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Mere Angne Mein 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya coming home. She hides the love letters. Preeti comes and is crying. Riya asks why is she upset, be happy, its your marriage. Preeti hugs Riya and cries. Riya says everything will be fine, no one will trouble you. Nandu comes to his room and sends recording to Vyom. He deletes the audio file from his phone and says now no one will doubt on me. Raghav asks someone to send man to do arrangements of holi. Sarla comes and Raghav asks about Amit. Amit comes there. Raghav scolds him for not being of the functions. He asks about Rani. Rani comes and lies about Amit’s words.

Kaushalya goes to Preeti and tells about holi. She asks Riya to do all the arrangement. Riya says its all ready and Kaushalya goes to check. Sujeev chooses saree for Pari. Pari tells Vyom that

she will do puja with him. Sharmili comes and tells Vyom’s life partner did not come yet, he has do puja later. Sharmili takes Vyom to see the things Sujeev got for Preeti. His phone falls there. Pari gets Vyom’s phone and sees the audio message. She does not listen to the audio and deletes it thinking its love song from Preeti.

Its holika dahan puja time. Shanti asks Riya and Rani’s puja to happen first. She asks Amit to come. Sarla tells Shanti that Ashok is busy, he asked me to do puja alone, leave him, what pati dharm did he keep till now, even Renu’s husband did not happen, we will do puja later. Shanti asks them to do puja in pairs. Shanti asks Amit to hold Rani’s hand and do puja. Amit refuses. Raghav asks what are you saying. Amit says I don’t like her, I won’t do puja with her. Raghav asks what nonsense. Rani says he is annoyed with me, yesterday…. Sarla says nothing happened yesterday and asks Amit to do puja with Rani.

Rani asks Amit to hold her hand, else I will tell everyone what you did. The couples do the puja around and pray. Riya prays Preeti’s marriage happens well without any hurdle. Rani prays that Amit values her love and reciprocates. Sarla prays to get Sarla Sadan house. All the wives do tika to their husbands. The husbands then apply color to their wives. Kaushalya asks Raghav to apply color to Sharmili. He asks why is she angry, let Sharmili come, I will apply her color, will you feel bad. She applies color to him. Shivam and Riya apply color to each other and wish happy holi to each other.

Shivam goes to apply color to Kaushalya. Riya prays that all problems end today with this holika, and throws the love letters in the fire. A paper falls and Shivam sees it. Riya takes it and says its junk. He asks why are you behaving weird. He says nothing and takes paper. Shanti looks on and smiles.

Raghav is making bhaang and teases Kaushalya that she is making it for Sharmili. Nimmi laughs. Raghav tells Shanti that women can’t drink it, the full glass is bhaang, don’t drink that thandai. Nimmi says I will drink it. Shanti says you want to be like Riya, who does things which we ask her not to do, where is she. Nimmi says she is getting ready for her first holi. Shanti keeps the phone and says video will be made now, its first holi with Preeti’s inlaws, and our bahu Riya, we will see video later. People are shown celebrating holi. They play holi on the road.

Shivam applies holi to Riya and she runs. Nimmi applies holi to Riya. They all run around and laugh Sarla comes with Amit, Sonal and Rani. Riya throws colors on Nimmi and it falls on Sarla. Sarla asks is this way to play holi with elders. Riya says sorry, I was playing with Nimmi. They all apply colors to each other and laugh. Raghav asks Kaushalya to have thandai made by him, she will be light in bhaang effect. Kaushalya finishes the glass. Raghav asks her not to worry, I kept this glad for Amma. Kaushyalya takes glasses and gives thandai to everyone. Everyone drink thandai. Shanti calls out Raghav and says no one can make thandai like Raghav. They all laugh. Raghav asks her to have one more glass.

Kaushalya plays the dhol and everyone laugh being in bhaang effect. Shanti hugs Riya and they both laugh. Sarla looks on shocked as Shanti makes Riya sit with her on her swing. Shanti says I like Riya a lot and hugs her. She says I tried a lot and could not make Riya like me. Sarla thinks what happened to Amma. Kaushalya hugs Sarla. Riya asks Sarla to say anything new, you always say I m not suitable for this house, tell me one thing, are you suitable for this house. Shanti and Sarla get shocked. Riya laughs.

Kaushalya scolds Sharmili on phone and Sharmili shouts this marriage will be cancelled. Kaushalya says I will cancel it. Kaushalya tells this to family and they get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice dramatic episode.Eagerly waiting for next episode.

    1. Yeah same Taara lovely episode today Enjoyed it

  2. I really want Preeti n Mohit to get married.

  3. yaat plzz mohit & preeti ko milawoo.I think vyom & nimmi ki sadi ki vaad nandu & preeti ki sadi hogi.plzzz yesa nai honachaiyee.Hate this stupid Nandu.

  4. Someone remove this Nandu yaar.

  5. Nice episode . Riya and Shivam was awesome

  6. We want Mohit and Preeti together please. Don t get this dumb Nandu with Preeti please. If he gets married to preeti I stop watching this show

  7. When will Riya realize she is being set up? Ugh, enough of Dadi getting her in trouble. And Amit and Rani need to get together.

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