Mere Angne Mein 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti asking Kaushalya not to spend much for Nandu’s mum. They argue. Shanti says this time I will see Nandu’s mum, don’t cook much dishes, don’t waste money. Kaushalya prays. Preeti, Nandu and his mum come home. Shanti asks Amit to go with Nandu, what will he do between women. Nandu congratulates Amit and goes with him. Shanti asks Nandu’s mum to sit on her swing. Nandu’s mum says no, Kaushalya made me sit. Kaushalya says when did I force you. Shanti says this is your house, everyone’s shame has gone on trip. Nimmi asks Kaushalya to see and enjoy.

Nandu’s mum says you sit, I m guest. Shanti says no, we will sit together, come. Nimmi smiles. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get tea and snacks. Preeti asks her to manage Shanti. Kaushalya says I can’t manage


Nandu’s mum says I came to congratulate for Amit’s marriage fixing. Shanti asks her to say what she has in heart. Nandu’s mum says everyone talks of your house, children have bad fate, I heard about my bahu also, she is incomplete bride. Shanti says Lord gave mouth to people, so they talk. Nandu’s mum says yes, we should think of children. Shanti hugs her and says I m glad you came. Nimmi smiles. Nandu’s mum says I have to come as relations are made.

Shanti says I did not like your way to join relations, your son has become big hero, if people know you came empty handed to Samdhan’s house, what will they say. Nandu’s mum says I came in hurry. Shanti says I knew this. She asks Nimmi to call jeweler. Shanti asks jeweler to get rings and chains home. She asks Nandu’s mum to buy anything as per Nandu’s standards. She asks Nimmi to call saree vendor.

Jeweler comes. Preeti worries. Nandu’s mum asks the cost of chain. Jeweler says 25000rs. Preeti thinks Nandu’s money will be spent here. Shanti says I will buy small ring, I will save Samdhan’s money. She buys a ring and chain. Saree vendor comes. Nimmi signs her to see other one. Shanti likes saree of 10000rs cost. She asks Nandu’s mum to pay. Nandu’s mum says I have no money. Shanti says ask Nandu. Preeti says he has no money. Shanti asks how, he is big filmstar. She calls Nandu downstairs.

Nandu’s mum asks for money. Nandu asks how much. Shanti says 50000rs. Nandu’s mum says it will be 45000rs. Shanti says you will do tika of 5000rs, its Amit’s marriage. Nandu says right and gives money. Preeti thinks Nandu has given much money. Nandu’s mum pays money to jeweler and saree vendor. Amit comes there. Nandu’s mum does the rituals. Shanti does tika to Nandu, and says my standard is low, I m not filmstar. She gives him some money and asks him to keep Preeti happy. She blesses him. He thanks her. Nandu says we will leave now, I have a meeting.

Shanti asks Nandu’s mum to keep coming. She beats Amit and says see Preeti’s Saas did all this, I did not wish you to get remarried. Amit shouts in pain. She says sorry, I will get you married. She asks Aarti to keep everything safe.

Amit gets the gift. Shanti asks Charni to see, Amit got a saree for her. She praises Charni. Ashok comes with Rani and scolds Amit. He says I did not expect this from you all to support Amit. Kaushalya says Amit has done this, Shanti supported him. Ashok says I don’t agree to this. She taunts him for marrying Nirmala. Ashok threatens to die and gets kerosene. He pours kerosene on himself. Shanti asks him to die. Sh says I will light the matchstick. Kaushalya scolds Ashok to do this drama in this age. He says I won’t let injustice happen with Rani. Shanti says you worry for Rani and not Amit, he got shot. Ashok says Amit never gave me respect, Rani always gave me respect. Shanti asks did you give them love and did duty, did you think of their future, I will get Amit remarried, I will stand as shield, see how I make him remarry.

Lady tells Shanti about minister’s son’s marriage. Lady sees Rani and asks for Sarla. Rani says Sarla went abroad, shall I come in marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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