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Mere Angne Mein 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mama asking Sharmili what if Nimmi does not come back. She says Shanti will not keep Nimmi there. Mama says if Nimmi herself does not come then? Sarla and Ashok have a talk. Ashok is unwell. Nirmala gets fruits for him and takes care of Sarla. Sarla says I have to go market in some time. Nirmala offers her Banarasi saree. Ashok says no need, my days are not so bad that my wife has to wear other’s clothes. Sarla says whats wrong in it, Nirmala is like my sister, she is gifting me saree, if its costly, I will take else not.

Vyom comes home. Sharmili asks him to go and take Nimmi from her Maayka. He says its good she is gone, I won’t go. She says I want my heir, you have to get her back. Vyom refuses. She asks Vyom to go. She asks Mama to take Vyom. Vyom holds his


Kaushalya gives dry fruits, pickles and sweets to Nimmi. Shanti says Nimmi came suddenly, and I did not know, I have these new toe rings. Kaushalya does her aarti. Vyom and Mama come home to take Nimmi. Vyom and Preeti see each other. Vyom recalls the marriage functions done with Preeti. Kaushalya and Shanti welcome Vyom. Kaushalya goes to get some snacks. Sarla is in kitty party and wins the chits. Rani calls Sarla and says its big problem, Nirmala is not opening the door.

Mama takes the phone and calls Sarla. Sarla thinks why is Amma calling me now. Mama says I m Makdi, you forgot to talk to me. Sarla asks did I take birth to talk to you, I m very busy. Vyom asks Nimmi to come, Sharmili would be waiting. Kaushalya does rituals with Vyom and Nimmi. Shanti gifts clothes to Vyom as shagun. Riya asks Kaushalya to give shagun from her side also. She gets a saree. Kaushalya gives it to Nimmi. Riya asks shall I apply them haldi kumkum as well, if you permit. Kaushalya gets helpless and gives her plate. Riya also does the rituals. Kaushalya asks Preeti to apply haldi kumkum to Nimmi and Vyom. Preeti feels sad and takes plate to do rituals.

Sarla comes home and asks what happened. Rani says Nirmala is not opening the door, maybe she is committing suicide or Ashok is inside. Sarla gets angry and knocks the door continuously. Nirmala opens the door. Sarla slaps her hard. Sarla checks her cupboards and belongings. She asks what did you steal, tell me. Nirmala cries and says I arranged this room just for you. Sarla gets glad seeing the room so clean and costly Banarasi sarees kept on her bed. She asks why did you not tell me about the surprise. She scolds Rani for giving wrong info. Nirmala smiles after fooling Sarla.

Preeti applies haldi kumkum to Vyom. He turns his face away. Kaushalya gives sindoor box to Nimmi and asks her to always apply sindoor, its sign of Suhaag, don’t make your inlaws complain. Nandu comes home with brooms and buckets. They all look on. Shanti says why did he come at this time like this. Nandu says its marriage function at senior’s house, he asked me to get these things. Preeti cries. She asks Nandu to go and talk to his dad. Nandu says I will meet Vyom and Nimmi first. Preeti stops him and says you just go, your dad has some urgent work. Nandu goes. Vyom says we will leave now. Nimmi hugs Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to take care. Vyom and Nimmi leave. Preeti complains to Kaushalya about not doing rituals for her. Preeti goes to room. Nandu asks her why did she lie. She says I m ashamed of you, did you see your state, you look like a servant, don’t think my relatives are yours. She argues with him.

Shanti talks to pandit and ends call. She tells Kaushalya that pandit said he checked Shivam’s kundli and he won’t have children, there is some problem, we have to get Shivam remarried soon, we will get him married to Chanda. Kaushalya gets shocked.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to make Chanda ready, like Urvashi. Riya looks on.

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  1. shivam is impotent.what the point of him getting remarried.

  2. sarla n kaushalya the two donkeys of the serial.

  3. nice episode

  4. Please put an end to this serial. Its is the same story so unrealistic.

  5. Be little more sense

    Ria forcefully staying in Shanthi Sadan to Prove herself. But what she was planning against them is foolish, Shanthi the great and Sarala the crook are planning and executing way ahead of her. The plans are still make Ria more foolish and keep her away from Shivam. Why Ria has to tell Nimmi that Chanda is her future bhabi blah blah … then Shanthi make use of the situation and said they both signed the divorce papers. Only one person can control the situation which is Raghava but he will not interfere in the family matters no talk nothing. Show some smartness in Ria.

  6. Ria is showing being a idiot now nd i am loosing he appeal in this serial now. It is getting boring now that Ria is being showed as a stupid.

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