Mere Angne Mein 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari asking Preeti to marry Lucky soon by using Nandu and Nimmi’s affair story. Preeti disagrees. Pari asks her to then forget to marry Lucky. Preeti worries and gets convinced. Preeti says she will keep Karwachauth fast for Lucky this time, not Nandu. Pari asks her to marry Lucky and give divorce to Nandu first. Riya asks what are they talking. Pari asks was she hearing them so that she can fill other’s ears. Riya answers back the taunts. Riya goes to Kaushalya. Kaushalya and Nimmi do not talk to Riya. Riya thinks what’s happening with me today, why is no one talking.

Nandu asks Nimmi to come to market with him tomorrow. She asks why. He says I have to buy gift for Preeti on Karwachauth. She says you are trying to impress Preeti, great. Pari and Preeti see

them signing and smiling. Riya comes and asks what happened, why did your face got pale. Pari says I don’t want to answer, you want me to leave. Riya says yes, have food and go. Pari says my hunger went seeing you, I don’t depend on poor people like you to have food, Preeti I will leave, take care. She hugs Preeti. Nimmi taunts Pari. Preeti defends Pari and argues with Nimmi. Pari goes.

Nandu asks Preeti to have food. Preeti says I m not hungry and asks Nimmi to take care of Nandu. Riya gets thinking. She asks Kaushalya to listen, its imp thing. Kaushalya says you got after me like a ghost. Riya says its imp, Pari and Preeti’s friendship is not good.

Riya complains about Preeti. Nimmi comes and says I knew Preeti is talking badly to me, its because of Pari. Kaushalya asks them to think, Preeti is sad and she talks to Pari to share her sorrow, I know Pari is not right, I don’t trust her, I will talk to Pari. Kaushalya says I know Riya is saying this to become heir. Riya says its not like that. Kaushalya does not listen.

Shanti cries at night and prays. She talks to her husband’s pic and tells about her worries about the family. Nimmi wakes up and asks what happened. Shanti says nothing, go to sleep. Shanti lies down to sleep and worries.

Its morning, Riya meets Ashok and says he has to tell him something about Nirmala, but he may feel bad. He says fine, if you can’t say complete thing, just give some small sign. She says its time to find new Phupha ji for Nirmala. He asks what, how will you get him.

She says I will handle, you relax. He says I m scared, whatever we do, sword hangs on my head. She says no, this time Nirmala will come to you and say she won’t stay with you. He says if you do this, I will be your servant all my life. She says what are you saying, you are like my dad, give me jalebi and samosa, don’t be emotional, I came canteen for the first time. She gives him money. He says you called me dad and slapping by giving money. She says relations and work is different, keep this, its your right. He says yes, but you came to my canteen for the first time, keep this money as shagun. She takes his blessings. She asks him not to take tension and goes.

Sarla calls Ashok. He asks whats the matter. She asks him to reach photo studio. He says I m in canteen. She says we have to give love proof to lawyer, we will get pics clicked. He says fine, I will reach soon. Kaushalya says Shivam, I need to talk to you. He asks what. She asks how much do you love your mum. He says you know I love you a lot, I can’t have words to say, love is from heart, I don’t have recording to give. She says I want proof. He says tell me what to do or say. She says give me a promise. He says I won’t do this, I knew you will do this. She cries and says fine, I knew you will say this, you just listen to Riya.

He says no, tell me, what is it. She asks his help to make Nirmala out of Sarla’s house, Shanti told me if I do this, she will make me heir. He gets shocked and recalls Riya’s words. He folds hands and says I won’t help anyone, sorry. She says you have become Riya’s rat, the world says right, son is not ours after marriage. He gets call. He says don’t trap me in all this. She asks whom do I have, won’t you do this, I can’t say anything to Raghav, you know Preeti, I just had this wish. He says please stop doing emotional blackmail, I will do what you say, I promise. She says fine, go now. He thinks I promised wife and mother too, I m going to get grinded. He goes. She gets glad.

Nimmi stops Shivam and asks did I ask you anything till now, did you give me anything. She says yes, I mean, I have asked, and you gave too. He asks her to say fast. She says I want something. He asks money. She says no, I want a promise. He thinks now she also wants promise. He asks what promise you want. She says Dadi will make me heir, if I pass all challenges, I will get chance to sit on swing, I really want to sit on swing, don’t worry, its all fair in love and war, I want your help. He gets call. She says I know Riya is also in this race, I hope you don’t ask Riya’s permission, I really want your help, please….. He gets worried.

Pari says these papers of Nandu and Preeti’s divorce will ruin peace of Shanti Sadan. Sarla says I will ruin their peace and happiness now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    as you all know on 4th nov our favourite serial skr is ending.So if you are anyone skr fan too so please comment in last day update page of skr.we have also decided to publish a final list of skr fans in last day update page.if you are anyone a fan of skr too but anyday you have not comment in skr page, so please tell us your name to us by replying here or to comment in skr page.

  2. Ha ha… i know shivam will not help any of them..or he will help everyone.

  3. Boring. Kaushaliya never listens to Riya and thinks she knows what’s right all the time. Maybe going by the precap she might start listening. Why shanti after heir, if she knew Raghav had a job at the tailors doesn’t she know about preeti and what she’s doing?

  4. Kaushalya is so cheap towards Riiya

  5. Shanti is pathetic. She is only bothered about Sarla. What insult is Sarla talking about? She’s the one who gets herself insulted and fills her mothers ears about others.

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