Mere Angne Mein 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anupam asking Riya not to cry, they are bad people, I will do police complain. He says marriage broke, life did not end, don’t cry. She says I don’t care for them, but think about Shivam and my relation, it was so weak that ended with just a sign. He says you tried to find diamond in soil, everyone is same. She says I won’t go office. He says we have spoke to them with good values, now we have to talk to them in their language, then they will understand. He goes. Riya sees Shivam’s pic and gets sad.

Shivam comes and hears Shanti saying I have taken Riya’s sign, Anupam insulted me a lot, what shall I say what happened there. Sarla asks Shivam not to take Riya’s name again, Anupam is ready to do her second marriage in six months, he said he will get better

guy than Shivam. Preeti says I did not think Riya can fall so low. Raghav comes home. Preeti says Riya ruined my and Nimmi’s lives and now Shivam’s. Raghav asks who is ruining whose life, is there anyone’s life who needs to be ruined, what happened. Shanti cries and says Riya wants divorce from Shivam. He says fine, Riya did mistake, but this can’t happen, I will go and talk to her. Shanti says you go after I die. Raghav asks him to lessen her life dramas, Shivam’s life will be ruined, try to manage things than doing this. Shanti says Anupam has sent lawyer and said he will file dowry case against us if Shivam does not sign, let this divorce happen, Shivam has signed and we got Riya’s sign too. Raghav gets shocked.

Raghav says you took Riya’s sign too. Shanti says yes, I explained her a lot, I begged to Riya, but she was not ready to listen, she insulted me and kicked out me and Sarla. Sarla says yes, Amma is saying right. Raghav says Anupam can’t say this, I don’t believe. Shanti asks him to believe her, she will manage everyone’s lives. Shivam says there is no use to take the walk ahead, I did not expect this from Riya, she has hurt all of you, that’s why, she has no place in my life and this house, you all forget her. They all get upset.

Shivam misses Riya and cries. Bolna mahi bolna……plays…………. Riya thinks of him and cries. Anupam sees her. Raghav sees Shivam disturbed. Kaushalya too looks on. Riya thinks to use wrong way now. Nandu goes out with bedding items and comes back to room, seeing Raghav and Kaushalya. He tells Preeti that they can feel bad knowing we don’t sleep in room together, I will go once they go to their room.

Raghav and Kaushalya go to their room and are worried for Shivam. He says our children are not happy with their lives. Kaushalya says sorrow is like leaves of tree, its green today and will fall tomorrow, everything will be fine. He says I can see the tree drying, I can’t bear this now. Preeti wakes up and is irritated by her room. Nandu tries helping. She scolds him.

Vyom stops Nimmi from going to bath and she argues. She goes to bathroom first. She calls him jija ji, and says I mean Vyom ji, I m not afraid, you have to bear me. He asks by what relation will you stay here, I took seven rounds with you, I m not your Jija ji. She says its good you accepted this, I will need time. He says you don’t have time, come out. She says you are mistaken, I have much time, I will not go from this house. Sharmili calls Vyom.

Preeti washes utensils. Shanti asks her to work fast. Nandu sees Preeti and says I will wash utensils. Preeti scolds him. Kaushalya gets angry seeing this and says he is your husband, talk with manners. Shanti tells Shivam to inform her if Riya tries to talk to him in office, else leave this job, find other job, I will get food for you, we will have breakfast together. Riya comes there dressed in traditional saree. They all get shocked seeing her.

Riya tells lawyer that they are torturing me. Lawyer tells Shanti that husband and wife have to stay fr six months together after divorce appeal, their marriage did not complete a year, till then divorce can’t happen. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Preeti how dare u tumari himmat kaisi howi riya ko blame karne ki selfish greedy women like her mother kaushalya.

  2. Preeti how dare you tumari himmat kaisi hoyi sara blame riya par u are selfish greedy women like your mother kaushalya.mera ji chahata hai tumara gala dabado

  3. That stupid biatch Preeti deserves that loser peon, Nandu. How dare she says that Riya destroyed everybody’s life after everything she did herself and after all the help Riya provided to her. She received all those nasty qualities from her grandmother and her aunt. Disgusting people!!!!

  4. Writers I want revenge is selfish preeti bahu kya hoota hai samaj nahi araha hai. Pls bring nandu mother preeti ka band baja nekeliya.

  5. Update itna late kyu hain?Sab serials Ki update bohot late aati hain.Nimmi & preeti Ki jaan Ki niche doo Baja Dena chaiye.Preeti ko Keya Riya ne kahata Ki jao tum jakar tumgari Road side Ashiq se milkar aao?Nimmi ko Keya kahata Ki jao tum Preeti Ki jagah par preeti ban kar bhet jao?Dono apni marji se ye sab kiya.Shadi Ki din Last time par Bunty ne kaha Ki chalo nimmi aab hum sab kuch keh du.But nimmi ne mana kiya.Toh iss Mein riya Ki Keya galti hain?Preeti jesa hain besai pati mila.Preeti bhi toh ek train guard Ki beti hain.To boh keu nandu ko like nehi karti?Boh toh koi rajkumari nehi hain?Boh jesa hain besai toh pati milega.Riya ghar Mein aagaie ho.Aab nimmi & preeti Ki jaan Ki niche do do chaar Baja dena

  6. Jab bi mei preeti dekti hoo mera khoon khulta hai my bp was racing . Just l hate the greedy . She ruined two life shivam nimmi life the writers gave script to preeti just ridicules how could she tell like that what rubbish how cheap all gande dalinde shivastavs riya ek ek aaso badla lena tera nalayak kam dimag wala pati ko bi mat chodna

  7. preeti is a big big b*t*h.. she do everythng now riya ko keh ri..mera toh dil krta iske muh pe do char thapad jad do. acha hua is ki nandu ke sath shadi ho gayi.. ehi deserve krti yeh

  8. OMG. What the hell ? Preeti you are so stupid. How Riya ruined your lives? You are the responsable with your dadi and aunt. I don’t believe this. Riya always helped you hiding your misdeeds to the others. You don’t deserve Mohit. You deserve this stupid Nandu as husband and I hope you’ll live a miserable life because of your lies. Raghav is the only character with a brain

  9. Holy crap what the hell is wrong with Preeti. How dare she blame Riya on her life being ruined. The blo*dy cow ran out of her house on her own and she has the guts to blame Priya is she freaking mad. What the hell. And finally Raghav is here. He shouldn’t listen to
    The she devil Shanti. And guess what Shanti you blo*dy cow ab aye ga maza now Riya should make your life so
    Miserable! I will sit and laugh when you and your dumb family gets tortured!

    1. riya ne hi life kharab ki, use preeti ki kisi b galti ko nahi chhupana chaiey tha, uske ghar wale uske kan k niche rakh k dete na do. tab esi harkalt (mandap se bhagne ki ) ki sochti b nhi. stupid preeti and her bhabhi. kon c bhabhi esa krti h apne hi nanad ko shadi se ku6 min pehle jane deti h. ki ja mil ka aa. ye nahi ki use dhamka de ki tu gyi to sabko bta dungi, riya ne hi sar pe chada k rakh dia tha. ab bhugte.

      1. I will have to respectfully disagree with you Appy. I don’t think Riya should be blamed for everything. Yes she should have told Shivam. But nimmi before the marriage could have opened her blo*dy mouth as well. The fault lies entirely on Preeti. She should not have gone on her wedding day. What sane girl leaves to see some blo*dy guy who has been harassing you??! Does Preeti not have a tongue? Could she not have talked to her father or mother?

  10. Sorry I meant blame Riya not Priya I got angry lol

  11. wow preeti is a wolf in sheep clothing, blaming Riya for her own deed after she help her if she had told her parents but mohit from the beginning she wouldn’t be in this situation, writer now expose shanti and sarla. let riya reclaim her stand because this is 21st century,she should beat them to their game I mean she didn’t get education for nothing she have the advantage now,after all she made a bet with shanti let her bring her a game common there is no comparison between a literate and an illiterate person.

  12. Bulshit preeti and nimmi who da hell are u to blame riya

  13. And irritating, stupid,idiot,bulshit,evil,dumb and good for nothing lady is khusiya, i hate u alot more than shanti and sarla.

  14. Preeti how dare u blame Riya. Idiot stupid girl. Shanti sadan mein sab Ek se badkar ek hai. Preeti to nandu ki bhi layak nhi hai. Chudail preeti.usne sab kiya and blame Riya par jaraha hai. An Riya wapas tho agyi. Maza ayega. Sab ki band bajana especially preeti shivam shanti sarla

  15. Go to hell preeti

  16. This is what happens when good educated progressive girl marries into a ganwaar family. Jealousy, backstabbing, and blaming.

  17. wow..writers and producers listen to all above has kausalya.nimmi.priti and shivam forgottten how their dadi was treating them.All hard earned money was going to her dtr Sarla on the sly.What sort of mother are you letting shanti destroy them..wake up.What sort of upbrining you gave them…liars and weak and yet you speak ill of Riya who has no mother but has good qualities.Mothers defend and fight for their children but you are blind and your eyes.Riya go prove your innocence and than kick them out of your life.Why is it that the fathers don’t meet to discuss things and let women ruin everything.Raghav has sense..go and speak to Anupam.

  18. Preethi….u stooped so low that u r blaming Riya fr ur mistk….it’s all bcoz of u….u ruined both Nimmi and Riya’s lyf…it’s all bcoz of ur selfishness….U didn’t open ur mouth fr Mohit and nw talking alot…Raghav should hv slapped her….nw Riya in new avatar should answer them ol well….hope the show will be interesting frm tomorrow onwards

  19. Also…these people kicked her out na…so what did they expect frm her .. Kya Vo koi saamaan Hein that they use when they need and dump when they don’t need….

  20. Next shivam wont axcept riya in his life i believe they shoukd have some romantic moments between them .

  21. Preeti I hate zzzzz u are cvs mam ke pls preeti ke mou pe fevicol lagado jab bhi mou khoti hai kutti ki tarha bhokti hai

  22. Aditya kiran where are you

  23. Chee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bakwas.

  24. Dumb preeti she deserves nandu she went from mandap even ri ya stopped her she ruined her life blo*dy idiot they all not deserve riya

  25. Oh really Riya has ruined preeti n not nimmis life…such a cheap characterless lady preeti..

    she deserves a cunning person like Nandu. Actually we need mohit to torture her more and more.

    Now I feel all that Sarla has done is good. A person like preeti deserves her life to be ruined.

    I want more n more episodes were nimmi will be tortured by Pari. She deserves a husband like vyom who has extra marital affair with Pari

    And a donkey morin like khusi deserves cunning Sarla and wicked mother in law like Shanti

    Now I feel like watching those initial episodes were whole Shanti sadan was being dominated by Sarla and Shanti.

    I want to se that same torture again to that brainless selfish blo*dy family.

    Now Nimmi SHOULD GET TORTURED By VYOM’s Family Members Specially Beautiful SHARMILI.
    Even This Nimmi RAANDI Blaming RIYA for This MARRIAGE

    But Actual TRUTH n FACT is PREETI Has Ruined Her LIFE n As Well As Sister’s LIFE On Her Own.

    These People Are Very United.
    They Don’t Blame Their FAMILY MEMBERS
    But in fact They BLAME Others for Their Mistakes.

  27. Preety truth should come in front of everyone. Everyone should know that it was she who ran away from marriage. Riya instead helped her yo escape.

  28. I was also into the same situation like Riya long before. That time I used to think if elders are not educated how come educated youngsters also behaving in the same way. But by watching this serial I understood education is only not enough the way they grown up affects than anything else. from childhood they will be watching their parents and grandparents and they can think only from their point of view.

    I faced the same situation because this is a serial she came back with new attire and will try to do something differently but in real life it’s very difficult.

  29. Dear sharmili ji aapne ye kya kardya galati se shirvastav s samdhan rishta jodliya. Aap nahi janti sareke sare ek nomber ke nikkame gatiya log hai. Aap zara samal kar rahiye kuyki aapki choti bahu os pagal ghar se hai ek amma chilar chameli hai dosri ki amma besharam aurat hai.

  30. You Are Very RIGHT Swapna.
    REEL LIFE is Different From REAL LIFE.
    When Comes to MAM SERIAL These PEOPLE (Srivastav Family) Should Suffer A Lot And At that Point of Time RIYA Should not HELP Them
    Mentally Physically And Financially.
    Unbearable PEOPLE.

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