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Mere Angne Mein 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav showing court orders and asking the men to stop finding treasure. He says this is not any govt property to dig it and ruin the house. Sarla cries and says let them dig the land and find out the treasure. Raghav asks her to be quiet. Raghav asks the men to fill the pits. Nimmi says let them find treasure. Raghav asks her to trust her talent and hardwork, will they dig up the house for treasure, greed is not good. Raghav asks Riya how did he allow this to happen, Shanti would have not allowed this, don’t you care for this, and even Shivam.

Shivam says actually. Raghav says you should have got court orders and scolds them. Shanti thinks she will get treasure hunt later. Riya apologizes. Kaushalya gets worried. Raghav says I have to go back to office. Sarla

cries and asks Shanti why did she call her here, and scolds Kaushalya. Nimmi is sad that Raghav got the stay, and now they don’t have chance to get dreams fulfilled. Riya says I promise I will always help in fulfilling your dreams. Nimmi says we don’t have money. Riya says we will earn money by our hardwork, think about the money we earn, its fun than getting money by treasure or lottery. They smile.

Ashok calls Sarla and asks where is she. She is frustrated and says she did not get treasure, beat those men and send him. He asks what, are we goons to beat them. Amit talks to Sarla. She says she did not get any treasure. He asks what happened. Sarla says Raghav got court stay order and stopped the treasure hunt. Amit asks the men to go. The men argue and ask for money. Amit scolds them and gets angry. He gets into a fight with them. Ashok gets shocked seeing the fight in Amit’s room and asks why is this room locked. Sarla asks whats happening there. Ashok asks her not to cry, one day all her dreams will be fulfilled. She scolds him and ends call. Rani consoles Sarla. The men beat up Amit and leave. Ashok gets shocked seeing Amit hurt. The men take the electronics. Ashok asks Amit are you fine. Amit says yes. Ashok says they broke our things, and worries for Sarla’s reactions. Sarla and Rani come home. Prabha, Bindu and other ladies taunt Sarla, and welcome Sarla with hot water. They taunt Sarla and tell about the electronics going back. Sarla says I will get all this on my own. They laugh on Sarla.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that she made her fav food. Shanti sits praying. Nimmi recalls the past moment and smiles. She makes the clothes fall to make Shanti break her silence. Shanti sits calm. Nimmi asks Shanti to scold her. Kaushalya asks Nimmi not to trouble Shanti. Nimmi says I m troubled, I can’t digest food without Dadi’s scoldings. She says everyone’s salary will come today, you have to take everyone’s class today. Kaushalya runs to beat Nimmi. Nimmi asks Shanti to see. Shanti smiles. Kaushalya says Nimmi said right, we got habitual to get scoldings from Shanti. Shanti says then ask Riya to scold you.

Sarla and Rani ask Amit how did he get hurt, what happened here. Ashok says we paid the bill this way. Sarla cries. Rani asks Amit are you fine. Amit says yes, I have beaten them. Sarla says I have to go to Amma and get money, everyone will give their salaries to Amma. Ashok says fine, I will go to my stall. Sarla argues and asks him to get food.

Riya and Shivam talk about their less incentives and ask their boss. Boss says we lost clients because of you. Riya says we got new clients too. Boss says company had revenue loss, so incentives are cut, you both did wrong, your agent misbehaved in training too, how can I give full salary, take this salary or you can leave. Shivam gets angry. Riya stops him and says sorry Sir. Boss goes. Shivam tells Riya that this will be big issue at home, Dadi will not understand this. She asks how will we run home. He says don’t know, I will give salary to Dadi, then you both see this.

Kaushalya gives expenses to Shanti. Shanti asks her not to show her expenses. Sarla comes saying Bhabhi… Nimmi checks her ears. Sarla gets sweets along and acts good to Kaushalya. Nimmi says Sarla has joked and laughs. Sarla asks Nimmi to use her mind in studies. Sarla says I went to temple to pray for my home, I m thinking to sell my jewelry. Sarla thinks she is acting sweet for money, and Amma is staring at me, how to explain I have to change party, else I won’t get anything.

Nimmi says I have to do something to get fun on salary day and plays song that its 1st today. Shivam and Riya come home. Sarla asks Nimmi to get water for Shivam and Riya.

Raghav comes home. Sarla asks him to give salary to Amma. Raghav gives his salary to Shanti. She refuses to take it, as she has taken sanyaas. She asks him does he know sanyaas meaning, she is above all this now. She asks him to give salary to the one he has given keys. Everyone looks on. Shanti says now Riya will manage everything.

She says make Riya sit on swing and tell her the expenses. She asks Riya to sit on swing. Riya refuses to sit on the swing. She says its wrong, I took keys, but you keep the salary, my salary got less without incentives, take it. Nimmi says I think Riya will sit here on swing. Riya asks Kaushalya to take the salary. Raghav asks Riya to sit on the swing, if Shanti is saying this, she would have thought of something. Riya sits on the swing. Raghav gives his salary to Riya. Shanti and everyone get shocked. Riya signs no. Raghav gives his salary in her hand. Shivam also gives his salary to Riya. Shanti thinks I m hurt seeing Raghav and Shivam’s salaries in Riya’s hand, Riya has to pay for this, I can’t imagine anyone on swing, and I m seeing this today.

Nandu comes home and takes Shanti’s blessings as he got first salary. He says I told you I will give my salary to you, accept this. She signs him to give it to Riya. He gives it to Riya. Preeti tells Nimmi that he is doing this to make an impression. Kaushalya gives snacks to everyone. Sarla refuse to have it and thinks no one is giving her money. Raghav asks Riya to count money and make expenses chart on her own. He asks her to do responsibility well and they will help Riya. He goes to his room to rest.

Riya counts money. Nimmi asks for pocket money. Riya says yes, but I will ask Kaushalya once. Sarla laughs on Kaushalya and pities her. Riya says you are mistaken, I m saying about making budget for this month. Sarla says I know about budget. Nimmi and Preeti laugh on her. Sarla thinks to leave as she will not get money, she wasted even money on sweets. She says Amma, I will leave now. Kaushalya asks Sarla to sit and take money. Shanti says don’t ask me, you decide. Sarla says leave it, I will manage any how. Kaushalya says its your brother’s money, how much do you want. She asks Riya to give 5000rs to Sarla. Sarla says what to say now, I will manage in less money. Kaushalya says I forgot, and asks Riya to add more 2000rs. Riya gives 7000rs. Sarla gets glad and thinks I did not know I had to beg money from Riya.

Kaushalya says Shanti used to keep money whatever she used to have, and asks Riya to give her remaining money. Riya goes. Shanti taunts Kaushalya and makes her against Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena plz update Satrangi Sasural also…. the update does not comes…. and if it comes it’s very late….

  2. Ria is not at all smart, why she gives money to Sarala. Kousalya is nuts she is illiterate and follows whatever her crooked mother in law and sister in law says. Now she is activating Ria by putting her down through Shanthi’s taunts. If Ria follows Kousalyas advise she will not succeed. Director show some positive in Ria’s character, not always a dumb. Pls change your story in a positive direction. Hate to see the crooked and wicked ones winning.

  3. Because of amit ,shivam and riua didn’t get their incentives even though they worked hard.

  4. Lolz…even if we miss a whole weeks episodea also we can clearly understand this serial. No change in story line. Senseless brainless torso kusi blaming riya for evrythng. Sarla n shanti winning over their evil conspiracy against Riya. Rani blindly believing Amit. Sarla speaking to nirmala n Ashom in a degrading manner. Nothing more than this in this serial

  5. They are showing the characters as lower middle class family. They run not just for money but for everything. They can stoip any low level to get Anything. Why Ria idiot has to count the money in front of everyone, esp Sarala the worstcharecter. Kousalya blame Ria but she just does whatever Kous says. Vmangoise kous.

  6. I think its the real story of the script writer or the director…..they mit be facing such nonsense in their life…..such mothers and sisters do exist in India….beta kamake laoo beti unka paise aur husband ka paise udao…. but they are illiterate tht we understand but showing educated as illiterate is nt accepted….when sarla demands money cant she tell wht is Amit doing? Dint raghav tell u can take decisions of money matters….anyways she knew no one supports her she could have taken a chance in showing sarla her place….. there is a limit of showing stupidity. If the show goes in this pace there will be no viewers for tv and no comments too…..if tge director reads these comments…..OPEN UR EYES SIR….CHANGE THE STORY LINE..WE AUDIENCE ARE NOT IDIOTS OR FOOLS TO WATCH UR STUPID SHOW!

  7. i agree with Priya what a stupid show
    plz writers change the positive side’ of the story. it is so boring watching same stupid
    thing every single day. make riya clever girl .
    sarla and shanti are stupid women.
    hope tomorrow we see change in the programme.

  8. No comments fully agree to above veiws

  9. Why is Preeti not supporting Mohit anymore? This is not love.
    Why Mohit parents allow Shanti to slap their Son? Break Shanti ARMS for this. It is not right and tolerate if someone else is coming to your house and to this.
    Why doesn’t anyone tell to that mean witch Sarla that she has to go work en take care of her family.
    Why is Shanti still interfering when she has said that she is a sanyasin?
    Why can’t khausia take and show some responsiblity? she is and will always stay stupid.
    Hope that Riya give her the importance to run her responsibility. it’s not right that she takes money from Raghav. Give this importance to that bewakoof Khusia and that she will learn how to handle the finance. Plz give Sonal also some importance too, she is sooooo nice.

  10. i cannot stand the sight of porky sarla,she is a vermin ,sorry to say that but the production team made a monkey of the cast.

  11. I’m Tamil and stopped watching Tamil serials because of the same stupid story line of revenge by a stupid ugly dressed up (I mean they want to show she is dangerous) women with wierd eye and facial make up. Every story is like that or MIL and SIL plan thing to separate the Son and DIL. Hindi serials were decent and family based, although i dont understand fullt i watch with Englush sub titles. All the Hibdi serials go in a right way and all upon sudden they loose their track and go with a complete different track. Again it’s always stupid, wicked wins.. They make the so called smart fall for their every single step they try to make until the last. Episode. The last episode they realize the value of the nice person for their good deeds and the good person forget everything and accept them and pose for picture. What nonsense is this.
    At least show some defeat to the wicked ones and show and proove the intelligence if the smart person let her be cautioned about the crooks. Showing the characters as illustrate less fortunate for money but they never do any work at home never respect anyone put down everyone around them. Sarala mock her niece Nimmi and Preeti but take care of her wicked and crooked daughter Pari. Rani shows her anger to Ria and Shivam whenever she get the opportunity, and Ri,Shivam and Kuoysalya never give them back but accept it. Please change it we the views would like to see they are getting back from Ria, Shivam, Priti and Nimmi.

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