivam has no backbone Riya should leave him and go back she does not need to depend on her husband

  6. atimes dis show is stupid

  7. This shows is always stupid and negative

  8. Yes riya just give one slap to shiv am he is really very stupid give two slaps to Namita also she talks nonsense always you just argue properly with shanti Dayan expose her and wicked Sarla Amit and that blo*dy Pari

  9. The maker of the serial is negative thinker. Negativity does not keep on happening everyday. People having positive vibes everyday can never be taken negatively by the surroundiing. Be positive and take it to right direction.

  10. Yes Shivam Roll is nothing. he is not a Gud Husband or gud Brother.

  11. Riya u are an independent girl and should never live with a boy like shivam. Just leave him but before going expose amit n his mother.

  12. please tell me what is the name of the song they sang in the temple

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