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Mere Angne Mein 27th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit asking Kaushalya to call Shanti soon, as mahurat is passing. Anupam is still kidnapped and asks the men to leave them. Shanti worries thinking did Anupam get money or not. She comes to Sarla. Sarla is panicking and says what shall I do, I hope you will manage, I m feeling unwell. Shanti says I m worried seeing this tension. Sarla says I m happy and tension is coming, and hugs her. Raghav and Ashok come and see Sarla panicking. Raghav says your son is not first to get married, we all are here with you. Ashok says I don’t understand her. Shanti defends Sarla.

Raghav gets a call. He says he has a file and he has to go office. Shanti asks him to come soon. Kaushalya asks Shanti to come and takes her. She says they got many items. Shanti asks her to play shank

and then she will come, tell that oldie to welcome me with garlands. Kaushalya plays the shank and asks Bua to welcome Shanti with garlands. Shanti and Bua are shocked seeing each other. Shanti and Bua start arguing. Shanti says about Lali Bua/Lageshwari and says why did she come after her after many years, and everyone look on. she wears the garland herself.

Bua says how can this happen. Shanti says its good thing, I m groom’s Nani, touch my feet. Kaushalya worries. Lali says I will not touch your feet, Riya can be unmarried, but not become your bahu. Shanti says I have to wash the home with Ganga jal as you came here. Bua taunts her and says its good I have come here. Shanti and Bua argue. Bua scolds Shanti calling her a clever and selfish woman. Nimmi smiles and says superb, Dadi got an enemy. Preeti says Shivam should have been here. She messages Shivam that Shashikala is getting tough fight.

Bua says Shanti has hurt her a lot, in her childhood. She tells Ashok that Shanti is her childhood friend and she has given me wounds on my heart. Shanti asks Bua not to tell her children. Bua says let them know it. Shanti says you did not see your mistakes. Sarla thinks she can lose money in their fight, and asks Shanti to calm down. Bua and Shanti talk about the past, and Bua says Shanti’s husband died by Shanti’s tortures. Shanti gets angry.

Bua says I will tell them. Shanti says I will beat you. Bua says you don’t know to keep relations, and scolds Shanti. Bua says she will not let Riya marry in Shanti’s home. Sarla says no, you are mistaken, who is she Amma. Bua says we were 15 year old and unfortunately Shanti was my friend, do you know what she did. Shanti asks her to go, and cancels the marriage and all functions, reminding Bua has come to her home. Rani smiles being happy.

Sarla cries and asks Shanti to think about Riya and Amit. She asks Shanti to let marriage happen. Bua says Shanti can’t change. Sarla thinks that Bua can help her, and begs to her to let the marriage happen. She asks Kaushalya to explain Bua. Kaushalya apologizes and asks her not to break the marriage, and ruin children’ lives. She praises Shanti. Shanti says no need to praise me, just be quiet, I think Bua has sent Riya to take revenge from me. Bua shouts and says don’t dare to tell anything to Riya, I can’t bear it. She goes out and asks them to bring the items. Kaushalya says I apologize, forgive Shanti. Bua says I will not stay if Shanti does not apologize. Sarla says I will get Amma.

Sarla talks to Shanti and asks her not to get angry. She says Bua is crying outside, please come. She goes to Bua and says Amma is saying sorry, please come. Bua says I will agree for Riya’s sake and goes inside. Anupam asks the men to leave them, and the man refuses as his Madam will not leave them. Shanti and Bua talk and are agreeing to Riya and Amit’s marriage. The pandit asks them to get tilak done in mahurat. Shanti asks Sarla to bring Amit. Bua says Anupam and Sahil did not come, maybe they have missed the route.

The men say they can leave them now, as its 5pm already. They leave Anupam and Sahil. Anupam gets angry and slaps the man. He says its his daughter’s tilak and leaves. He says where did we come, and hurries. He sees the place and its 15 kms far from Moghalsarai. Rani sees Amit sleeping and tells her aunty. She tells about the drama happening, and wishes the marriage breaks. Sarla comes to her and gets angry. Sarla sends her and asks Amit did he not eat the brinjal. She gets the brinjal plate and scolds him.

She starts slapping him to make his face red. He says he is hurt. She scolds him. She slaps him more and says sorry, its fine now. The pandit starts the mantras and Raghav comes home. He apologizes to Bua humbly and she says its fine, there will be work. Sarla cries and asks Shanti to come and see Amit’s bad state. Raghav goes there and Shanti asks Kaushalya to treat guests. Everyone go and see Amit’s face red. Riya misses Shivam and asks Bunty to call Shivam, asking for his tilak selfie. She asks if she Bunty does not help, would she ask Sarla. The tilak starts there. Bunty laughs and Riya is missing Shivam a lot. Bunty says jija ji looks weird to hear from you, and stops her. She calls Shivam and can’t connect. Riya calls Bua and asks is everything fine there. Bua says yes, Anupam and Sahil did not reach till now. Riya worries.

Bua talks to Anupam. Sarla thinks how did Anupam get free so soon. She gets shocked seeing Shivam. Sarla worries that her plan can get flop.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  8. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy all the characters and the justice the actors do to the characters but for the love of God, stop dragging the inevitable. I am starting to loose interest. Start a new chapter please!

  9. Super duper episode.

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