Mere Angne Mein 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav saying he has to go on his duty now. Kaushalya asks him to wait for some time, I will get tiffin. Nimmi comes home and Kaushalya happily hugs her. Shanti hugs Nimmi and is very happy seeing her. Nimmi hugs Preeti. Preeti moves her back. Nimmi cries. Raghav looks on.

Pari asks Sharmili did you not tell Nimmi to take permission from me. Sharmili denies it and says Pari always tries to ignite fire. Sujeev gets angry on Pari. Pari apologizes and acts to faint. Sujeev rushes to call doctor. Sharmili and Mama see her drama. Nimmi asks Shanti how is she. Shanti says I m fine. Raghav says I will leave now. Nimmi says I came after many days, will you not hug me. Raghav stops her and talks with annoyance. Nimmi says its not just my mistake, its Preeti and Riya’s mistake

too, why are they here.

Nirmala applies the lep to Sarla and praises her. Rani looks on. Sarla goes to her room. Rani asks Nirmala what shall I call you, Kaki ji or Choti mummy ji…. Nirmala says I m like your Mausi, so you can call me Choti mummy ji too. Rani says fine, I will call you Choti mummy ji from today. Nirmala says it looks good to hear.

Vyom meets his friends and asks them to put some investment in his business too. His friends joke about his wife Nimmi who is very dangerous. They pity on Vyom and ask him to be careful. Shanti asks Nimmi not to cry and makes her sit on her swing. Nimmi and everyone cry. Shanti asks Nimmi not to feel bad of Raghav’s words. Nimmi says when I knew you got unwell, I came to meet you, now I m told that I should take permission and come. Shanti asks her not to take my permission.

Nimmi says no one calls me, mummy has no time to talk to me, it was not my mistake, Preeti made me sit in mandap. Preeti says this is right to put all blame on me. Shanti asks them not to fight, Preeti stays here with us and Nimmi is stuck between strangers. Preeti says yes, atleast she is staying in palace, I m burden here. Nimmi says I did not wish to get any palace. Shanti blames Riya for all this. Riya gets angry and argues. Shanti says your life will become a joke, I curse you.

Nimmi asks Riya do you think all this is joke. Riya asks Nimmi not to get in this matter, be with Kaushalya and have food. Shanti asks Riya not to tell anything. Kaushalya says Shanti was kidnapped.. Shanti says Anupam kidnapped me. Nimmi gets shocked. Shanti says Nimmi is looking beautiful. Preeti gets jealous. Nimmi cries and tells Kaushalya that she misses her a lot, the food there does not have taste of your hand. Kaushalya cries and says I will make food for you.

Nimmi asks how is she. Riya says I will say, she is Chanda, your would be Bhabhi, Shivam is going to marry her. Nimmi gets shocked and asks what nonsense are you saying. Shanti says she is mad. Riya asks why are you lying. Nimmi is Shivam’s sister, she has right to know everything. Shanti says fine, I will tell truth, Riya got divorce from Shivam, she wanted freedom from this house and Shivam, she has sent papers and Shivam has signed on papers. Nimmi gets shocked and asks what are you saying……

Sujeev makes Pari sit and gives her juice. He asks her to take care and not take stress. Sharmili comes there with a suitcase and tells Sujeev that you have to go. Sujeev asks why and where. She says I forgot to tell you about your Mama’s son’s marriage, they are inviting us a lot, I m unwell and can’t go. Sujeev says calm down, don’t worry, I will go there, when to leave. Sharmili says asap. She asks Pari to do Sujeev’s packing. Pari agrees. Sujeev asks Sharmili to go and rest, Pari will manage things. Sharmili and Mama leave. Sharmili says you did good to show place to Pari, you can get wall build easily by sending Sujeev away.

Shanti says Riya has come here again and troubling us. She says I wish Chanda becomes Shivam’s wife, and your thinking gets true. Chanda cries and says don’t blame me, leave me on my state. She goes. Nimmi asks whats happening. Kaushalya asks her to sit for some time peacefully. She gets food to feed her. Nimmi refuses to have food. Kaushalya says I will call rickshaw for you, else Shivam will drop you. Nimmi says don’t worry, I just came, I will leave. Kaushalya says I m worried, Preeti’s inlaws did not accept her, I don’t want Sharmili to leave you. Preeti says its all again on me, I m burden here. Nimmi says mummy did not mean that. Preeti taunts Nimmi. Shanti blames Riya again. Riya asks is there anything else, so much happened already. Nimmi cries.

Shanti says I have to get Shivam remarried to get my great grandchildren. Kaushalya gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Oh god.. Irritating now.. Wat d hell this Pari acting irritating.. And now preeti also is getting irritating.. Wat d hell bring something positive writers.,,

  2. Be little more sense

    Preeti cry baby was trying to elope from the Mantap. She made her big blabber mouth sister Nimmi to sit in her place and left. How it has become Ria’s mistake. Pls Director or story writers please some one explain. The viewers are crazy you think? Shanthi and Sarala blame her ok, that’s what they do. They were looking for something they got it. What about Ria she has to defend herself. she didn’t make or help Preeti escape, its a internal arrangement by both the (idiotic) sisters. Preeti is a liar, jealousy and arrogant character she want to blame for her unhappiness. Even if she married to Vyom she will think of Mohit and make her life a real hell. She won’t reveal the truth that she did it by her own will. What about Nimmi why don’t she say the truth. And Ria or her father should not close their mouth when they blame both the daughter’s life has spoiled by Ria. Stupid story writers don’t expect the viewers the same.

  3. Be little more sense

    Preeti the cry baby was trying to elope with Mohit by making her big blabber mouth sister Nimmi to sit in the Mantap in her place. She was the one forced Nimmi to wear her clothings and took Nimmi’s dress and left. No one knows this. How and why it has become Ria’s mistake. Shanthi and Sarala blame Ria, ok they want to get rid of her, look for some reason here is the laddu… understandable. Preeti is a liar, jealousy and arrogant character she wants to blame everyone who are very quiet and nice people and taking advantage of their kindness. She cannot do this with Shanthi or Sarala. She want to blame the kind hearted people for her unhappiness situation. Even she married to Vyom she will think of Mohit she will create ruckus in the Sasural and make her life a living hell. What about Nimmi why don’t she tell the truth. She always try to blabber some truth what is in her mouth now?
    What about Ria herself. When everyone says she spoiled their daughter’s life why don’t she open her mouth and says Preeti is the reason for both their married life and their problems.
    Atleast Ria’s father.. h..hhhum. no one says a word about Pritit blunder, Director and story writer wake up and show something sensible. We are not the crazy ones like your characters.

    1. yaar they all knw it’s preethi’s fault…bt they won’t accept the fact….Nimmi is better than Preethi…coz she didn’t blame Riya alone…She accepted that it was her mistake too…Preethi 24 hrs sirf Riya ko blame karte rehthi he…,and Nimmi said today that it was Preethi who made her sit in mandap….bt no one interested hearing anythng against Preethi,,,,

  4. shanti sadan is the house full of drama

  5. krishnai aka ww

    A note to all star plus serial fans:

    I had created a poll for favourite jodi and serial in star plus. Pls do vote for ur favourite

    Link for it:

  6. Really. Nimmi surpose to be angry and blame preeti for ruining her life. Pls. Writer do something cos we are tired waiting for a single truth even for once.

  7. Today Riya did not interfere when Preeti was being nasty to nimmi and khusia. The writers remember Preeti’s stammering problem and include it in the episode.

  8. The serial “Mere Angane Mein was an interesting serial when it started. but now it has become so negative and irrational testing the intelligence of the viewers. The characters Kaushallya, Raghav and Shivam look too stupid who cannot see through the tricks and likes of Shanti and Sarala. Besides Riya is a modern woman and it is difficult to understand why she has to lie so low and beg for her husband’s love and acceptance, which doesn’t go with the modern day women’s thinking. The writers of this serial must do something to make it worth watching.

  9. Itna bakwas serial hai ki me th dkhna hi chodh di kaun 30 min waste kre 5min me update pdhke hi gussa aa jti hai..
    Buddhe logo ki pblm ptani kya hai apni sataa ke chkr me ghr todh rhi aur naam riya ka…. Shit hai serial…..

  10. Serial is get boring now …dey r just dragging the track …every time seeing riya fault nd den dieing drama is getting to boring riya can handle dis situation in another way….writer it’s request from viewers dat now start showing riya is doing right slowly slowly

  11. How disgusting storyline. Pls shut down this reduculous drama. This fighting will never end. Watching this serial is ruining our health as it gives lots of hyperness. Pls pls end this serial now as no character is going to be happy ever

  12. So right if the writers are bored plz end the serial.Kaushalya is blind and forgotten how ill treated she is by Shanti and sarla..and can see no wrong…Shivam also is aware of Shanti and sarla antics but blames Riya..why ?The 2 daughters blaming Riya..when it was Their fault..Prity left to see Mohit and Nimmi sat in the mandap..tell me did Riya tell them to do it..NO..poor girl Riya to save family name went after Prity ..please reveal the truth ..the lies has gone on too long.It makes me laugh when Dtr are suppose to stay at their married homes..why then Sarla is here at Shanti place 24/7 ????Writers don’t write any more Shivam to get remarried otherwise there will no grandchildren??Who you fooling..Why is it always a womans fault..come on ..stop this serial..stop mocking us..

    1. There is no unknown truth to reveal…everyone knows that Preethi is the root cause of all prblms,,,,bt they don’t wanna accept it and they will never accept it kyunki Preethi beti he aur Riya bahu he,,,,They want their daughters to be happy and Riya is also someone’s daughter bt it doesn’t matter to them……they are not treating their bahu well and want their daughters sasuraal waalon to be good with them

  13. How can one woman, shanthi devi spawn such evil children and grand children. Almost each and every one of them with a possible exception of Nimmi. True Poison seeds or “Visha beej”

  14. Koi Preeti ko goli maari…idiot jhoothi…khisiyani Billi khamba noche …koi ria ko bhi goli maari…jab bolna hota hai tab to bolti nahi…baar baar nimmi keh rahi hai ki talaak kaise talaak kab….tab To boli nahi ki pehle sign kark shanti k haath bheje the …usne pehle sign nahi kie

    Koi kushya ko b goli maari…waise to akal nahi hai…riya ko bolne k lie muh me aawaz bhi aa jati hai aur dimaag me logic bhi….

  15. well said UAHA. Pari get a good lesson from Sharmili and Sujeev.
    I enjoyed it, now kick this Chanda out. I want to see shivam and Riya growing to each other.
    When will the problems in Sarla life starts, Nirmala meri shubh kamna tumhare saath hai. Common writer/director show some sense and reveal the secrets of that b*t*h/golddigger madamX/Sarla. Why you are showing us that all the women are mean or stupid? why can a women not be independent in your eyes? i hope you will let us see that Preeti apni pairon par khairi hosakhti hain, instead of bearing Nandu!

  16. You all are right . Mere Angne Mein should be ended. Infact In the end THE GREAT SHANTI DEVI should go to hell. Writers Please show that THE GREAT SHANTI DEVI somehow is dead. Because I can’t even see her . Every time when I see her naa I feel like killing her . I curse her. May she dies and may she goes to hell. And may Kaushalya becomes smart and sensible . And may MERE ANGNE MEIN you know Naaa ???

  17. Hey saaya you are 100% correct kaushaliya is a hypocrite she wants everyone to be good to her daughters in their sasural but look how they behave to their own bahu. They don’t give her identity as a bahu and the same thing is happening to n immi in her sasural. They need to open their eyes and stop thinking that bahu is a bahu she is your daughter too after marriage.

  18. Initially it was such a awsume show… Loved the characters… But day by day it’s going worse.. Shanti n sarla would never get punished for their sin..n riya being such a matured modern girl why are you even leting dem insult you.. You are not fighting for your right but u are insuting your self respect…. Go out of this house.. When dey will realize what dey have lossed dey will come down ur legs.. N its a humble reqst plzz kill dat preeti.. She is the most irritating role in dis serial

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