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Mere Angne Mein 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti opening the door and seeing Shivam. She asks him to go and sleep. Shivam comes to his room and says my sisters are not helping me. Preeti asks her to go and bring Riya. Preeti says Nimmi told me to ask you to come, Riya is waiting. He asks is she sure. Riya could not sleep by Shanti’s snoring. She gets up. Nimmi comes to Riya. Shanti wakes up and Nimmi hides. Shanti asks Riya to sleep and turns to sleep. Nimmi asks Riya to come with her. Riya asks where. Nimmi says you have to go to terrace. Riya refuses. Nimmi says Shivam is waiting. Riya asks really? But Kaushalya asked me not to meet Shivam. Nimmi asks her to come.

Shivam and Preeti see Riya and Nimmi coming. He says its big risk, but now they have taken risk, so he will meet Riya. Shivam and Riya have

an eyelock. Nimmi asks Shivam why did he come here, he has to go on terrace. Shivam says Preeti got confused. Preeti asks them to sit here and talk. Riya sits on Shanti’s swing, and he falls on it too. The sound wakes up Shanti and she asks who is there. They all run from there.

Kaushalya says something is going on. Raghav asks her to take rest. Nimmi takes Riya’s dupatta and hides. Shanti catches her. Shivam and Riya sit in the kitchen and have an eyelock. Kabhi jo badal barse……………plays…………… She says if they get caught, what will they say. He asks her to talk slowly. Nimmi tells about the cat. Shanti says milk is in kitchen. Shivam and Riya get up and try leaving. He makes her wear one anklet and says he will keep one. She says fine, if Shanti asks, I will tell her that you took one. He says fine, I will say Riya met me at night. She asks will you lie. Shanti comes there to shoo the cat. Nimmi and Preeti stop Shanti and say the cat is there, come and tries passing message to Shivam. Riya gets worried. Shivam smiles and says even he was scared before, not now, as she is with him. Kaushalya and Raghav see Shivam and Riya leaving, and smile. Raghav says they are immature. Shivam and Riya hide in the room.

Shanti asks Raghav to see the cat. Raghav says its not cat, I think its big cat. Shivam runs from there and comes there to ask what happened. Shanti says about big male cat there. Raghav says he woke up all of us. Preeti says she has seen cat in dream. Shanti says see, Shivam also come by the sound, and new bride is sleeping till now. Riya sleeps seeing the anklet and recalling Shivam’s words. Raghav asks everyone to sleep now. He asks Shivam to shut the door well and no cat should come now. They leave. Shivam gets angry on Nimmi and Preeti and says if Papa saw me, then.. its such bad plan. They leave.

Shanti sees Riya sleeping and says Shivam got similar wife like him, who sleeps a lot. Riya smiles and sleeps holding the anklet. Raghav asks Kaushalya to tell Shivam not to do all this. She reminds his words, how he used to hide and come to meet her. He says he did not get old now too, and he will take her to Shimla. She says our days are gone, what will people say, we will send Shivam and Riya to Shimla. He says you are still the same for me as my newly bride. She smiles.

Rani sees Ashok and greets him. He blesses her and apologizes. She says everything will be fine, just bless me. Ashok asks Sarla to accept Rani. Sarla taunts him. He says Rani will curse us, we also have daughters. They start arguing and she goes to sleep.

The milk man comes to give milk. Bua talks to him and asks why did he come so soon. She asks Anupam to call and wake up Riya, else Shanti will taunt her, its imp for bride to wake up early. He says you know Riya’s phone is missing. She says I know Shanti’s family has stolen it, call Shivam. Bua calls Shivam.

Shanti wakes up and asks Riya whose call is it. Riya talks to Dadi Bua. Bua hears Shanti. Shanti takes the phone and talks to Bua. She asks why did she call at this time. Anupam takes phone and greets Shanti. He apologizes to her. Shanti asks him to talk to Riya. Bua explains Riya to take bath and dress up, and says about Shanti. Riya smiles and says yes. Bua asks her to get ready. Riya says fine, and ends call.

Riya takes her clothes and comes upstairs looking for Shivam’s room. She wakes him up. Shanti comes there and asks why did you come here. Shivam looks at them. Riya says I m finding washroom. Shanti asks where is brush, you came near Shivam’s room. Riya says its new house, she did not know where is bathroom. Shanti says yes, it happens, come with me, I will show you. Bua taunts Suman and asks her to make tea for her and Anupam, and reminds that she takes less sugar. Suman gets irked.

Shanti asks Riya to take bath before everyone wakes up. She asks her to move the swing. The paper falls there. Riya gives it to her. Shanti asks her to go. Riya goes. Kaushalya comes and asks Shanti how did she wake up so soon. Shanti asks her to get tea. Ashok gets a call and the man asks for 1 lakh rs he gave him. Ashok says he will meet him at canteen and gets worried. Riya dries the clothes. Preeti says she will help her. She says Shivam will workout and come.

Kaushalya and Raghav, and everyone come in hall. Shanti asks Nimmi to call Riya. Riya sees Shivam working out and smiles. They have an eyelock and smile. Kabhi ji badal barse………….plays…………Nimmi comes there and smiles seeing them. Shivam holds Riya. Riya says anyone will come, if anyone sees them. Nimmi hides and smiles. Shivam compliments Riya.

Rani swears that she will come in Amit’s house today and shocks them. Shanti is worried for Sarla not taking the call.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sooo slow this serial….. If Riya becomes pregnant then pregnancy scenes will go on for years before delivery will happen… No idea behind shooting….Good artists used but crap screenplay… Don’t understand why they are getting 1hr slot

  2. Its slow coz its a 1hr show and also why r u bringing up Riya becoming pregnant now it hasn’t even been 1 month since they r married and you r talking about pregnancy god u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. first understand what i have written and then comment on it….I brought up the pregnancy part to pint out how slow the overall scenes will be….. read again…if you can’t understand comment then its better if you could ignore it

      1. Please do not get annoyed leon. I found sameyas comment humerous. Sorry if I have hurt your feelings. I jolly well knew what u meant.

  3. Agree with Sameya. They have not consumated their marriage even !!!. It would be nice if a little humour is brought in for viewers entertainment. There was a little in todays episode. Specially when Shivam was caught by his parents but without him knowing. Raghaves comments have subtle humour for the viewers.

  4. nyce episode………..

  5. Nice episodes……:D:D

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