Mere Angne Mein 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti hearing Riya talking to Bunty. Shanti talks to Nimmi and hurries out. Amit gets angry on Rani and tells her that he will not take her along. He gets his friend’s call and argues with him. He says you can come and take budget, its not in my hands, I don’t have any problem. Sharmili gets ready. Mama asks who is coming, why did you get ready, is Jija ji coming. She says no, Kaushalya and Raghav are coming, check arrangements.

She runs hearing footsteps and opens the door. She says his footsteps run her heart’s bells. Raghav says I was trying to ring the bell and you opened the bell. Sharmili welcomes them. Kaushalya wishes happy holi and gives invitation for holi. Sharmili takes the bags and asks them to sit. Kaushalya stares at her and sits with her, making

Raghav sit away. Sharmili asks Raghav which juice will he have. She asks Mama to go and get some snacks and juice. Kaushalya says its not needed. Sharmili says Raghav comes less often, give me chance to treat him. Pari comes and hugs Kaushalya. She says Mama ji has also come, lovely peoples, wows…. Sharmili asks her to get snacks and sends her. Riya waits in garden for Mohit. Mohit meets her.

Mohit asks will she get him beaten up by police, goons or Shivam. She says you are doing wrong, relations are not made by force, Preeti does not want to meet you, she does not love you, she wants to move on. Shanti comes there and records the proof. She makes Mohit and Riya’s video and says now Kaushalya will do everything. Riya says you can’t break Preeti and Vyom’s marriage by using the messages, she has already told her past to Vyom, and he has no problem. Mohit says this can’t happen. She says why not, for Vyom, Preeti is imp, not her past. She thinks she has to handle this situation by this lie. She says I will call Vyom and you talk. He says even I want to know who is this great man. She calls Vyom and he takes the phone to talk. Vyom comes to his room and his phone is kept on the bed under the pillow. Mohit says he is not answering.

Raghav tells Sharmili that he has come to invite them in holi, they will apply colors. Sharmili asks will you apply color to me. Kaushalya looks at her. Sharmili asks which color you like. Raghav says festival is just for get together, its not my age to play. Kaushalya says we got old. Sharmili says no, happiness can come in any age. She asks Raghav his fav color. He says I like all colors, there is no fav. Sharmili says really, even my choice is same, I also like all colors, I will get all colors, you apply it to me. Kaushalya says even I will say my fav colors. She calls Sharmili as shameless, will you play holi and slaps her hard. Raghav gets shocked. Kaushalya says your cheeks will get red now and scolds her, with more slaps. Raghav asks Kaushalya what are you doing. Kaushalya says I don’t like all this. Raghav says I like all this, I will play holi with you, Kaushalya be in limits, are you fine Sharmili…. Sharmili moves Kaushalya and she comes out of imagination. Mama brings juice. Kaushalya says we will go. Sharmili says I think you did not like my joking with Raghav. Kaushalya says its nothing like that, come on time tomorrow. Pari comes with snacks and says who will eat these costly sweets. Raghav says we can’t drink water here. It’s out daughter’s inlaws. Sharmili says I will come to drop you outside. Kaushalya says no, I will go.

Riya tells Mohit that he should return everything related to Preeti, else she will do police complaint, it will affect your family. He asks are you requesting or threatening me. She says think anything, we all are with family. Shanti says its time to change my clothes, even my hair have grown, this program is going to end now.

Riya starts leaving. Mohit stops her and apologizes to her. He gives the letters and says I wrote these love letters to Preeti, I wanted to show you, how much I love Preeti, but its of no use now, if Preeti wants to move on and started loving someone else, who am I to come in between if she chose her life partner. He gives her the letters, and says I want Preeti to be happy, I request you to make me meet Preeti once. He holds her hand. Shanti says great, I wanted this, its enough proof, its time I leave from here. She goes.

Mohit requests Riya and says I want to apologize to Preeti. Riya says its not in my hands, Preeti does not want to meet me, I will convey your apology. He says just once. She says I can’t, I m sorry. She leaves. Mohit says you took the love letters, but no one can snatch my memories. Nandu hears Preeti’s love story on radio, as a man listens to that recording at the tea stall. Nandu acts innocent and takes that recording to use on right time. Riya comes home and Kaushalya asks where did you go. Riya says I had some imp work, I went to meet someone. Kaushalya asks who. Shanti asks Kaushalya to leave it, its new generation, we have to adjust with them. Riya goes upstairs. Shanti smiles.

Shanti hugs Riya and they laugh. Shanti makes her sit on the swing. Sarla gets shocked. They all are in bhaang. Riya taunts Shanti and they laugh aloud.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Serial is getting very boring day by day.its high time to change either the track or end the serial.

  2. what a stupid serial it is? it has no sense stupid

  3. Hahahahahaha kaushalya was so funny with sharmili. Love this show. Just get preeti and Mohit together please and not with this dumb Nandu.

  4. I agree Preeti they should actually end this. N this was the last episode for me n my friends as we are switching to another serial.

  5. this day serial is day by day boring now this track is finished them preeti love to mohit and marry that but vyom

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