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Mere Angne Mein 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Sarla whats happening. Sarla makes an excuse and does not let Nirmala tell anything. Nirmala says I will tell you truth, and Rani interrupts. Sarla makes Nirmala leave and lies to Shanti. Shivam gets angry and Riya asks him to control his anger. He asks her not t start her lecture now and argues. He goes to rest. Kaushalya asks Riya to control Shivam’s temper. Riya asks her to give 1000rs so that she can have some cure for Shivam’s anger. Kaushalya asks what can be cure for anger. Riya takes money and leaves. Kaushalya says money came in hand and went, I m scared of Riya. Nimmi jokes and tells Kaushalya that she should also have a cure.

Shanti asks Sarla not to say nonsense and say straight why was Nirmala staying here. Ashok takes gajras and

talks to his friend. He says Sarla and I don’t have things fine between us, I was also being annoyed with her, I forgot she is with me since many years, she lied many times for me, I was thinking to convince her and take her to temple, all her heart bitterness will end. His friend asks does she not love you. Ashok says she loves me a lot, I live for her, I will leave now.

Sarla says there is much pressure on me from Ashok, he says I always do much for my family and does not do anything for his relatives. Nirmala is Bindu’s relative and I gave her place to stay, I got Nirmala home to help her. Shanti says I gave quarters to him for your stay and he wants to get relatives here, I will scold him, call him. Sarla says no need, you don’t understand, I will be tortured, he will beat me. Shanti gets shocked. Rani thinks Sarla is blaming a saint man like Ashok.

Ashok comes home and asks Nirmala why is she leaving. Nirmala lies to him that Sarla is giving her life. Ashok asks did she go mad. Nirmala says she asked me to leave else she will die. He asks why did you not stop her, I can never be yours. Shanti asks Sarla why did you not tell this to me before, my daughter is bearing tortures since many years, I will beat Ashok. Rani says calm down, when Ashok comes, talk to him with peace. Shanti says I will not leave him.

Shanti asks is there anything else, I have seen sindoor in Nirmala’s maang. Sarla says yes, she married someone, I don’t know, she is bad character. Shanti says bindu would have sent her here, I will not leave them. Sarla stops her. Shanti asks why does Nirmala stay here, if she married, she should be in her husband’s house. Sarla says she is not a good character woman, leave it. Shanti says I will not leave her. Ashok knocks the door.

Riya gets the punching bag. Kaushalya says this is tough, its like a wall, whats this. Riya says this is cure of your son, I will show you. She calls Shivam. Nimmi comes and asks what happened to Riya. Riya shouts to Shivam to come downstairs. Ashok asks Shanti whats all this. Shanti beats Ashok with the broomstick. Ashok runs. Nirmala comes back with her bags.

Sarla asks Nirmala to go. Nirmala says I want my money. Sarla says don’t say anything to Amma, she is very angry. Riya argues with Shivam. Shivam sees the punching bag. He asks Riya what is it. Riya makes him angry and provokes him. She asks why do you always beat people. He asks why are you shouting. Riya scolds him for losing job because of anger, will you beat us, you will go jail, I will not get you out of the jail, I m fed up of your anger, will you beat me, I will not keep quiet. Shivam gets angry and asks her to stop it, don’t cross limit. He hits the punching bag and goes. Kaushalya says I will send tea for you. Riya smiles. Kaushalya asks what are you doing. Riya says I misbehaved with Shivam, he got angry and hot his anger out on this punching bag. Kaushalya says it means you are doing cure this way. Riya says yes, Shanti taught anger cuts anger. Kaushalya says I want my son to get fine and happy, if this cure fails, I will become metal and come after you to cut. Riya jokes and says this time Shanti will go jail if Shivam gets angry. Nimmi says great, we will ask police to arrest Shanti and Sarla together. She smiles. Kaushalya asks Riya to keep this punching bag in her room, I have to make arrangements for Babuji’s Shraddh tomorrow.

Riya gets a call and a lady gives order of temple bhandaar. Riya says sure, send us your address. Kaushalya says fine, I will make it easily. Riya smiles. Ashok asks Rani whats happening, why is Shanti beating me, what is the matter. Shanti throws water on him and says how dare you beat Sarla. Ashok asks when did I beat Sarla. Shanti says don’t do drama, Sarla told me everything. Nirmala says yes, Ashok beats Sarla in bad way. Shanti slaps Nirmala. Sarla hides behind Rani. Shanti scolds Nirmala. Nirmala hides behind Ashok.

Shanti asks Ashok is he not ashamed to beat Sarla, she is with him since 25 years. He says I never did this, I did not beat her. Shanti asks is Sarla lying, make Nirmala out. Nirmala says I will not go. Ashok tells Shanti that things won’t change if you kick out Nirmala. Nirmala asks Shanti to ask Ashok whats my right on this house. Shanti looks at Ashok.

Nirmala says I m Ashok’s legal wife. Shanti gets shocked. Sarla apologizes. Shanti says this time, just punishment, no forgiveness.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally shanti knows the truth about sarla. At least 1 of her bad deeds is exposed.

  2. Finally punishment for sarla so happy ???

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