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Mere Angne Mein 25th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya telling Shanti that they have to help Shivam and Riya. Shanti calls Sarla and informs that house got saved, it did not get auctioned. Sarla acts and says I went to Bhole Baba and prayed for the house. Shanti ends call and leaves to free Shivam and Riya. Kaushalya worries and says why does this happen with Shivam always.

Nirmala asks Rani about the matter, why is she packing bag. Rani says I will call Sarla. Nirmala says don’t go there right now. Rani says truth will coe out some day. Nirmala asks whats the matter. Rani says I know evrything about you, you have sold the house which you promised to give to Sarla, I m going to stay in Shanti Sadan, Amit has bought it. Sarla hears the truth and gets angry. Nirmala asks what do you mean. Sarla tells

Rani that your dream will be dream, I have snatched my money back from Amit, I know you made him do this, you told him to buy Shanti Sadan by stealing my money, you made my son Ram as Raavan.

She asks Rani to leave from here. Rani says I did not do anything, Amit has stolen the money, he said you are a witch, he will kick out Ashok and Nirmala, and give you a corner, if you don’t agree to him, he will kick you out too. Sarla says fine, its Amit’s mistake, but I will send you out of here. Rani says fine, my mistake is small, deal with one who did big mistake. Amit comes home and cries, saying I was helpless mummy. Sarla asks what helplessness, you have stolen my money and went to buy Shanti Sadan, Rani told me everything. Amit says Rani said half truth, I will say total truth, Nirmala has no house, she has sold it two months ago. Sarla gets shocked.

Pari asks Preeti what will you say to Kaushalya, your house is getting auctioned. Preeti says thats why I have come here to stay at Lucky’s house. Pari asks her to think about her also, your family will stay in my house and I will get homeless, its time to help me, I m eager to become your Jethani. Preeti says I will call Lucky and tell him. Pari says I love you Preeti. Preeti says I love you too, have breakfast now.

Amit tells Sarla that Nirmala did all this, she ruined our life, we will kick her out. Sarla asks Nirmala to leave. Nirmala says I m Ashok’s wife, I will not go. Sarla says you cheated me and got my divorce done, you did not give me house. Nirmala says I sold it and gave you money. Sarla slaps her and says I have put my husband at satke for less money, I did big mistake. Nirmala says this is called greed, you are selfish and sold husband for money. Sarla says yes, I m selfish, now I will kick you out, Amit reached there to buy Shanti Sadan, we would have lost money also, where will we go. Amit says yes, we will kick her out. Nirmala says I will not go anywhere. Sarla holds her head and says what did this happen.

Riya tells Inspector that they were helpless, they did not do anything. Inspector asks them to be quiet. Shanti comes and requests inspector to leave them. He says they broke my nose, I will not leave them. She says they just broke nose, not killed you, I will not cry, I will do hunger strike, I will die here but I will not go. She sits protesting. Shivam and Riya look on. Inspector asks her not to create a drama, get up. She says so you are leaving them. He says when did I say that. She sits back and says leave them. Riya says let us go, we were helpless, our house was getting auctioned, so I asked Shivam to beat you. Shivam says we did not beat them intentionally, goons were stopping us, we did that to save house, we will do that again if needed. Shanti asks him to be quiet. She tells inspector that her daughter runs women organization, I will show you, you wull gte scared me.

Shanti beats herself with stick and says why are you beating me inspector. She asks Riya to record the video. She cuts her hand a bit and applies blood to her face. She asks Riya to take pic and send it to Sarla and everyone. Inspector gets worried as media has come, and leaves Shivam and Riya. He says next time, I will put you inside. Shanti thanks him and takes Shivam and Riya. Inspector says keep an eye on this old woman, she will be stuck some time. Riya tells Shanti that we will go to temple. Shanti cleans her face. Shanti asks them to go temple and takes auto to go to Sarla’s house.

Raghav and Kaushalya call each other and get number busy. She says his phone is busy. He says whom is she talking to. Call connects. He says I was calling you. She says I was calling you and number was busy. He asks about house. She says house got saved, you got your Shanti Sadan, congrats. He gets relieved and says I was in much tension, how to tell you my feeling, I m feeling like I felt on Shivam’s birth. She smiles. He says I wish to come back. Nimmi smiles hearing Kaushalya. Raghav says congrats and ends call. Kaushalya smiles and thanks Lord. Nimmi hugs her.

Nimmi says if Riya and Shivam did not come back then… Kaushalya says this house got saved because of everyone’s hardwork, when this family is united, no power in the world can shake this house. Shanti reaches Sarla’s house and pays less fare to rickshaw driver. He argues and asks for full fare. She says see my age and give me discount. She asks him to hold her purse and says when did I give my purse, I will call police. He says you are doing drama for 5rs, take your purse, and leaves. She says the day is good, money got saved.

Sarla packs Nirmala’s bag and scolds her for cheating. Sarla asks her to get out. Nirmala refuses to go. Sarla opens the door and kicks out Nirmala. They get shocked seeing Shanti outside the door.

Shanti asks why is Nirmala staying here. Sarla says Ashok wanted me to help Nirmala, so I gave her place to stay here. Shanti says I have seen sindoor in Nirmala’s maang. Sarla gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Kick out Sarala,preeti,Pari………ufff,disgusting women

  4. Shiya and dadi sense perfect

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