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Mere Angne Mein 25th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya telling everyone that Sarla does not have cancer. Shivam says we checked reports. Riya says she has given her blood samples to two labs, Sarla has no cancer, and not even cold. Shanti and Raghav get glad. They all smile. Raghav takes money bag from Sarla. Sarla scolds Riya and asks did you mean I m wrong. Riya says you should be happy you are fine. Sarla says she showed reports. Riya says your reports are normal, be happy. Shanti takes the house papers and returns 25000rs back to the man. The man says he arranged 5 lakhs and she cancelled the deal. Shanti says thanks, now Sarla does not have disease, we don’t need money. Raghav thanks them. The men leave.

Sarla says Riya is saying, so cancer is gone, how can this happen. Riya says you don’t have cancer,

calm down, why are you reacting like this. She tells Raghav that Sarla is fine. Sarla shouts on Riya. Sarla says I m ill, I m saying this. Riya says test reports are not wrong. Nimmi smiles and tells Preeti that it will be fun now. Preeti asks her to see time and talk.

Pari comes to Vyom and holds him. He asks what is she doing here. She says he was her BF, so she can touch him. He asks her not to come in his room, she is his Bhabhi. She flirts with him and asks his fav food. She says she will make it for him. He says he likes Malai Kofta. She says I m expert in it, wow, I will make it. Sujeev sees them and they get tensed.

Shanti dances and beats plates, saying come with me and dance, Sarla is healthy. Everyone laugh. Raghav says I felt Lord has done this, Riya is such smart girl, how did Sarla get that foolish doctor. Shivam says he will see that doctor. Sarla gets frustrated and says she does not need new doctor, Bhola doctor is good, she trusts him, Riya got fake reports, Riya is lying. They all get puzzled seeing her angry.

Sujeev asks Pari what is she doing here. Vyom says Bhabhi came to ask your fav food dishes, I was telling her. Pari says yes, I thought to make Sujeev happy by making his fav food to surprise him. Sujeev asks her to come and make food. He goes. Vyom asks Pari not to come in his room. She asks Vyom what does Sujeev likes in food. He says ask mummy, he eats what I eat, make same. She leaves.

Sarla tells Shanti that if she wants to see her alive, give her money, Riya wants to keep money with her, she is ahead of Nimmi, she wants to kill me. She cries and asks for money. Riya says I m saying you don’t have cancer, why do you want money then. Shanti says nothing will happen to Sarla now. Raghav says I told Amma we should take Sarla to Delhi, Riya was right, bad doctors dupe for money. Kaushalya hugs Riya happily. Raghav praises Raghav. Raghav says he is glad that Sarla is not ill. Sarla cries and says I m glad your 5 lakhs are saved, that’s important, no one trusts me, my report and illness are fake, doctor is fake, just Riya is true and everyone will believe Riya’s reports. When I die, you will know. Riya asks her to check reports. Sarla says I knew Riya does not want me to get money, Riya is greedy.

She says one day Riya will control over the house. Riya says I did not do this for myself, I did this for you, I m saying true, when Sarla refused to go for second opinion, I got the tests done, even Raghav wanted this, I took photo of Sarla’s reports, sorry, I did not have any other way. When she showed reports to doctor, doctor said that patient can’t be alive. Shanti asks what. Riya says doctor said the patient’s organs have failed and he can’t be alive, and see Bua here, she is on her feet. Sarla sits acting ill. Riya says I did mistake that I did not tell this. I was scared that you all will not believe, I organized a fake blood donation camp, where I took Sarla’s blood samples and sent it for tests, its found Sarla does not have cancer, she is fine.

Sarla says Riya is such big nautanki, liar, if she can keep fake camp, can’t she make fake report, she is after my life. Sarla cries. Riya says if you cry or talk in high tone, truth is you don’t have cancer, you also know this, you did drama of your illness. Shanti and everyone are shocked. Sarla gets speechless.

Rani waits for the ladies. The ladies say they have done her work. They mailed reports to Riya. Rani gives them money and asks them to take more money from Riya. She says she will go to watch movie at Shanti Sadan, and asks them to help again if needed. The ladies agree and leave. Shanti asks Riya to control her tongue. Riya says its true, Sarla is acting. Shivam asks Riya to be silent or go to her room. Riya says I won’t go anywhere Shivam, you won’t say anything and listen to me. Sarla says see her limits. Riya says everyone will know who is crossing limits, see this video Papa ji, she has told herself that she is fit, and fine.

Raghav sees the video. Sarla says I m most healthy, I will get this prize. Riya says I felt Sarla is fooled by doctor, I did not know Sarla has written this story. Sarla holds her head and acts. Shanti is in shock. Everyone look at Sarla. Riya says Shanti Sadan was going to be mortgaged by Sarla’s lie, I don’t know why Sarla needed money, I know Sarla’s story has cheated everyone here. Sarla says Riya wants me to die, fine, this will happen. Shanti says Sarla got mad, see her. Sarla goes to kitchen to do drama again. She puts water on herself instead kerosene. Shivam gets inside from window. They all get inside and stop Sarla. Raghav raises hand to slap her, and Shanti stops him. Raghav says I will burn myself, what shall I do, I stayed away for 16 hours every day for my family, to get peace, but I don’t get peace. Shanti says don’t say this. Raghav asks Riya to say what she wants to prove about Sarla, why did she spy on Sarla. Sarla worries.

Pari makes food for Vyom and is happy. Raghav asks Riya to say. Sarla says nothing, even if we die, Riya is liar and will lie. Riya says enough Bua ji, I m not liar, you lied on my marriage day too, you are lying even today. She tells Raghav that I was mistaken that Bua did not know I wanted to marry Shivam, and not Amit, even after knowing this, she tried to make me marry Amit. They all get shocked. Riya says Sarla knew everything, she cleanly lied and hidden everything, but she forgot one thing, truth always comes out. Shanti sits in shock. Riya says Sarla’s doings are recorded in marriage DVD, I have seen it myself. She asks Sarla does she remember now. Sarla says Riya is blaming me, you are listening. Sarla panics and lies again.

Shanti understands Sarla has done this and is in shock. Sarla blames Riya for lying. Shivam asks Riya to stop it, its enough. Raghav says Shivam, let Riya say, I will end this Ramleela today. He stared angrily at Sarla. Riya says what is said is true, I did not lie, Bua knew I love Shivam and wanted to marry him, she did not tell this to anyone, when I met Shivam in coffee shop, Bua came there and saw us. FB shows Riya telling Sarla about Shivam.

Riya says on mehendi day, she has seen Shivam’s name in my hand, she did not let Sonal see the name. FB shows that scene. Riya tells them, that Sarla tried to make her marry Amit, and then she hurried for marriage and did not let me see Amit’s face, it was her planning, call that videographer, get DVD copy and see it, I m not lying, sorry Bua ji, I did not wish to expose her, I did not wish to show her down, but situation was such, I could not see our house getting mortgaged, Bua has no cancer. So I planned all this to get truth out, I did not know why Bua did this, she will have some reason. Sarla cries and says yes, I have lied. Shanti cries in shock. Sarla too cries being tensed of their reactions.

Rani calls Nimmi and asks whats happening there. Nimmi says climax of movie, Riya is firing on Sarla, I m very happy with Riya, come fast. Rani says I m on the way and ends call. She says she has to reach there fast and asks driver to drive rickshaw fast. Raghav and Shanti cry seeing Sarla. Rani comes there and tells Riya that she did great, Sarla is out. Riya cries and says Sarla tried to deny by her lies a lot.

Sarla says yes, I lied many times, I lied for my family. She asks Riya what will she do, Shanti and Raghav are her family, they will be on her side, they will not support Riya. Raghav looks on. Sarla asks what is he seeing. Raghav says he is seeing what happened if house diya burns the house. He says dad asked us to take care of Sarla at his death’s time, I promised him I will keep Sarla’s happiness before mine, I kept my promise. When Sarla was young, Shanti and I used to talk that Sarla gets things more than her right and need, we used to laugh thinking she is little girl, but she made her game her nature.

He says Ashok told right about you, I never believed him or anyone else, I felt I know my sister well, I became father before my children were born, as I regarded you my first child. When I heard about your illness, I kept Shanti Sadan mortgaged, I have died to earn this house, you did not think if I could not return money, we all will come on road. Shanti is old now, she would be on road, you call her Amma and did not think about her.

Sarla tells Shanti to say something, Raghav is saying her bad. Raghav asks what will Amma say, will she say something, she got half by worry since you told about cancer, she was dying for you. Shanti asks Sarla why did she do this, she always helped Sarla. She says a mother loves weaker child more, so that balance is there between two children, but Sarla used my love, Sarla felt I don’t love Raghav, he is my mother, he is taking care of me and everyone, Sarla is lucky to have such brother who supported everyone, not everyone is such lucky, Kaushalya calls you Jiji and took care of you like her daughter, you have such Bhabhi. She says I can’t bear more lies now, I will end this relation today. Sarla and everyone get shocked.

She says Sarla wanted to die, I will make her die for me. She brings water pot and takes rounds of Sarla, freeing her of all duties, relations and rights. Raghav holds his head and sits silent. She breaks the pot and says she has ended their relation. Sarla is in shock. Everyone look on shocked.

Sarla cries and tells about Amit’s kidnapping. Shanti says this is your problem, go your home, think and solve.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thanks..was waiting to read this ..will wait for further update

  2. Good job Riya…..
    Finally Sarla ka sach samne aa gya….
    i hope amit ka sach b sbke samne aa jaye..

  3. Superb, mindblowing episode. Wow riya wowww.

  4. very nice episode……..

  5. m eagrly waitng 4 dis update..thnq fr d fst update! well done riya….. u fnaly xposd sarala!! she has no wrds to gve answr

  6. was eagerly waiting for this update !! i was fed up watching sarla’s overacting dramas.Finally,truth has came out !! well done riya.Best episode till date.Obviously every one will feel happy after watching today’s episode.

    1. Yes jyothasna, to me also the best episode till date.


  8. Well scripted episode. No dragging. MAM stands out from other dramas for its pace and the way the story is told. Very high standard. Well done MAM crew. Lesson to learn for all, that truth never can be kept hidden and bad behaviour brings bad results. Lets hope Pari too will face similar fate. Pari, added being a liar with a bad way of speaking to people is a theif also. So we expect a worse result for her.

  9. meer bantha magar

    nice episode

  10. Wow! This is amazing. Very nice episode. Great work Riya.

  11. Fantastic job. Great update. So, the truth is out and Sarla deserves, everything that happened.

  12. well done riya, wish you had kicked shivam between his legs for not supporting you when you needed it most,be a man shivam ,do not be an impotent moron,open your eyes.

  13. best episode so far

  14. And then I thought , everyone will believe what Riya told was lie, if she had not recorded Sarla’s truth

  15. shanti ,for the first time you have done a good job,i have started to like you now.

  16. thank god i nw love dis serial best episode so far am dem happy… Love riya, shanti and raghv so much 2day, always love rani from nigeria

  17. Wow! Fanatic episode. The best and the most interesting episode so far


    Finally was waiting for this epi just like u guys
    So what will the track be soon well now shanti will not like riya for exposing her daughter

  19. Waiting for the day when all wud get to know the truth of MADAM X too.
    Writers well done. Soon expose sarla is MADAM X

  20. Episodewatcher

    Excellent acting by Varun dabola and Kritika Desai- there was no overacting,just the right emotions and superb dialogues….good going MAM

  21. Superb episode.. but i think Shivam should sometimes listen & trust Riya & not always shouts at her, he should stand by her

  22. Even after getting exposed still this Sarla hid the fact that Amit lost money in gambling. And even Shivam had picked him up from a gambling place once. Why can’t he open his mouth

  23. Sarla was trying to influence her family when Riya expose her and said look how she is talking to Shivam. But she never respect her own husband! When her husband said the canteen is shut because of Amit, nobody believed him. How about that? Shanti has to admit her fault also that she gave all the right and happiness to Sarla’s children en not to Raghav, I loved it when she said: do you think i don’t love Raghava. He is my pride and when she was crying and afraid to lose her home.
    The episode of 24 & 25 nov were excellent. I hope Kausia realise also her responsibility to her children not only to Raghav and Shanti. Because she is the mother of the children and have too use her brains if she has that! Riya you were outstanding!

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