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Mere Angne Mein 26th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya saying she can’t see Shivam upset. She goes. Riya asks Shivam to have medicines. He gets a call and says he is coming. Riya asks where are you going, take rest. He says I can’t stay here. A lady comes to take baby. Shanti says he is playing with me, I will give baby later. The lady says no, I will take baby and go. Shanti says you will have baby all the time, why can’t you leave baby for some time. She sees the baby gone and calls out baby. The lady asks did you lose my baby and worries. Shanti says don’t know where did the baby go. Shivam, Kaushalya and Nimmi get worried and look for the baby. Preeti asks Nimmi whats happening.

Nimmi says Shanti got baby for family, and he disappeared. Preeti laughs and asks will Shanti not make Shivam get remarried.

She argues with Riya and says I want to do a lot, but I don’t have freedom like you to do anything. She scolds Nimmi. The lady catches Shanti’s neck and gets angry. Everyone stop the lady. The lady says I called police. Shanti says you will get the baby. The lady says you sold my baby.

Inspector comes and asks Shanti to come with them. Shanti gets arrested. Shivam asks inspector to stop. Riya looks for baby and finds him under the bed. She calls out Shanti and says baby is here. Shanti comes back running and says baby is here. She gives baby to the lady. She returns handcuffs to inspector. inspector says I always have to return empty hand from this house.

Shanti tells lady that she went to take food for baby and baby went. The lady apologizes. Shivam asks Shanti what was the need for all this. Shanti says we all were happy when baby came here. The lady says yes, every woman wants to have a baby. The lady leaves. Kaushalya says don’t know when will we have a baby. Shanti looks at Riya.

Bansi and Rajender are worried. Sarla calls them. They get worried to talk to Sarla. Amit and Nirmala come home. Amit tells Sarla about the guys kidnapping Nirmala. Sarla scolds him and asks why did you save Nirmala. Shanti calls Amit and says our plan worked, the baby affected everyone. Amit says fine, I will call later. Sarla takes phone and asks Shanti why don’t you tell me any work. Shanti says you don’t come to meet me, you are hiding things, you did not say whom marriage did you do last year. Sarla says I will talk later. She ends call. Sarla asks Amit what did you for Shanti. He says I gave a baby. Sarla slaps Amit and scolds him for ruining her plan, why does he want to shut his ATM.

Shanti asks for Preeti. Nimmi says she has gone out. Kaushalya says she does not give right answer. Shanti says she is your daughter, manage her. Shanti does not take help from Riya and asks Kaushalya to send Nimmi. Riya tells Kaushalya that she did mistake, but can’t a woman have her own wishes. Kaushalya says yes, but my parents taught me to fulfill parents and inlaws’ wishes.

Preeti shows mehendi designs and says I will get this applied in our marriage. Nandu says its good. She shows him mangalsutra, and asks him to make her wear this in marriage. He says yes, why not. Kaushalya calls Preeti. Preeti ignores the call and lies to Lucky. Kaushalya says I will call Nandu and ask. He gets Kaushalya’s call and tells Preeti that he has to go and meet client. She says I will go home. He says I will drop you till chowk, come.

Kaushalya is worried for Preeti. Riya asks her to give time to Preeti. Kaushalya argues and asks Nimmi to go. Nimmi says I came to take tiffin. Kaushalya says come back home straight, don’t go anywhere, no need to fight with any guy, don’t talk to anyone. Nimmi agrees and says Riya does not listen to you, so everyone commands just me. Riya asks why are you dragging me in this. Nimmi says everything changed after you came.

Shanti tells Nimmi that she is coming along. Preeti hugs Lucky and asks him to marry her soon. Pari sees them. Preeti leaves. Pari says Preeti caught up speed, this is shocking dramas, Preeti trapped three guys, Mohit, Nandu and now this.

Shanti’s friend stops her at home and asks Shanti to come and make her bahu right, the girls got educated and think they are teachers and we are students. Shanti says I will see her. Shanti tells Nimmi that her friend’s bahu will just see her face and change. She makes her friend pay the rickshaw fare.

Sarla asks Rani to apply mehendi to Nirmala. Nirmala asks why are you doing this. Sarla says so that you get soul peace. Nimmi comes there and hears Sarla arguing with Nirmala. Sarla says I made you marry my husband. Nirmala says I gave money and married Ashok. Nimmi gets shocked. Sarla says fine, you gave money but relation is true.

Nirmala says I will tell Shanti about my and Ashok’s relation. Sarla locks Nirmala. Shanti comes there and sees Sarla and Nirmala.

Update Credit to: Amena

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