Mere Angne Mein 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti saying I will give fair chance to everyone. She says I m not going to die so soon, so there is much time. She asks Riya and Nimmi to leave. Shanti asks Kaushalya why did she get angry, does she not trust her. Riya stays back and hears them. Shanti says I told you that you can become heir, you served me for many years, you get in this competition, you can compete maturely, you got training from me, can’t you become heir, I want to make you strong like me, you also take challenges and pass. Kaushalya cries and says yes. She holds Shanti’s feet and says I will be strong. Shanti says yes.

Kaushalya says I will be strong by courage and mind. Shanti praises her and asks her to wipe tears. Kaushalya says I will accept any challenge to win the swing, I will pass

any test. Shanti goes. Kaushalya laughs. Nimmi feels weird and asks her to forget becoming heir. Kauhsalya says you and Riya are kids, just I have right on this house after Shanti. Nimmi says Riya got first chance, if she wins, we both will fail, we have to stop Riya. Kaushalya says no, this would be wrong, let Riya do anything, I will not stop anyone. Nimmi says fine, obey Shanti’s rules. I will become heir. Kaushalya saysni will become heir and smikes,

Riya thinks how to do the task given by Shanti. She calls Ashok and says I need to talk urgently, can I meet you. He says yes, I was also going to call you, Nirmala spoke to goons for Sarla, I managed the matter, but I m scared, Nirmala can do anything. Riya says I was also scared. He asks her to do something. She asks him to relax, but meet soon. He asks her to come canteen and talk. She says fine, I will come tomorrow.

Rani takes care of Sarla. Sarla asks Rani whom will she choose between Shanti Sadan and her. Rani says I will choose Amit. Sarla says fine. Amit comes and asks what is this. Sarla checks the pampers. Amit says Rani has kept this. Rani asks am I a kid to do this. She gets a note and reads. She reads the note from the boy Bablu. She says I m ruined, what shall I do, see mummy ji, Amit has a son. Amit says I don’t know Bablu, I don’t have any so, it’s a joke, someone made my life a joke. Rani does not believe him and says you are lying.

Pari comes to Shanti Sadan and looks around. She was going upstairs and Shanti comes. She asks Pari how did you come here suddenly. Pari says I came to give Preeti’s lipstick. Shanti asks her to be away from Preeti, else Preeti will spoil her. Pari says fine. Nandu comes and asks Nimmi to keep the vegatables. Nimmi says its fresh vegs. All vegs fall on the floor. Shanti taunts Nimmi how will she manage house if she can’t manage a house. Nimmi says bag has torn, what can I do. Shanti says no excuses. Nimmi and Nandu pick the vegs. Pari smiles seeing them. Nandu cares for Nimmi and rubs her head on colliding with him. Pari thinks to ignite fire.

Sarla asks Amit does he have an affair with someone. Rani cries and says see he is silent, it means he has an affair. Amit shouts fine, I have an affair, Bablu is my son, I will get him home, are you in peace now. He shouts angrily. Sarla asks Amit to manage his matter. Rani says I will go police station and complain. Amit sees someone outside door and asks who is it. He shuts the door. Rani cries.

Preeti smiles seeing Lucky’s pic. Pari comes and talks to her. She asks her to see Nimmi, she is flirting with Nandu. Preeti asks what. Pari says I have seen them joking, I did not see a sister can do this with another sister. She asks Preeti to see Nimmi and Nandu. Preeti gets angry. Pari ignites fire. Preeti goes.

Shivam comes to his room and is angry. Riya asks him why is he angry. She says I will get hot tea to cool your anger. He stays away. He apologizes for getting angry on her. She also apologizes. They both apologize and argue sweetly. She says I will hold ears and do sit ups. He stops her and hugs her. He asks how is she not arguing and taking punishment. She says yes, I will agree to my husband. He asks Praan nath? She says yes, you are my Praan nath. He laughs. She says I agreed to you, now you agree to me. He says so you were trapping me. She says no, listen to me. He says I did not say sorry for this, I will agree to you.

She says Dadi told me that she will make me heir if I do a task, I have to make Nirmala out of Sarla’s life. He says sorry, don’t trap me in this matter. She asks for his help, if she succeeds, she will become head. He says keep me away from this. She says I want to help Sarla. He says I don’t want to get in this problem, end of topic. She says fine, don’t help. She starts emotional blackmail and cries. Shivam goes to her and says fine, stop this emotional blackmail, tell me what to do. She asks promise. He says yes, promise, shall I write and give. She hugs him and they smile.

Kaushalya tells Shivam that she has to help Sarla and become heir, and asks Shivam to help her. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ha ha lolzzz…asa phasa phas gaya bullet raja ne.. kiski side lega shivam ne..Pati = Patni vs Ma = Beta vs bhai =behen…loooolzz

    1. heyyyyyyyy i love riya n cute shivam

  2. Writers got no other storyline apart from this? What is shanti trying to prove? All for sarla. Thought preeti was educated, why she listening to pari and believing her?

  3. Writers …..???? Kya drag karrahe hai,who bi Sarla Jaish character ke liye aur shanti ke liye ,,useless n boring wasting good actors .

  4. Are these shanti sadan ladies dumb!!!! They know very well that shanti always favours sarala and she might just be using them to get rid of nirmala and then will make Sarla the heir. They are acting like being heir and sitting on that stupid swing is like they are the king of india.

  5. I think when riya nd nimmi got to know tht shanti make this heir game with kaushliya the will quiting herhelf frm the game. But they also take part and run the race with some tacktik to win the race. Shame! When they know the fact they had to support kaushaliya nd make her heir. Shanti’s heir game will end tht time

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