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Mere Angne Mein 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ramesh making Nandu call Preeti. Nandu calls Preeti as Lucky and talks to her pretending to call someone else. Kaushalya comes and asks Preeti to do some work. Preeti refuses. Kaushalya says fine, I will tell this to Shanti. Preeti says I will go. Nandu hears the conversation and tells Ramesh that Preeti is going to some place. Ramesh asks Nandu to go there as Lucky.

Riya comes to her Maayka and hugs Anupam. He says its good you came back, you were spoiling your life by staying there. She says that’s still my house. He says Shivam is marrying again, and now who is that house yours. She says its just talk going on, I have to stop Shivam and Chanda’s marriage, I need your help. He says I know what I have to do. She says please, just last time, hear me once, don’t

do anything that creates problem for me, its all happening because of Chanda, I heard her talking on phone. FB shows Riya hearing Chanda talking to her BF and making plans against Shanti Sadan. Riya had seen Chanda with her BF too. Riya says how Chanda has put oil on the black doll, and got blame on her. Anupam says you should have told them everything. Riya says who would trust me, they will call me liar, I had to leave my house to know Chanda’s truth. He asks why will Chanda do this. She says I have to find it, I have to expose Chanda, I will stop this marriage.

Sarla gets Shanti’s call. Shanti tells her that Riya has gone from the house. Sarla asks for some nek. Shanti agrees to give her nek for relatives too.

Nandu as Lucky meets Preeti. She asks is he following her. He says no, and tries to get rickshaw for her. He tells Preeti that he will drop her. She scolds him and says she won’t go with him. He stops her and tries convincing. She goes to him. He takes her to chaat stall and makes her have panipuri. He says I will drop you home, come. She says no, I stay nearby. He gives her an introduction card and asks her to call him if she needs any help. She says I already have your number, and tells about the wrong number call. She says you told your name, and did not ask my name, I m Preeti. He says your name is beautiful. She goes. Nandu smiles and says you look beautiful when you smile, I m glad that you came with me.

Riya and Anupam keep an eye on Chanda. Chanda’s BF runs from Shanti Sadan. Riya is unable to record that, as the man flees so soon. Riya says I could not see his face, I can’t do this work alone, I need someone’s help. He asks who. Shanti screams and says I have seen ghost. Preeti gets scared and holds Nandu. They all chant mantras. Shanti asks Kaushalya to sleep in her room. She calls Preeti too. Shivam thinks whats this ghost matter now.

Its morning, Chanda talks to her BF and says their drama would have ended if they were caught yesterday, don’t come here till I get married, I will come to meet you. Kaushalya and Shanti have a talk. Riya calls Nandu and asks him to help him, she is unable to leave Shivam after leaving Shanti sadan. He asks what to do, just tell me. She tells some work. He says I understood, I will do the work.

Chanda tells Shanti that she is going to temple. Nandu calls Riya and informs her. Riya thanks him. She follows Chanda. Chanda meets her BF. Riya sees them. Chanda says you are my life, why are you covering your face. Its Mohit. Riya gets shocked seeing him.

Riya is caught by Chanda. Chanda says my marriage will happen tomorrow itself, this is my promise to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!Mohit

    1. Yuo 😛

  2. Riya-Nandu ki team vanake nandu ko hero vananeki trick accha nikala hai.But I hate this.becoz eak ko hero vanane ki liye shivam,preeti,nimmi,mohit,kusiya savki image spoil kardiya.All educated & cultural people r negative. but only nandu is good who want to break vyom & preeti by showing video, providing wrong information to kusiya about mohit,blaming mohit to stealing etc etc etc.He is same as sarla & shanti.Mohit is totally they totally disappointed us.Nandu-preeti love story track is sooo much cheap.Hope Riya will expose chanda before marriage.& leave shivam.&shivam Riya ko manayega.rota-manana track hotoo bahoot accha hota.Nandu-preeti itna space kyuu derai hoo.I want nimmi & shiviya ko space more.I don’t want nandu-preeti cheap luv story .

    1. Ya agree wid U,,,bt thum hamesha ‘b’ k place mein ‘v’ qu use karthi he,,,eg:’vanake’

  3. I don’t know what chanda wants from shanti sadan early I thought that she wants to rob and go but now she want to stay but its good that riya has nandu to help her but I want marriage to happen I don’t want riya to return to that family

  4. Why is that Riya is always caught?! Can’t she disguise herself or something? Now how will she expose this idiot Mohit and Chanda?!

    1. she can’t as she always want to play fair but she does not know what the people she is fighting now she can’t as Chanda told her that marriage will happen tomorrow and not day after tomorrow so the only one who can stop the marriage is raghavu

  5. What is going on…??? The level of this serial is decreasing day by day…

  6. Yup 😀

  7. Mohit ko chanda ka bf…dnt knw where track is going now a days

  8. Mohit it was shocking….
    i never expected that chanda’s BF was mohit?????

  9. yaa guyz it’s unbelievable mohit is chanda bf.kuch vi dekara hai ufff.kesi villagers ki language volratha.avivi believe nai horahai mohit is Chanda bf.

  10. disgusting… Mohith as chandas b.f !!!! I tink d makers has lost der senses….

  11. wat a blo*dy changes in d serial haaan. surely dis writer had gone mad. really its vry dsgustng

  12. Pls chanda..marry shivam and relieve us from this torture of Riya.

    Feel like dumping her in seewage.

    I havent seen a dumb chaeacter than Riya

    I seriously feel like throwing the entire cast of MAM in a haunted place and throwing all scorpions over them like it happens in Mummy movie.

    Srivastavs Srivastavs Srivastavs.

    I seriously dont understand what is so great I.n them that Riya literally falls for them.

    Not even a single episode inhave seen wherein Srivastavs respect Riya.

    1. Chodo yaar writer ka to dimag khraab h..patakke marne ka man krta h….3rd class serial…ohhh sorry koi class hi nai h

  13. No name. Sorry


  14. I was damn sure my doubt came true. Let chanda marry. Shivam will regret and saas bahu

  15. stupid show
    . did not make any sense. hate it that always the good people that spy get caught but devils that spy never get caught. poor riya.

  16. I think marriage as should go on then it big expolsen to shanti head she treat family members like dog and slave and she give stranger treat like hotel dump old lady I wish Chandra married and rule on shanti then she will go to Riya and beg for help hate Shivam he so dumb to leave Riya

  17. Bakwas ho gaya hai ye serial, riya ko apni ijjat ki paewa hi nahi hai, ek educated ladki ho kar itni bejaati kaise sahti hai

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