Mere Angne Mein 27th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanda and Mohit talking. Chanda tells him that she needs to go back home now, Shanti would be waiting. Riya records the video in her phone. Mohit goes. Chanda catches Riya and says no one could catch Chanda till now. Riya says you have fallen a lot, and hits on her leg with a stick. She takes her phone and says many things happen for the first time in life. Chanda snatches her phone and crushes it. She says your truth has gone, what will you tell everyone, my marriage will happen tomorrow itself, this is my promise to you. She goes.

Riya holds her head seeing her broken phone. Riya calls Nandu and asks him to meet, will he come. Nandu says if anyone knows at home, it will be trouble. She promises she won’t tell anyone, come fast. He agrees. Shanti waits for Chanda.

Chanda comes home hurt. Sarla and Rani come. Shanti asks what happened. Chanda says I went to temple, I saw a shadow infront of me, that woman looked like Riya, and I don’t know what happened, I was pulled towards her, then she threw sindoor on me and said I can never marry Shivam, I was scared and fainted.

Nandu thinks Riya can’t do this, Chanda is lying, I have to help Riya, else don’t know what will Chanda do. Shanti says Riya is attacking everyone, we will keep marriage tomorrow itself. Shivam and Preeti come there and see Chanda. Shanti asks Shivam to see what Riya is doing, we will keep marriage tomorrow. Shivam says but Riya… Shanti says don’t take her name. He says but Papa. She says I will convince him, you prepare for your marriage. He goes. Shanti says Riya thinks we will get scared, we will do Chanda’s marriage happily, Rani start dancing. Kaushalya plays dhol. Chanda thinks its good what I wanted has happened, now no one can stop this marriage from happening.

Riya tries to recover data and calls many people. She tells Anupam that no one is ready to help, marriage can’t stop now. He says we can file police report, and marriage will stop. She says no, I don’t want to lose them, I have to win their heart. Nandu come sand says marriage is tomorrow at 11am. Riya tells him everything about Chanda and Mohit. He gets shocked.

Rani thinks why is Amit not answering, his intentions do not look good. Shanti asks her to dance. Rani says I will end work first. Sarla asks Shanti to give her Chandrahaar. Shanti says it will come, don’t worry. She asks Kaushalya about Chandrahaar. Kaushalya says I will give that tomorrow to Chanda. Nandu asks how will we stop marriage. Riya cries and says I don’t know. He says maybe your work can be done, I can take help from railway office computer department guy. He calls Yogesh and asks for help to recover data. Yogesh asks him to come home. Riya takes her broken phone. Nandu asks them to come.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to end all haldi and other rituals before 11am. Kaushalya says fine, and goes to Shivam. Shivam removes Riya’s pic and recalls her words. He cries. He tears her pic. Kaushalya comes and gives him a sherwani. She says its hard to forget the memories, its important for you to make her out of your heart, I kept sherwani there, come for haldi.

Yogesh tells Nandu that its tough to recover data, memory card looks damaged. Nandu asks him to try, its about someone’s life. Yogesh says it will take much time, you can get data till tomorrow 10am. She asks him to try to get data soon. He says fine, I will try. Nandu thanks him and tells Riya that there is no other way. Riya cries and says if I don’t get this video till 11am, then everything will get over, I can’t stop this marriage.

Its morning, Sarla gets ready and asks Ashok to get ready, he has to do kanyadaan, I made Chanda my namesake daughter. Ashok refuses to do Kanyadaan. She asks Amit to do kanyadaan, as she is like his sister. Amit says she is not my sister. Rani argues. Nirmala says I will do Kanyadaan if they all are not agreeing, Ashok ji you can do that, its good deed. Rani tells Sarla that Nirmala is trying to take your place. Sarla says you can do kanyadaan, but take nek along. Nirmala thinks if I act sweet, my stopped decision will become an order.

Shivam gets ready. Kaushalya cries seeing him upset. She says I will finish other rituals, I know you are not happy, don’t know what Lord wrote in my children’s fate. He asks did you tell Papa. She says I wanted to, but did not had courage. He says its important to tell Papa, call him once. Shanti says no need, we will tell him later. She asks them to come, I will dance in baraat, smile now. Shivam looks on sadly.

Shivam and Chanda exchange the garlands. The power goes while data was being recovered. Nandu says just one person can stop marriage. Riya asks who.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rani is too shameless,,,,,,don’t get so happy Rani,,,your fate will be the same,,,the female characters of this show are disgusting,,,,,all they want is a husband….Amit insulted Rani very much ,bt she soon forgot evrythng and still after him thinking that dumbo will love her,,,and look at Riya…no words

  2. and that is Raghav,,,,,,

    what is this Riya,,,those stupid Shrivasthavas never did anythng to win ur heart they never loved or accepted you,,,,,why are you still after them,,,don’t u have any self respect,,,,,

    Chanda don’t love Shivam so she will leave Shanthisadan after her mission,,,,,i wanna see Chanda ruling Shanthisadan,,,,,don’t spoil the fun,,,..

    also Riya was punished for hiding things frm family members,,,,so what punishment will Shanthidevi get,,,,,???? coz she is making Shivam marry without Raghav’s consent

  3. Namita who married to vyom in mere again may. Vying should get inmate with her as she sleeps in the same room as him why have you made him such a saint surely he should feel something for her after all she is a women.
    And that Kushana she drives me made surely she can’t be that think and think her mother in law is the best???

  4. In IKKRS Dhani left Viplav as soon as he said that it was his mistk to marry her (he actly didn’t say that,bt she misunderstood) ,,,,,here Shivam said directly to riya that it was his mistk to marry her and still she is after him,,,,,,,here Riya should hv done what Dhani and Dhani should hv done what Riya did….shivam really don’t care for her

  5. funnyyyy.mohit SS ki property chata hai.nonsense.Mohit nai mohit ki double part lagratha.negative thoo phele hii vanadiya thaa avv gawar vi vanadiya .oh God.limit see bhahar horahai.uff writer ko kyaa kahe.I think he is suffering from mental problem.kuch vi dekarahai.aaj mohit SS ki property chata hai avv kuch time vaad sujeev ko vi deka sakte hai.How ridiculous???? kuch thoo reality dekaoo yaar.dekne ki layek nai bacha yeah serial.Nandu-Riya ki team ohh god.

  6. why is she struggling this muchh????

  7. What’s happened to MAM facebook page?

  8. Lovely episode

  9. Shivam is a spineless character, always writers make women so helpless and begers, of shantidevi will be forgiven as usual, she is the elder, elders inIindian culture can mess your life and get away with ir as per writers in these serial. Riya is so embarassing never succeded in exposing Chanda all this time just like the stupid show on colours kasam the lead character keeeps going round and round and keeps failing. Please writers learn from the show Dehleez now that was the bomb intelligence,, family love, trust, forgivenes, and just the best, and yet it had to end and they keep showing this bagwaaazzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Aree yar wats going on in serial bakwas … N wat riyas character so shamefully.. Leave home n stand on feet.. Itni bezati karke ..

  11. Serial mai kuch bhi happening.nahii.. Boring lag raha haii …. Director pls change the flow n riyas character should b strong smart n self respectful

  12. It is a shame that the actors’ talents are totally wasted. The plots are very lame. I believe Shanti, Sarla and Amit should be given more dynamic roles – they certainly have the aptitude. If it were not for the excellent performance of Shanti and Sarla and to some extent Raghav, Amit and Kashalya, I would have ceased to watch this serial.

  13. Riya shouldn’t be so dumb when she got profe against chanda why she has go In the place that call dumb things to do she always make mistake and regret later and hoping on ragav I m sure he will not do anything and let marriage happen let old Lady suffer by chanda then she will relyise that she spilled her grandchildren life u hate her always do crap nautanki and try to win Riya be strong you re the main lead actress be strong I hope

  14. Koushalya is very stupid saas I have ever seen, I feel now Nimmi will come and reveal the truth to Shivam, Raghav will enter in the last who doesn’t even have control on his house.
    Someone teach lesson to that stupid preethi, blaming Riya for her mistake. so much of hidden facts doesn’t have fun if all together is been taken out. Shrivastav family will see Chanda’s real face then they will believe in Riya. However the writer should make Riya ( cry baby ) a strong women, being educated running behind worthless shivam

  15. Don’t understand Nandu’s character.
    He ruined Preeti’s love and he’s being good to Riya.
    Also be looks ridiculous ????as Lucky

  16. Don’t know why they are rushing and Shivam the only sane one is also being dragged into it. Be a man!

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