Mere Angne Mein 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla being shocked that Ashok got saree for Nirmala. Nirmala smiles. Ashok says Sarla does not like anything I get, so I got this for Nirmala. Nirmala takes saree and says its very beautiful, I like it. He asks her to keep it, it will suit her, wear it and show. Pari tells Sarla that Nirmala is very clever. Sarla jokes on Nirmala and goes.

The women dance in Saawan function and sit on the swing. They apply mehendi and Nimmi gets sad. Kaushalya sees Nimmi. Riya says I got bangles for everyone, and for Nimmi too. The lady asks why Riya, Nimmi is widow and can’t wear bangles, its not good to have widow in auspicious function. Riya scolds the ladies. Shanti says they are saying right, widow is inauspicious.

She gets Nimmi there and says we both are widows, we

both will leave. She takes Nimmi to room and shuts the door. Nimmi cries. The ladies look on. Shanti gets angry and goes to get some suhagan’s plate. Kaushalya asks what are you doing. Shanti goes back to her room and asks her husband did she do right. Nimmi sees Shanti talking to her husband’s pic.

Sarla asks Pari to make Nirmala out of house, I can’t bear her. Pari argues and says I won’t help you. Sarla says who else do I have. Pari says fine, we should stop Nirmala from becoming mummy. Sarla imagines Ashok, Nirmala and their son. Pari asks what are you thinking. Sarla cries and says I did not get any saree. Ashok and Amit hear her. Rani thinks now Sarla will not focus on me, I can start my love story with Amit now.

Ashok calls Riya and says Sarla is crying. Riya says I m busy and will talk later. Kaushalya asks Shanti to come. Shanti says I m widow, I won’t come for puja. Sarla cries aloud. Rani and Nirmala call her drama queen. Ashok asks Sarla why is she crying for saree, ask Nirmala for saree, if you can share me, you can share saree too. Sarla refuses. Nirmala says I won’t give saree. Sarla tells Amit that he will get saree for her. Nirmala says this saree is my first gift after wedding, I won’t give this. Ashok says I got saree like always, I did shagun for Saawan and leaves.

Sarla says I will go to Maayka now. Rani says I will come along. Sarla asks Rani to stay at home. Rani says I think Ashok is in mood to write his love story. Sarla scolds her. Rani says I have to see my husband too, I m bahu of this house. Sarla says you are maid of this house. Rani shouts. Nirmala asks Sarla to take Rani. Sarla scolds Nirmala and asks Rani to keep an eye on Nirmala. Sarla asks Nirmala why did she apply so much sindoor, cover it.

Nimmi cries. Shanti asks why are you crying, did I say anything. Nimmi says you are not going out because of me, you go. Shanti says when my husband died, I was more young, I did not cry, my mum in law taunted me asking why I m not crying, but I did not leave my smile, life is short, either be happy or suppress sorrow, don’t leave your smile. She says you are my grand daughter, you will laugh and live. She pulls her cheek and asks her to smile. Nimmi cries and smiles. Shanti gets a new dress and asks her to wear. Nimmi asks how. Shanti says look at me, I don’t wear light colors. Nimmi asks are we going somewhere. Shanti says we will see Salman’s movie, we will look handsome. Nimmi says no, beautiful. Shanti says you are beautiful and hugs her. They cry.

Rani talks to Nirmala. They talk that they want to go out. Rani asks Nirmala to go and meet Ashok, he will be glad, as they are newly married. She asks Nirmala to give her some nek and gold. Nirmala says I will give nek. Rani asks for her earrings. Nirmala says I will name this to you after I die, now take this 500rs, be happy, I will go now. She leaves.

Shanti opens the door. Everyone see her wearing goggles. She gets Nimmi. The ladies ask Kaushalya and Shanti to do puja. Shanti says I m widow, and can’t do puja. Sarla and Pari come there. Riya asks ladies why don’t they understand, everyone has right to stay as their wish. The ladies apologize to Shanti. Shanti asks Nimmi to wear goggles and says we are going to watch movie. Kaushalya asks Riya to stop Shanti. Riya asks why, Shanti is doing right, I won’t stop her, when a wife dies, do we stop husband, why should we limit the wife when her husband dies, I m proud of Shanti. Sarla says they are getting friendly. The ladies apologize to Shanti and Nimmi.

Shanti says fine, we will not go out, but Nimmi will get mehendi applied. Kaushalya and Riya smile. Shanti asks ladies to say if they have objection. The ladies say no. Nimmi says its enough that Dadi supported me. Shanti says I want you to apply mehendi, its your wish.

Nandu gifts Preeti. Shanti asks Preeti to touch Nandu’s feet. Preeti does so unwillingly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I liked this episode as its educational value was really high. No need to cause widows to be more depressed after they lose their husbands rather they need encouragement to get back to living normal lives. If men are not suppressed after they lose their wives, why should women be subjected to suppression.

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