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Mere Angne Mein 25th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari calling Vyom. Vyom says I will call in 5mins. Mama ji goes to give injection to the crying lady. Mata ji looks on. The bhajan mandli talk not to argue with Shanti, as she troubles Kaushalya a lot. Sonal says Nimmi knows everything, what can I teach her, I will leave. Shanti asks her to have food and go. Shanti asks them to start the bhajan. The ladies sit and sing the bhajan. Mama ji comes out of the room. Vyom talks to Pari and asks her to meet him. Mata ji says work should be done soon. The bhajan mandli sings well. They ask Shanti for some nek. Shanti scolds them for the story happened on phone.

She says she will return them those taunts. She feels relieved hearing the bhajan. Nirmala asks for nek. Shanti says she will not give her any nek and asks her

to sing bhajan every time. Nirmala says thanks for calling us and they leave. Rani sees the rickshaw and Sarla going. She says I have to become Menka today, so I will not waste time behind Sarla. Amit sees the men and hides. Rani calls him and asks him to come home. He refuses. She says she is alone at home, even jewelry is here, he can take the jewelry, she knows he needs money. He says yes, but what do you mean. She asks him to take the jewelry. He says I will come. She smiles.

She gets ready and does makeup. Amit thinks to hide and run. The men see Amit running and follow him on their bikes. Vyom asks Pari is she ready to meet Sujeev, she has to help him. Pari nods. Vyom asks her to tell Sujeev that she is mum’s friend, else he will feel awkward, do as I say. She thinks why is Vyom lying, its fine, its good for her. He asks her to remove bangles and anklets. She asks why. He says Sujeev likes simple things. She says I m simple, fine, I will turn to his choice after marriage. He asks her to do anything, manage things now. She says fine.

The boss says meeting is going on. Shivam and Riya attend the meeting. A man comes there and asks for money. Shivam asks what money, and scolds the man. The boss stops Shivam and gives money. The man asks for more money and holds his collar. Shivam asks him to leave collar of his boss and gets angry. Riya worries. Shivam beats the man. The man threatens them and leaves. His boss looks on shocked. Riya asks Shivam why did he do this. Shivam says I m fine. The boss questions Shivam for doing all this.

Shanti recalls Riya’s words and says a leaf does not move here without my wish, and Riya is saying whats good and bad for me. She says I will not bear this. The boss calls Shivam stupid and says this is my office. Shivam says the man was forcing you for money, what will you do if the man misbehaves with any girl here. The boss scolds him. Shivam says I m sorry, I can’t see this and goes. Riya says Shivam did right, are you taking responsibility for our safety. The man says yes, he did right. Riya says you should thank Shivam, you are not his family and friend, and yet he supported you. The staff feels Shivam did right. The boss leaves.

Shanti asks Sonal to come and stay with them. Sonal says fine, I m going college now. Shanti asks Kaushalya to give scooty keys to Sonal. Kaushalya gets shocked. Shanti asks what happened. Sonal says I can’t take Riya’s scooty. Shanti says Riya is your Bhabhi, she will not feel sad, drive well. Kaushalya gives the keys. Sonal leaves. Kaushalya worries and calls.

Amit comes and sees the man getting cow dung. He thanks the man. The man says I got this for 10rs. Amit thanks him for saving him, and gives him 50rs. The man asks him shall I get cow dung daily. Amit scolds him. Amit comes home with cow dung on his hands and says he has to go and bath. He makes excuse and avoids her. Rani says she has thought a lot to woo him.

Shivam gets angry and plays football with the kids. Riya comes there and pacifies him. She says we may fight a lot, we may get angry on each other, but I will always love you a lot. He smiles and hugs her. She talks to Sahil and says fine, if you want to come tomorrow and take scooty. Kaushalya is tensed and Shanti asks why is she roaming. Amit comes from the bath. Rani dances for him to woo him on the song Raat akeli hai…………….. Amit gets worried and gets away from her. She tries her best to woo him. He asks what are you doing, do you think you are heroine, don’t do such cheap thing again.

She gets close and says there was no one at home, so I thought to impress you. He asks her whats all this, just remove these decorations and all. Sarla comes to visit some Baba. The Baba sees her and does some mantras. Sarla sees Guru ji solving many people’s problems. Sarla laughs seeing this. Kaushalya shoos off bad sight from Shanti and names Sarla. Shanti says Sarla is my daughter, it will be your bad sight. Nimmi comes and coughs by the smoke. Sarla says she wants to ask something from Baba. The man says fine, he will answer you, hurry up. Sarla asks the assistant not to talk in between. The man asks her to sit. Sarla says everyone knows my problems. Baba tells about the woman in her life, who is troubling her a lot. She says yes and cries.

She says people think bad about me, why is this happening. She says she has no doubt on him now, and asks him to solve her problems. He says everything will be fine, your life will get happiness. She asks for some solution. He says he will solve it soon. The man asks her to give any dakshina. Guru ji says some woman of your family has bad sight on you. She gets shocked.

Guru ji gives some scorpion and says the person who gets bitten by this is your enemy. Sarla takes it to Shanti Sadan and it bites Sarla itself. Everyone scream seeing it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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