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Mere Angne Mein 25th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla worried that Anupam is coming. Shanti asks cameraman to make videos. He says he will call his friend. Shanti taunts Kaushalya. She asks Nimmi to call Shivam fast. She goes and cooks something, and asks cameraman to take her pics. Nimmi says she forgot to call Shivam and goes to him. She says Shanti is calling him and takes him. Shanti asks Shivam to get any videographer and gives the address. She asks him to bring him soon. Anupam is finding auto. The men take them in their auto. Sarla gets the man’s call and he says he has kidnapped them. Sarla asks him to manage everything and ends call.

Bua ji talks to rickshaw driver about Anupam’s auto not coming. Sarla asks Shivam to come taking good time and bring good videographer. He leaves. Sarla says its good Shanti

did some good work. The girls have a talk and get ready. Shanti says she will take some rest and asks Kaushalya to play shank, she will come. Raghav comes and Shanti compliments him. Sarla sends Shanti and says she will send Ashok to her when he comes. Amit gets the allergy and his face turns red. He says this marriage is proving to be costly for him. Pari laughs on him and runs. He says mum will make me money, and hides the brinjal under the bed. He thinks to do some cure and takes medicines.

Anupam and Sahil are taken somewhere by the men. The girls have a talk. Kaushalya talks to Raghav and goes to store room. Raghav asks Nimmi to get tea for him. Kaushalya calls Nimmi for help as she is not able to open a metal box. Raghav says I will see Kaushalya and goes to help her. Raghav comes to Kaushalya and she asks him to open the box. He says its stuck, give me some cloth. He tries to open, and says he will open it, just see. He gets hurt and she worries. He boasts his strength, looks and she smiles. He opens the box and supari falls down. She laughs and says good. He says I have increased your work. She says I will do it in a minute. They have a talk, and he says she is his female power. He asks is there any other box, he will do the work. She asks him to go, she will send tea, mum is waiting. He leaves.

Anupam says he has nothing, and the men scold them and scare by knife. Anupam says he has to go for tilak ritual for his daughter’s marriage, and asks them to leave. The men say about his Madam who told them to kidnap them, as she hates him. Anupam says I m simple man, let us go. The man says madam makes her mum fall when needed, she is dangerous. Raghav talks to Shanti about tilak ritual. Sarla comes with Ashok, and says Riya’s family did not come till now. Raghav talks to Ashok and asks him to expand his home, as Riya will come to stay with them. Ashok says yes, I m thinking to take a home for rent.

Raghav says I did not mean to take some rent, I was saying if you can own neighbor house and do some construction. Shanti says Shivam stays out of home for long hours, so Amit and Riya can stay here fir few days. Shivam can stay anywhere in hall or so. Nimmi hears this and gets angry. Raghav says its not bad idea, we can think. Nimmi leaves. Sarla says pandit is there, mahurat is passing, I will cancel tilak if they come late. Bua ji calls Anupam and is worried as he is not taking call. Sarla talks to Amit and asks him not to worry, Shivam won’t come soon.

Anupam and Sahil see the goons busy. Sahil says we should run now. Anupam says do something, its mahurat time. Bua ji comes to Shanti Sadan and hopes its not that Shanti. She talks to Kaushalya and Sarla gets shocked. Kaushalya sends her brother to get Tilak items. Bua ji asks about Shanti. Kaushalya says she is my Amma ji, Shanti Srivastav. Bua is shocked. Sarla runs to Shanti and says they have come, Riya’s family. Shanti asks why is she panicking. Sarla says I have seen an old lady staring. Shanti says that’s Riya’s Bua Dadi.

Sarla asks what shall we do. Shanti says she will manage. She says she will shake that old lady’s mind. Kaushalya gets shocked seeing Bua sitting on Shanti’s swing. Shanti too sees Bua sitting on her swing and gets angry. She signs Kaushalya and asks her to make Bua get up from her swing. Kaushalya nods and asks Bua to sit below the fan. Bua asks why are you so worried. Kaushalya says no, I have work. Bua ji sits somewhere else and calls Anupam. She says why is call not connecting.

Amit rests. Sarla panics and says Riya’s Dadi Bua has come, the tilak puja will happen. Sarla calls the man and does not connect. She says Amma will not leave me, your face has turned fine, I told you to eat all brinjal. She worries.

Shanti comes down and Bua and Shanti are shocked seeing each other.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Cannot wait for tomorrow when the fun will start

  2. very few shivam and riya scenes….but nice show

  3. Can someone tell me what is charu asopa name in this show?

    1. ? ? ? ?her name is preeti and she is playing shivam’s sister in the show…………… ? ? ? ? ?

  4. Dear viewers, Be thankful if you see Riya knowing truth within next month. Feel sorry for those who expect to see fireworks in the next episode. Though dragging, I like Raghav and Kaushalyas romancing. Nicely done with subtly.

  5. It’s a great drama story
    In this show hero and heroine scene have very few
    But heroes parents ragav & kausalya romance was great..????

  6. something intresting story!

  7. i like this show!

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