Mere Angne Mein 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya calling jeweler. The man does not answer call. Riya takes water for Shanti and thinks to go to jeweler. Shanti asks Riya why does she want to go out, when there is work at home. She thinks she won’t let Riya go out. Sharmili tells Sarla that she will get plot for her from her mother’s charity, she can keep it as charity. She asks Sarla to promise. Sarla asks what promise, I trust you. Sharmili says its nothing special, I want this marriage to happen without any hurdle, if anyone asks you to break this marriage, then you should stop such things. Sarla promises and says I will manage everything. Sharmili asks her to take care of herself and marriage. Sarla asks when will your mum donate plot. Sharmili says you will get it immediately after marriage. Sarla says then

don’t worry, I will be guard of this marriage. Rani brings sweets. Sharmili asks Rani to feed sweets to Sarla and leaves.

Rani asks Sarla what bribe did Sharmili give you. Sarla says your divorce papers. Rani says tell me whats in that potli. Sarla says its Prasad from her tirat yatra. Rani asks for Prasad. Sarla goes. Rani thinks to find out.

Riya drops message for her boss, asking about her loan. Boss replies that loan sanctioned, you can take it. She gets glad and calls to ask can she take loan today itself. She thanks him. He asks her to take money tomorrow, as he is out of city.

Shanti paints the pot and tells Kaushalya that I don’t want any hurdle in Preeti’s marriage, how will Riya manage things, you show her how to do the work, its few days, if there is any abshagun, then see. She says hold Riya and teach her everything. Kaushalya calls Riya and asks Riya to give leave application in office, as Riya has to manage work now. Riya says I understand, so I m going office, I will apply for leave, I will come on time. Shanti asks what will you do, tell Shivam to give leave application, you both work in same office. Shivam gets some band man. Shanti and Kaushalya get glad. Shanti asks Shivam to do 3 days booking. They laugh.

The man says I take 10000rs per day fees, but total for 3 days I will take 20000rs. Riya asks him to lessen the price. The man tells Shivam to keep away from women’s bargaining, I will leave. Shanti stops him and says we will not get booking easily. Shivam asks the man to negotiate. The man says fine, 1000rs, its 19000rs now, give me 5000rs advance to book band. Riya goes to get money. Shanti asks the man to play some band and show, so that they know. She says she will make them play film songs too. The man asks the band man to play some music. Shanti and Kaushalya smile. Riya gives money to the man. The man leaves.

Shivam asks Riya will you come along office. Riya says yes. Kaushalya gives chain for polish as Riya will go to jeweler’s house. Shanti asks Riya to make breakfast first. Riya worries seeing the time. Shivam goes to get his wallet from room. He sees Riya’s jewelry kept on the bed. Riya thinks to get Chandrahaar anyways. Shivam hears Riya’s phone beep and checks the message. He reads Bunty’s message. Bunty asks Riya to take money from her and get her Chandrahaar from jeweler, as Bunty got to know boss is not giving money today. He gets shocked.

Pari asks Vyom are you cheatings from nows, do you loves Preetis from nows. She asks for bangles which Sharmili wants to give to Preeti. She asks Sharmili how are yous. Sharmili asks why are you sad. Pari denies. Sharmili says Vyom is marrying and you are feeling bad, you are trying to break marriage. Pari says I m sweet and loving. She thinks how does Sharmili know what I m planning.

Riya tells Kaushalya that I did all the work, I have to go out, I will come fast. Shanti laughs and says work does not end in marriage house. She asks Riya to help Nimmi in designing clothes. She says we have to send pickle, papad and many things to Preeti’s inlaws. She asks Riya to get barni from terrace and make pickles well. Nimmi says no one sends such things in today’s times. Shanti says we will not send in your marriage, if Preeti’s lahenga is not made right, I will not leave you. Nimmi says it will be good. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make Preeti work well.

She asks Preeti help Riya and learn work. She says when Preeti was romancing Mohit, when she defamed family, was she not scared, when she was telling her love story on radio, was she not scared? She controls her anger. Kaushalya goes to call Preeti. Shanti asks Riya to get barni fast. Preeti cries recalling Mohit. She tells Kaushalya that she is not able to forget Mohit. Kaushalya gets shocked and says I will eat poison, and give poison to Raghav, then you go and marry Mohit. Preeti says I promise I will not… Kaushalya says you and Mohit ruined our name, we were ready to make you married to him, if Mohit’s parents insulted you, what shall we do.

She says I want your marriage, you marry Vyom or Mohit, you promise me that Mohit will keep you happy, I will get you married to him. Preeti cries. Kaushalya tells Preeti that once you have children, you won’t have time to think about yourself, forget Mohit. Its your marriage, be happy. Preeti comes downstairs. Shanti asks her to keep smiling, and learn pickle making from Riya. She asks Preeti to make her mum in law happy by learning things well. Riya looks at the clock. Shanti smiles seeing this.

Amit comes to Sujeev’s house and gets scared seeing Sujeev with the gun. Sujeev asks how are you. Amit says fine. Sujeev says you did not come in engagement. Amit says I could not come so I came to apologize. He says there are many relations now, so I want treat from you. Sujeev says you talk great, where will we do. Amit says its great place, come. Sujeev says I will take my car. Amit says no, I will take you on my bike, you can have fresh cool air. They leave.

Riya says I don’t know making lemon pickles. Shanti asks Riya did your dad not teach you. Shanti tells Preeti that Riya does not have mother, but you have many women at home, Sharmili will taunt you. She asks Riya what is the tension, do you not want Preeti’s marriage to happen, I will tell Sharmili that Preeti wants time, Preeti does not want to marry. Riya says no. Preeti says I will learn all the work, I will marry. Shanti asks them to make pickles together and smile. She asks Nimmi why is she smiling. Nimmi says I m feeling happy seeing your old avatar. She asks did you end sanyaas dharm. Shanti runs after her to beat her. Nimmi says sorry and shows lahenga design to Preeti. Riya works fast and worries.

Pari says mummies did not call me till now, I don’t know mummies will keep her promises or not, I will calls mummies and ask her. She calls Sarla. Sarla is on the way and does not answer. Pari says mummies calls 10 times if she has works, and now she is not taking my calls. Mama hears Pari. Pari says I will go and see what mummies is planning to break marriage.

Mama asks Pari is she worried for his marriage, call that girl soon so that I can get married soon. She says I m in tensions. He asks her what is the problem. She says Sarla is not taking my calls. Mama says forget it, she will not answer your call. She asks why, say the truth, that girl will come, I will call her. He gets fooled. He says Sharmili has bribed Sarla to make the marriage happen soon, and Sarla agreed.

Shivam rushes downstairs. Shanti asks Shivam to call water tanker. Shivam says fine, I will talk, but I have to talk to Riya now. Shanti says talk later, go and work. He gives Riya’s phone and goes. Riya makes excuse and goes to call jeweler. She worries seeing the time. Shanti looks at her.

Sarla comes there happily. Shanti sends Preeti to keep barni on terrace. Riya thinks why is Shanti doing this with me, I have to leave anyhow. Shanti and Sarla talk about stopping Riya from going out. Shanti says we will visit Mohit’s house once, he troubled a lot. Riya says pickle is done. Shanti sees the time and asks her to go now. Riya runs out. Shanti smiles.

Amit makes Sujeev play on his behalf and tells his friend that I will win money now. Sujeev wins the game. Amit smiles. The man argues with Sujeev. Amit scolds the man and asks him to talk well with Sujeev. The man says I play to win, I will not play now. Sujeev says I will just go to washroom and goes. Amit gets glad seeing the money.

Riya is on the way stuck in traffic. Shivam calls Riya and says you broke my trust, you have hidden big thing, you kept Maa’s Chandrahaar mortgaged, I did not expect this from you. He ends call. She thinks to take Chandrahaar first and then talk to Shivam.

Amit’s friend apologizes to Amit. Amit tells about Sujeev. His friend says you won what you lost yesterday. Amit says its fine, I did not have loss, I will become rich via Sujeev. Sujeev comes back. Amit asks him to come again and keep this a secret. Sujeev jokes with him and says I will leave now, I have much work of Vyom’s marriage. He calls Vyom and asks him to reach market to buy things for bride. He leaves. Amit smiles happily as he won cash.

Riya tells rickshaw man to drive fast, its just 5mins to 4 o’clock now. The jeweler makes clock 10 mins ahead. Riya goes there and says I could not get cash, I got my jewelry. He says you are 5mins late, check my clock, I sold that necklace, you can’t get it now. Riya gets shocked.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that Riya did not come till now. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to call Riya. The jeweler asks Riya to forget the necklace. Riya says its not 4pm yet, I will do police complaint, you are doing wrong, I will file case. He says you came after 4pm. She says I know my necklace is here. She checks the boxes. He asks her to stop, I will call police. She stops him and says sorry, I got worried. She cries.

Shanti and Sarla tell the show timings. The show will air at 6pm from Sunday 28th February.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Daadi always succeeds in troubling Riya. But wait for a big surprise. Preeti will surely marry Mohit and Nimmi will sit as dulhan. Its evident. Riya’s character needs to be polished as she has again gone back to her sorry saying avataar. Hope there is a change in cmg week.

  2. I really hope that Preti get married to Mohit ????

  3. This show clearly highlights the mentality of the writer!! More negative and stupidity than positive activities are displayed! The show lacks balance! Indian culture requires to be respected, honoured and full of pride! But characters like shanti, sarla,Pari and amit harm the dignity of their own culture! Looking forward to some positive outcome in future!

  4. Preeti is a shame to Shrivatav family. What a stupid and a selfish girl, ready to ruin family’s name and reputation for a guy.

  5. Naaz preeti lee thoo rone ki sivaya aajtak koee galat kaam nai kiya hai fir vi aap yesa kyuu bolrai hoo Hope mohit & preeti ki sadi hogayee.

  6. I hope riyas character becomes stronger as the current character is not n this saus bhau iltreatment is becoming boring as nearly all episodes in serials are the same. Is this common in India

  7. really don’t like mohit…… I hope pretty marries Vyom

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