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The Episode starts with Sarla saying the tank is heavy. Shanti sends the girls to help her and asks Shivam to drop her home. They leave. Kaushalya tries taking the phone and Shanti stops her. Shanti sees the video and gets angry. She makes Kaushalya hear her words said in bhajan mandli that Shanti is very sharp and she will not leave anyone. Shanti asks her about this. She starts crying and acting. Riya and Bunty come there and think of excuses to make. Riya says her hero is very smart and Bunty says Shivam is right, he wants to date with her. They see Shivam with Sarla and hide. Bunty says she is your to be mum in law.

Riya says I have seen her yesterday in demo, she was last customer. Bunty asks did she behave well. Riya says I refused for demo, I was getting late. She says aunty spoke

to me well, she is like Shivam. She says Shivam is so sweet and caring. Sarla asks Shivam to sit. He meets Sonal and asks her to give the letter. She asks for chaat. He says sure have it and she gives the letter. He thanks her and Sarla asks whats the matter, why are you thanking her, whats this envelop. Sonal says this is my envelop, I will get scholarship, we will go for chaat. Sarla asks Shivam to send chaat for them also. He says fine and asks Sonal to come fast.

Bunty asks Riya to impress Sarla. They see Shivam with Sonal and wonder who is that girl. He takes the letter from her. Sonal says she forgot her phone and goes. He thinks to go home soon. Riya calls him and he ends the call. She calls him and asks how is he feeling now. He says he is fine, is there anything urgent. She says she wanted to give him file and she is near his home. He asks what, I m not at home, I m away. He ends call. Sonal comes and he leaves with her. Riya and Bunty hide. Riya says whats the matter.

Shanti starts packing her bag and says Kaushalya has ruined her respect infront of everyone. She says she does not trouble anyone and still she is considered such. Kaushalya asks what did I do. Shanti asks about video. Kaushalya apologizes. Shanti says Raghav should see how my respect is ruined. Sarla tells Ashok that mum has given her detergents. She says her mum has changed, but she did not. She says she will use it for 2 months. Kaushalya says he will be in work, don’t call him. Shanti says he will come home, I will show him the video. She asks her to call Raghav. Raghav is busy in work and takes the call.

She says mum wants to talk. Shanti says she will not tell now and he asks is everything fine. She says yes, and tells about oiling the sewing machine. He says he has work and he will come home to talk. Shanti coughs and asks for water. Kaushalya cries and prays that Lord saves her. Nimmi asks how did she record this. Kaushalya says what to do now. Nimmi says we have to do something of the cellphone. Nimi takes the phone to delete the video. Kaushalya drops the glass being tensed. Shanti sees Nimmi with the phone. She takes the phone and punishes Nimmi that she won’t eat food till Raghav comes home. Nimmi cries. Shivam comes home and they all discuss the problem. He says we have to do something before dad comes. Sonal says she just came with Shivam. Preeti says Dadi is trapped, she was making Sonal have kheer. Sonal says she has good news, she knows about phone. She says its in Nani’s safe and the keys are in the key bunch. Preeti says this is sad news.

Anupam asks Riya for Amit’s proposal. Riya says not now, whats the hurry. Anupam says the guy’s mum met in market and was asking. Riya says tell her I don’t want to marry, my job is imp, not marriage. Sahil says yes, she is focusing on marriage a lot. Anupam says fine. Riya scolds Sahil and he teases her. She says my sweet brother, my cutie brother, what do you want, tell me. He says he wants everything. She says fine. He leaves. She gets angry.

Kaushalya tries convincing Shanti and says she did not backbite about her. Shanti serves her food and asks her to be happy. Everyone look on and see her drama. Anupam talks to Riya. She says she wants some time and thinks everything will be cleared in some days. Sonal asks Shanti can she stay here. Shanti says this is your home. Sonal says she will teach Nimmi. Shanti says she will call even Sarla home. Kaushalya does her bedding ready.

Shivam says mum gives vitamin tablets with milk daily, this time it will be sleeping tablet. The girls get worried. He says Sonal will give her, as Dadi trusts her a lot. Sonal says she can try.

She asks who is this Shashikala. They smile and say your Nani. They laugh. Kaushalya gives the milk to Shanti. Sonal comes there and gets message to make Dadi sleep. She switches off the lights and shuts the door. She says she will give vitamin tablets and gives her sleeping tablet. Shanti eats it without seeing. Sonal messages them that work is done. They smile. Kaushalya is worried.

Shanti plays radio and listens. She asks Sonal to sleep. Everyone wait for her to sleep. Sonal messages them that Shanti did not sleep. Shivam, Preeti and Nimmi wait outside and he says Plan B. He calls someone and says there is thief in the locality. Preeti and Nimmi ask what. A man calls Shanti and asks her to be careful as thief came in the locality. Sonal messages them that its time. Shivam smiles and asks Preeti to shut the lights.

Kaushalya says Raghav will be hurt seeing the video, what shall I do, I always get stuck. She panics. Preeti shuts the house lights. Shanti says did thief shut lights. Nimmi shouts thief and Kaushalya brings a stick to beat. Shanti takes the key bunch and Sonal brings her out. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to stay in room. Shanti calls Kaushalya. Sonal says we will call Shivam. Shivam asks Preeti to throw the pot. Preeti throws and Shanti gets shaken. The keybunch fall. Kaushalya says let me go there. Nimmi says no. Preeti shows the keybunch and Shivam takes it.

Shanti says she will see the thief and asks where did the keys go. Shivam asks Preeti to open the safe and delete video from phone, he will see Dadi. Sonal says you did not give me the keys. Nimmi says stay here, I m afraid. Shivam goes to distract Dadi and asks her to keys back where it fell. He runs upstairs and Nimmi says she will go and lock the cupboard. Shanti looks for the keys. Preeti sees the video. Shanti asks how did the door close, maybe thief is inside. Sonal says I closed the door when we came out. Sonal says she is getting sound from that side.

Shanti shows the video to Raghav and everyone look on tensed. Shivam asks Riya to be away from him and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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