Mere Angne Mein 27th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya coming to Shanti Sadan in traditional dressing. Shanti, Kaushalya, Shivam and everyone get shocked seeing her. Shanti says you… Riya says yes, its me Dada ji, and acts like a traditional bahu. She calls Shivam Maalik, as Kaushalya calls Raghav the same. Shivam asks what are you saying, why are you calling me Maalik. Riya says I have come with my heart and mind, and even my luggage. She gets her bag. Shanti asks her whats this drama, I told you not to step in my Shanti Sadan, just leave.

Riya cries and says I won’t go anywhere, you can kill me, my dad is not letting me stay there and you are trying to kill me. Shanti asks her to leave. Riya sits and says I won’t go anywhere, if Shivam gives me divorce, so what, I will not go. Shanti says you won’t agree

like this, come. Riya tells the neighbors to see what they are doing. The lady asks Shanti whats this drama. Shanti says Riya is angry, she is not bahu, she is Naagin. Riya cries. Shanti thinks if Riya tells my name, it will be big problem.

Nimmi cries. Sharmili sees her and thinks if Vyom and Nimmi fight like this, who will give me heir. Pari taunts Nimmi. She asks her to leave. Nimmi says I won’t go from this house. Pari goes. Sharmili asks Nimmi why is she crying, if you have to stay here, then be good. Nimmi says I m already good, it does not mean anyone tells me anything. Sharmili says you don’t know to talk well, why do you expect good from others, then this crying drama, this won’t work, go and work now. Nimmi goes.

Shanti takes Riya inside home and scolds her. The neighbors look on. Riya asks why do you shout when lie does not become truth by shouting, I will stay here, my dad is unwell. Riya talks in Shanti’s style and says a great woman comes to sasural in doli and goes on aarthi. Shanti thinks she is telling my dialogue to me.

Sharmili scolds Vyom and asks him not to fight with Nimmi. She reminds Shanti is dangerous and asks him to behave well with Nimmi. Vyom asks do you want me to love her, whats happening, I can’t love her, I had to marry Preeti and got cheated. She asks why, it was arranged marriage with Preeti, I just want my heir, you know all this belongs to Sujeev, till we give your child to Sujeev, we won’t get anything, you have to be good with Nimmi, if Pari gets child before you, all this property will belong to Pari, she will kick us out, what will we do now. Vyom says but I don’t love Nimmi. She says I m not asking you to love Nimmi, I m asking you to make Nimmi your wife, and warns him that she will kick him out if he comes between her dreams. She goes out and sees Mama. Mama says if Pari traps Vyom in her love again. She says I think ahead, what do you think I will let Nimmi become Vyom’s love, once our work is done, I will kick out Nimmi. They see Nimmi cleaning the glass table and doing some work.

Shanti asks Riya to leave. Riya asks Shivam to save her and bites Shanti’s hand. Shivam asks Riya what is she doing, she wanted divorce and he gave her. Riya realizes the truth. Shanti stops Shivam from saying. Shivam asks Riya to leave from this house. Riya says I will not go anywhere. Shivam asks whats this bad behavior. Riya asks what did I do, tell me. He says I will not leave you if you misbehave with Shanti. Nandu asks Riya why is she creating drama. Riya asks him not to talk in between. Shanti says I will beat her on her head, you go Shivam. Kaushalya asks Riya to leave, you wanted divorce, you got it, now leave. Riya looks on. Shanti gets tensed.

Shivam says if she had to come back, why did she sign on divorce papers. Riya asks did I want divorce. Shanti and Kaushalya say yes. Shanti says you felt you will copy me and I will accept you, go from here. Riya tells Shanti that this time I have come fully prepared. Shanti gets shocked.

Anupam is restless. He tells Bunty that he agreed to Riya, but he does not think Riya is doing right. Bunty says yes, she should fight for her right, they cheated Riya. Anupam says I also want that, but I m scared of Shanti and Sarla. Bunty says love can make her do anything, I know Riya well, she is good with good and bad with bad, it will be fun. He worries and recalls talking to Riya.

Fb shows Anupam consoling Riya. Riya says I will make everything fine, that’s my house, I will go back there, it won’t be easy for me, I want your support, promise me, you will not stop me from going there. He wishes her all the best. FB ends. Bunty asks Anupam not to worry about Riya. He says I m sure Riya will succeed, but I m scared. Bunty says Riya is in old form, those people will get tension now.

Shanti kicks out Riya. A lawyer comes. Riya asks him to see how they are torturing her and kicking her out, now you teach them laws, I tried explaining them, they don’t understand simple language. Lawyer says you can’t kick out bahu, you have to appeal after divorce, husband and wife get a chance to stay for six months, their marriage did not complete a year, till then divorce can’t happen. Shanti disagrees. He says this is court order, both husband and wife have to stay here, elders join house and you are trying to break them. Riya thanks him and asks him to go. Riya asks neighbors to go, its her house matter. She smiles seeing Shanti.

Riya tells Shanti about jail punishment and scares her. She goes to her room. Shanti stares at Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. That’s my girl! Good job Riya 🙂

  2. loved riya’s rocking avatar…waiting for more of it….daadi ka band bajao….

  3. hahaha…..Riya darlinggggg u rocked 2day… lyk this…teach them a good lesson…also reveal Shanthi’s true character soon…also they were asking Riya to not to do any drama ..LOL…wattt only Srivastav family and Shanthidevi cn do drama!!!????’s Riya ‘s turn now…come on Riyaaa….nw no more tears…expose Shanthi and all other devils….also Shivam…no need to get angry,,,,u and ur family never tried to understand Riya and u all deserve jail fr ur deeds

  4. Chudel kushiya tere dono betiuko baat karne ka tameez nahi hai. Tu kya sikayegi riya ko.ari besharam aurat apto teri vampire saas ka saat chod.riya ne tere saat kitni achi tarha pesh ayi. Jake dekh nimmi ko apni saas ke saat kis tarha baat kar rahi hai. Yehi sik dhi hai teri nikkamei bacho ko.

  5. Today episode was super se upar .good job baby . Rona dona band aaj se sab ki class lena. Khaskar shanti shivam ki. Agar preeti mo kholena aysa javab dena uski nani ki nani yaad aaja ye os culprits mat chodna . We are with you

  6. yea!! Riya, show them!!

  7. Love the show,now sit and watch whole episode,cannot wait until next episode.

  8. Good job riya.Now it’s your time

  9. tnk god ! tonite, its uploaded in time. i m far away from home n read only here:(

  10. finally the story is on track….happy to see riya in a bold avatar..

  11. Gud job Riya. Sab ko sabak sikhana

  12. Riya bite shantis hand that scene was awesome.& calling shivam malik its to good

  13. oh! thank god. i love this riya. she is awesome. now shanthi and sarla will get a taste of their own medicine.

  14. haha… great new avtar of riya…
    acchou k sath accha or burou k sath buraa… sahi hai boss

  15. Preeti just wait riya will show you what girl u are selfish greedy.

  16. Riya your super

  17. Plz do 1hour episode

  18. Oh finally and episode that makes sense. I hope it continues. Coz in MAM if ine episodr rocks the other 50 episodes go damn bad.

    Riya should not just expose shanti and sarla. She should expose moron khusi nimmi n preeti as well. Coz if shanti n sarla n known devils..these dumb trio creatures are hidden villans

    That blo*dy preeti fool of an ass..loom at her attitude and expression. Does she think of herself as some queen or what.

    Ehsaan faramosh like preeti deserves such fate in her life. Now I really njoy the episodes were she was tortured by Mohit.Despite ruining familys respect she still feela she deserves something good.

    And it was good to see Nimmi crying. Need more and more torture from Pari. Bloddy nimmi blaming Riya in front of her inlaws despite knowing the truth that its Preeti who has ruined her life.

  19. Well said swapna

  20. riya rocked today but why is preeti blaming riya she herself is the cause for this whole mess first riya should teach preeti good lesson

  21. Nimmii ko.rota howa dekhkar mere dil ko bahoot sukoon mila. Aur ye preeti apne aapku samaj thi kya hai queen Victoria. See the girl attitude. Badi ayi riya ko blame karne wali.

  22. After A Long Long TIME I Have Seen A Very NICE GOOD EPISODE from MERE ANGNE MEIN SERIAL.
    RIYA Should Have Done This LONG Back
    But “Better LATE Than NEVER”.


    Ab Aise hi Apna Conduct RIYA Change KARNA Aur Gandhi SHANTI DEVI Aur SARLA KO Expose KARNA, Vaise hi GIRGIT NANDU MAHA RAJ KI ASLIYATH Sabke saamne Laana.


    Aaj RIYA NE EK Cheej DUNIYA KO Dikhadi.
    Ache Tareeka DUNIYA KO Jamti Nahi.
    Well Done RIYA. Aur BAHOT Naaku HAI.
    Yeh Shuruvaad Hai.

    Telugu mai EK Kahaavat HAI


  23. Bravo Riya. Don’t be like Kaushalya. Now wait and watch ……More power to you Riya.

  24. Riya ko akkal der se aayi par aayi to sahi. Shivam ko bhi sabak milna chahiye. The writer has not defined nature of each character in his worksheet. Every person has some basic nature which never changes but in this show har koi Mein alag alag nature ek saath hei. Tabhi itni khichdi bana di. Preeti jab chahe bolne lag gayi. Kaushalya sadhu se chidail ban jaati hei. Wah wah. Ab to much achey episodes dikha do.

  25. This cjarachter of riya is nice the episode was very intressting. Do teach them a lesson. Spa 2016 riya is looking gorgeus nic

  26. I pray this continues. Loving this episode

  27. I appreciate Riya..u r amazing..loved your entry in a new way in your sasuraal… they r going to get a new lesson…that preeti uff come on it’s all her fault and blames Riya in the means of stamperind u did everything……….
    And that daadi ab uski bachi kuchi Umar hai aur ego Mano Ki ego ke siwa usae aur dikhta kya hai??..arre apne hi pote Ki zindagi ko barbaad karne par aayi???..
    Ab tho ek ek ki khair nahin..aur dushmanon Ki nayya paar nahin…keep it up riya???

  28. Nice episode, but wait for it, the crooks will outsmart Riya in the next two episodes! The writers do not know how to sustain positive tracks and make it captivating. They’ll fall back to their usual negativity. Not holding my breath! Anyway hope they give Riya some guts and smartness to deal with this family of idiots!

    1. Very true. May be its gonna be for few episodes but not much. Sarla and shanti will again be successfull in proving Riya wrong. Even if Riya proves anyone wrong..dumb srivastavs will blame Riya for breaking relation.

  29. Great..Riya go and expose Shanti and her dtr Sarla true face.Bring Kausalya to her senses.Make Priti and Nimmi speak the truth.Make Shivam regret his not believing in Riya and throwing her out and like a dum twit signing the divorce papers.Let Riya prove to Raghav how his mother has been conning them for years and his children has gone without..teach kausalya a lesson too.Pari to be exposed too.

  30. Riya, try to kick Shanti out. ?

  31. Oh! so this is a comedy serial. Nevertheless the writers could not neglect the hate of fans and trying to salvage the show. Let us see.

  32. This new track is superb. Can not wait for next episode

  33. Pls post 28th april s update fast.cant wait to read it.

  34. Its time Riya brings about Preetis truth and shuts her up forever,Preeti is acting so innocent now. Blaming everyone except herself,so shameless. Hate her.

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