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Mere Angne Mein 27th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nimmi hearing all the truth about Nirmala and Ashok’s marriage. Nimmi goes. Sarla asks Rani why did she keep doors open, they are having a big secret. Rani shuts the door and argues with Nirmala. Sarla asks Rani to apply mehendi to Nirmala. Nirmala gets upset with them and argues. Nimmi sees Shanti coming and thinks what drama will happen now. Shanti asks Nimmi why did she not go to Sarla’s house. Nimmi says I was just waiting for you, we will go later. Shanti argues and says I will see you, come, we will go to Sarla. Nimmi thinks now it will be fun.

Sarla hears Shanti’s voice and panics. Rani says why will Shanti come here. Sarla says I heard her, I know its her. She asks Nirmala to hide. Nirmala says no, its my right, you said you want to fulfill my every

wish, Shanti should wish my and Ashok’s relation. Shanti calls out Sarla. Sarla asks Nirmala to hide soon and takes her inside the room. Rani opens the door. Shanti asks about Sarla. Rani says she has gone to bath in Ganga. Shanti says she is short, where will we find her if she sinks. Nimmi thinks Sarla gave lies training to Rani well. Shanti asks who is applying mehendi, whats happening here. Rani says we are celebrating someone’s funeral. Shanti looks on. Rani says no, I m happy, so I wanted to apply mehendi.

Shanti calls Sarla and her phone rings. Shanti hears sound and looks around. Nimmi asks Rani why is she tensed. Rani says no, I m happy. Shanti tells Rani that Sarla’s phone is ringing at home. Nimmi smiles.

Kaushalya and Riya defend Raghav and talk to some ladies. The lady says we have seen Riya, she is very sharp tongued, but we have to see the baby soon, do you have good news. The other lady says you have to give good news as Kaushalya challenged everyone. Kaushalya says go and see work in kitchen, and sends Riya. The ladies say we know Riya is pregnant, we can guess it. Kaushalya asks them to leave. The ladies say Kaushalya is hiding the news from us and leave.

Nirmala says I will tell Shanti everything. Sarla sprays on her. Shanti enters the room and does not see anyone. She says Sarla’s phone is here. Sarla hides and makes Nirmala unconscious. Shanti tells Rani not to do this mehendi and all things, just do your work. Rani asks Nimmi to come later and shuts the door. Rani tells Sarla that they have gone.

Kaushalya asks Riya what was the need to talk to the ladies, they feel you are pregnant, how to tell them you don’t want a child. She goes. Shivam asks the boy to play in ground, anyone can get hurt here. Nimmi asks why are we not getting rickshaw today. Shanti says I m feeling thirsty. Nimmi says give some money, I will get water. Nimmi gets water. The ball hits Shanti and water bottle falls. Shanti scolds the boy. The boy says this football can’t break your leg. Shanti says wait and runs after him to beat. Nimmi stops her and they take a rickshaw.

Ashok comes home and sees Nirmala having headache. Nirmala says Sarla has sprayed pesticide on me. Ashok shouts Sarla and asks whats Nirmala saying. Sarla says Nirmala was insisting that Shanti should know of her marriage. Nirmala says whats wrong in this, Shanti should know and bless us. Ashok says Nirmala is right, when will you tell everyone. Sarla says after Nirmala dies, I will not let her meet Shanti. Ashok scolds her and says you have to pay for your mistakes.

Preeti comes home. Kaushalya asks her where was she and why. Preeti says I went to meet a friend, I m married now, I don’t think necessary to tell you anything, who are you to ask. Kaushalya slaps her and says I m your mother, I gave you birth and raised you. Preeti asks will you ask for a price. Kaushalya says you are our responsibility. Preeti says I m not your responsibility now, did you ask Riya. Riya says I ask her and go, not like you, answer Kaushalya. Preeti says I won’t answer.

Pari comes and lies about Preeti. She asks Kaushalya not to raise hand on Preeti, I will explain her. Pari goes. Riya tells Kaushalya that Pari is spoiling Preeti. Kaushalya says this change occurred after you came in this house. Preeti thinks why is Pari favoring me, did she know of me and Lucky. Pari says I think I should open a school, you can teach there, you should be love guru, I have seen everything, the guy was hugging you. Preeti asks Pari not to tell anyone. Pari says relax, I m happy for you, you have courage, how do you do extra marital affairs.

Preeti says Nandu has no standard, I don’t like him. Pari asks her is your BF handsome and rich. Preeti says yes. Pari asks does he have any elder brother. Preeti says yes. Pari says that will work. Preeti says he has a son and now wife, he gets mad seeing women. Pari says let me meet him, he will love me, you will become my Devrani Preeti. She hugs Preeti. Kaushalya comes and hears them. Kaushalya asks how will Preeti become your Devrani.

Riya sees Shivam talking to the boys. Shivam says my boss fired me from my job. Riya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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