Mere Angne Mein 26th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya telling Riya about sleeping in Shanti’s room today, as per rituals to be away from husband till the puja. She says she also followed these rituals and blesses Riya. Nimmi hears them. Kaushalya asks Nimmi what is she doing here. Nimmi asks how can this happen. Kaushalya scolds her and asks is she her mum in law, that I obey you. Riya asks Kaushalya not to scold Nimmi. Kaushalya goes and nods to Shanti. Shanti comes to her room and asks Riya why is she here, I told Kaushalya to leave you to your room. She says Shivam’s room is upstairs. Riya says Kaushalya told about the puja and I can’t go to his room today. Shanti asks why did she say this, Kaushalya did wrong, come with me, this is not your room. I told Kaushalya that times have changed, rituals are all

gone, but Kaushalya said she will do with her bahu what happened with her. Shanti says I explained her everything has changed.

She fills her ears against Kashalya and goes. Shivam calls Riya and says he is waiting for her. Riya says Kaushalya said about rituals and she can’t come. Shanti hears Shivam and asks whom does he want to meet. Shivam says I was talking to my friend and I call her problem by love. Shanti smiles. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to understand about Shanti. Nimmi says Dadi will show you in bad light, Riya will misunderstand you. Kaushalya says you are thinking wrong. Nimmi asks her to understand. Kaushalya says stop it now, go else I will slap you.

Shivam takes Preeti’s phone and calls Riya. He says why is she not taking my call. Preeti smiles and hides, and says love is strange problem. He asks what did she say. She teases him and sees him really talking to some friend. She asks him not to do acting, he can talk to Riya. He returns her phone and she goes.

Rani calls out Amit from window and asks him not to leave her at home, he will be insulted. The people look on and ask Amit. Amit scolds the man. Rani says I know you love me a lot. He asks her not to do drama. She says we are married, I m not afraid of anyone. He shuts the window and asks Pari to shut door too. Rani says stop it, don’t come between our matter, let me and my husband talk. Pari taunts her. She tells Sarla that she will go to parlor. Sarla says no need to go at night. Pari asks for money for her work. Sarla says about the envelops she has stolen. Pari asks for 5000rs. Sarla says I did not get my 5 lakhs. Pari argues with Sarla. Sarla says she loves Shanti and Raghav a lot. Pari says I know everything, I m your daughter. She gets annoyed and leaves.

Kaushalya looks for her clothes. Raghav looks on. She says all her blouses and petticoats are missing. He says it was long functions, I will get costly sarees dry cleaned. She says no, it will charge a lot, I will wash at home. He says leave all this, take rest now, I will massage your legs. She says no need, you are my husband. He says you also massage my legs. He says he has complaint with Shivam. She asks what did he do now, I will not bear if anyone scolds him. He says Shivam did not let me know what I m becoming father in law, I feel I m young. She smiles. He says you look a bride till now.

Pari calls Vyom and says she will come, she is trying. Sarla takes the call and says Pari will not come today. Vyom ends the call. Pari says don’t talk to my client like this. Amit asks Sarla not to be angry on him and Pari. Sarla says she will make Riya and everyone cry. She says Shanti will give me 5 lakhs, but she has come to know about our planning. He says now she won’t give us money. Sarla says I will make her realize how I got insulted. Kaushalya talks to Raghav and they smile.

Shanti gets the radio and hears it. Preeti also plays the radio and hears RJ Mohit. Preeti calls on his number and Preeti says she is Preeti from Moghalsarai. She tells about her special request as everything happened good in her home. Nimmi and Shanti hear Preeti and are shocked. Preeti says it was my cousin’s marriage and my brother got married. Nimmi spoils antenna to stop Shanti from listening. Nimmi runs to stop Preeti, as Preeti tells about Shashikala. Preeti says she wants to dedicate a song for her brother and Bhabhi. Nimmi stops Preeti and ends call, saying Shanti is hearing radio too, why did she real name. Preeti gets shocked. Shanti is angry as radio stopped working. Preeti asks did Shanti hear my voice. Nimmi says I think Dadi did not understand, else she would have shouted.

Nimmi tells about Shivam sitting as Devdas, all because of Shashikala, she has keeping groom and bride away till puja. Riya talks to Shanti. Shanti shuts the door and asks her to sleep. Kaushalya packs clothes and some purse comes in it. Raghav asks Kaushalya to take care of Riya, she will feel alone. She says Riya is with everyone. He tells about groom and bride gifting each other, its ritual. She asks did you give me, how do you know this. He says I also see some films. She smiles. He asks her to see films too. She says I m busy.

Shanti asks Riya not to make Nimmi and Preeti her friends, she can scold them for their good, she is not backbiting about them. She says she loves them a lot and that’s why explaining her. She says if anything happens to me, you can tell Shivam. Shanti thinks she will make Riya against Kaushalya and her daughters, she will dominate. Kaushalya says groom and bride can meet after puja, and reminds their time.

Ashok asks Sonal about Rani. Sonal says Rani is at Prabha’s house. Sarla says it does not matter Rani stays here or not. Shivam goes to meet Riya. He signs her to come out. Riya sees Shanti sleeping.

Riya wakes up Shivam from the window. Shanti comes there and they get tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nonsense episode

  2. Still same 1 hour episode for no use

  3. My husband saw this serial after 15 days yest he was shocked to see riya still in that shaddi dress.haha bluddy serial he said

  4. very slow moving show

  5. Too slow ….and stupid Things they are showing..I am waiting when riya will come to know about shanti reality.

  6. It’s a very slow moving show.
    So Riya warning tha dresses a long time………

  7. The all marriage function take only 4 days
    ( storyline) but star+ drag the show and finished the marriage in two weeks……

  8. Irrespective of story telling I found episode rather entertaining. The acting is superb. Ksushalya is excellent. Director has chosen actors well. But please do not try to show off talents with an eye on awards. Always think of viewers entertainment.

  9. serial is about daily drama and its very slow in some episode are entertain us and some are disgusting. riya wearing same lehnga from 15 days it is so embar………..

  10. the cast are good ,but the production team stink,the story line is a pile of garbage

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