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Mere Angne Mein 26th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya being annoyed with Riya. Sarla scolds the men and says we will not get sleep if house is messed up like this, if anyone comes inside home, it will be dangerous. Nandu says I will guard everyone at night. Shanti says I have taken sanyaas and don’t care about food, go and ask Riya. Shanti thinks Kaushalya and Riya will not unite now, I have created differences between them. Riya asks Kaushalya to listen. Shanti asks Kaushalya did she thank Riya for keeping her honor today and taking keys with her, ask her why did she lie. Kaushalya says I understood what Riya wants.

Shanti thinks I will snatch Riya her Praja and then Riya will have to return my rule to me. Prabha and Bindu think to stay here at night. Nimmi hears them. Sarla scolds Prabha and Bindu, and

asks them to just leave.

Raghav talks to his friend and takes tea. His friend asks him to come along to have dinner at his home. Raghav says no, just roti and salt are enough for me. His friend asks will he just have roti and salt if he works for 24 hours. Raghav makes excuse and have a talk with his friends. They see the treasure news, and Raghav gets shocked seeing treasure is being found at Shanti Sadan.

Raghav asks Kaushalya and asks her whats happening there about treasure. Kaushalya says I was not free and could not call. He says there is no treasure and we don’t want. She says its govt people with big machines, they are saying its in Shanti Sadan. He talks to Shanti and says the house will have no place to live, they will dig the place, stop them. Shanti says Riya is happy and she is managing everything its not my house now, I have taken sanyaas, talk to Kaushalya and Riya.

Riya says I think Raghav is saying right, we should stop them. Kaushalya scolds her angrily and says don’t tell me what to do, tell the people that you are owner of this house and have keys, tell them to stop the work.

Mohit’s mum comes to police station and sees Mohit. Inspector says Bhabhi ji, I know you well so I did not put Mohit in lockup, take your son. She asks Mohit to come. He says I have to meet Preeto. She slaps him and beats him, scolding him a lot. She says I will not leave that girl. He says don’t say anything to her. She says shut up, she ruined your life.

Rani goes to help Riya in kitchen. Sarla scolds Rani and asks her why is she making Riya work. Rani says we have given her tiffin at office. Sarla signs Rani and takes her aside to tell her that Riya will get treasure. Kaushalya comes and asks them to have food. Sarla says we will not have food and asks Rani to boil water for her for gargle. Rani and Sarla argue. Riya and Kaushalya talk about the keys matter and Shanti smiles. Kaushalya asks did I put keys back in your purse, did it had wings to fly. Riya says I have no idea, you are blaming someone else. Shanti says she can blame me too, I can’t stay here, she can say I have put keys in her bag. Kaushalya says when she had keys, she managed so well, and asks Riya to give keys to Shanti back. Sarla gets confused and thinks whom to support. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give more chances to Riya, keys will be with Riya, its thorn crown and Riya has to wear it. Riya says yes, I will wear this crown and do my responsibility well, this is my promise.

She promises Kaushalya that her head will never get down again and hugs Kaushalya. Sarla and Shanti look on shocked. Kaushalya smiles and goes with Riya to cook. Shanti says Kaushalya listens to everyone, she is supporting Riya.

Nimmi shows the house model and says now our dreams will be fulfilled, I will open designer studio with my designer clothes, you will open a sports academy. I don’t like that you work with half heart. He asks her not to dream this with open eyes. She reminds that Riya has power, Dadi can’t do anything. Preeti says yes, when we get rich, no one will blame us for trapping rich guys. Shivam asks what happened to her. Nimmi says about Mohit’s mum’s call who told bad to Preeti. Shivam says don’t cry, when I m here and hugs them.

Prabha and Bindu tell Shanti that they did right to give house rule to Riya, she is very lucky. Sarla scolds them. Rani brings hot water and gives Sarla. Sarla says I did not take sanyaas like Shanti. She sprinkles hot water on Prabha and Bindu, and says I have to tell something about treasure, come here. Riya looks on. She throws hot water near them and laughs. She scolds them. Riya asks Kaushalya what is Sarla saying. Kaushalya says don’t say anything, its her inlaws matter, come and cook. Prabha and Bindu tell Sarla that there will be no treasure.

Pari calls Sarla and asks her why is she coming on tv with Preeti. Sarla gets tensed. Pari says Sharmili can know this, and what is this about treasure. Sarla says I will get rich. Pari asks her to gift her also. Sarla scolds her for running away and marrying, her love is enough. They both argue over treasure.

Its morning, Shanti goes to ask for food and neighbors taunt her. They say now Kaushalya and Riya will rule. Prabha and Bindu come back and give some grains to Shanti. They seek blessings from Shanti.

The men deliver goods at Sarla’s house. Ashok asks who has bought all this. Amit says we did, let it come. Ashok says oh, its related to Shanti Sadan treasure, are you mad, you won’t get anything from that treasure. Amit asks Ashok to sign. Ashok refuses. The man says bill is of 2.80000rs. Ashok says I won’t sign. Amit asks the man to go, they will give money in evening. The man says no, we will take items back. Amit asks the man to sit and have tea.

Riya says how will Kaushalya manage all this, they will need to serve them food or tea. Sarla says I will manage. Riya says its important to go, as I will get salary too. Riya leaves. Sarla gets Ashok’s call and asks about 2.80000rs bill. She says its less amount, give the cheque. He says I have just 3000rs, I can go jail if cheque gets bounced. She says it does not matter, I m going to get rich, I have imp work now. Shanti hears her. The people get crazy for the treasure. Raghav comes home and asks them to stop this drama.

Shanti asks Riya to sit on swing and Riya refuses. Raghav asks Riya to sit on swing and gives his salary to her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Rajneesh Narain

    They are really dragging it. This is seriously very idiotic and stupid. It’s high time that they really change tracks!

  2. Program has lost track and is boring

  3. Yes i seriel thoda hat k tha lekin ab ye b waisa he hora

  4. Pratikshya Subedi

    precap is nice.but plzz unite mohit & preeti.

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