Mere Angne Mein 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok making Sarla jealous by praising food made by Nirmala. He gives her a betel. Nirmala takes betel from Sarla and says I have half right on it, I m going to room now. She reminds Sarla signing the contract and goes. Shivam tells Riya that there won’t be any problem, I m with you in this plan. She says I m scared to hide this, after Preeti and Nimmi’s case, we will tell this to everyone. He says you go to problems always. She says if anyone scolds me for hiding Ashok’s matter, you will have to take blame on you. He says fine, sleep with peace now. She asks why shall I sleep with Shanti. He says I mean peace. She gets annoyed and argues. He smiles and says you know, no one can come in my life except you, I love you. They smile.

Amit asks Nirmala is she happy.

She smiles and goes to Ashok, with badam milk. Pari asks Sarla are you seeing, Nirmala is very fast, my brother or sister is on the way. Rani and Pari argue. Sarla scolds them. Sarla goes to her room and tells Nirmala that she will sleep in her room. She asks Ashok to sleep on ground, and Nirmala and I will sleep on bed. Ashok agrees.

Its morning, Shanti sees Preeti sleeping and calls her Kumbhkaran. She asks Preeti to get up and reminds of cooking for 51 people. Preeti says but I said sorry, why then. Shanti says you have to repent for insulting food. She asks Kaushalya not to help Preeti. Kaushalya says I don’t want to, but how will Preeti cook alone. Shanti says she would have thought of this before insulting food. Kaushalya agrees with her and sends Preeti.

Sarla looks for Ashok. Nirmala says he went to stall. Sarla says how, he did not leave without telling me before. Rani says I can’t see your pain. Sarla scolds Rani saying she can get second bahu. Preeti cooks food.

Rani asks Nirmala to help her in winning Amit’s hand, and this can be beneficial for her also. Nirmala agrees and makes tea for Rani. Shanti stops Preeti from having food, and asks her to first serve food to everyone. She asks her to make chutney for pandit. She gets an answer from her by taunts, and goes out. Preeti cooks being annoyed. Shanti talks to Kaushalya about puja. Kaushalya says I did all arrangements. Preeti cuts chillies and her finger gets little cut. Preeti screams. Kaushalya gets restless and says I will help Preeti. Shanti says no, let her bear punishment alone.

Ashok is happy and calls Riya. He says I m doing as you are saying. Riya asks did you see change in Sarla’s behavior. He says a bit, but I feel awkward. She asks him to do this, else plan will flop. Nirmala comes there and gets tiffin for him. He asks her not to come here and make issue. She says he is strange to talk rude to me here.

Preeti packs tiffins and gets out. Shanti says she finished cooking. Kaushalya says I will get rickshaw. Preeti says no need, I will get it. Riya asks Shivam will he love her when she gets old. He says no, my love will increase with age. She says you just say dialogues, will you love me when we have football team and cute dog Jojo. He says priority will change, I will first love football team, then jojo and you. She hits him and says I should be your love priority. He says fine, first you. She asks don’t you think Shanti is strict with Preeti. He says I sometimes feel so.

Nimmi does decorations. Shanti sings Saawan aayo re…. Riya tells Nimmi that she bought bangles for Nimmi. Nimmi recalls Vyom’s death and cries. Everyone look on. Kaushalya asks Shanti about bangles for Nimmi, its fine, I won’t give Nimmi. A man comes to sell sarees. Shanti asks him to show good sarees. The man shows costly sarees. Shanti asks Kaushalya to finish any work in kitchen. She sends Riya and Nimmi to help Kaushalya. She asks the man to show cheap sarees. He shows some less priced sarees. She buys many sarees at low price. She calls Kaushalya. The man leaves.

Kaushalya says you told me to go to kitchen. Shanti asks Kaushalya did she call Sarla. Kaushalya says I called bhajan mandli and was calling Sarla now. Shanti says you showed you are partial. A lady comes and tells Shanti that she has to give Prasad to everyone, she visited big temple. She calls Riya and gives her Prasad. She blesses Riya to have child soon. Shanti says I m praying a lot. The lady says Prasad worked for me, so I m giving Prasad to all newly weds bahus.

Shanti asks Riya is she shy. Riya smiles and asks her to show sarees. Shanti shows sarees to them. Nimmi asks sarees price. Shanti says 500rs each. Shanti buys a costly saree and keeps separate. Nimmi sees the tag fell. Shanti hides the tag.

Sarla asks Rani to apply mehendi well. She says girls go to celebrate Saawan at Shanti Sadan, I m thinking to celebrate Saawan at our place this time. Rani says mum in law gifts saree to bahu. Ashok comes and says Saawan is starting, I thought to buy saree for you. Sarla says whats there to see, it would be cheap. He says I did not get for you, I got the saree for my new bride. Sarla gets shocked.

Riya says I got bangles for Nimmi. Lady asks why, Nimmi is widow and can’t wear bangles. Shanti gets angry hearing this, and takes Nimmi to her room. She takes an aarti plate along.

Update Credit to: Amena

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