Mere Angne Mein 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti talking to Vyom. She ends call and tells Nimmi that maybe they are good people, but I m worried about Mohit. Mohit thinks I won’t let Preeti become someone else’s. Preeti shows Mohit’s missed calls to Nimmi. Kaushalya asks them to decide the lahenga design soon, its few days now. Kaushalya comes to room, and Raghav asks her to calm down, everything will be fine. He compliments her that she is looking elder sister of Preeti. She smiles and asks him not to joke. He says he dreamt that they will go Shimla, and he does not think he can fulfill it now, but she dreamt to wear lahenga in function, she can wear it in Preeti’s marriage. She asks how will I know. He says I imagined you once, you were looking great. She smiles and says it won’t look good. She says

I will get a long one. He says I want to wear like girls wearing these days. She says you are dreaming of marriage, what will people say, you want to look as bride. He asks her to wear good lahenga. She says fine, I will become your bride, what will you do instead, get baraat for me. He shows his white hair and smiles. She says then I will not wear lahenga. He says listen, I will put varmala in your neck. She laughs and says you are getting kiddish. He flirts with her. She goes getting shy. He stops her and asks her to wear red and yellow colors, as its his fav. She says fine. He asks her to play with both colors and smiles. She goes.

Shanti and Sarla come home, and are happy to get Chandrahaar with them. They ask Riya to manage everything well. Sarla goes to help Riya. Shanti asks Sarla to come with her. They see the necklace and keep it inside. They both dance. Shanti sees Sarla’s bad dance and says sometimes I feel you are not my daughter. Shanti goes out and scolds Nimmi for going out. Nimmi says I got a white canvas to sketch Preeti’s dress.

Amit loses in the gambling and asks the man to wait, he will just come. Everyone discuss about mandap. Riya is worried. Shivam asks Kaushalya not to worry, he will get best arrangements done. Bunty calls Riya. Riya tells Bunty her problem of keeping Chandrahaar mortgaged, as her money got stolen. Bunty asks did she have money now to get Chandrahaar back, I don’t know why this happens with you always.

Kaushalya asks Ruya what designs she wants. Riya gets tensed and asks her to decide herself. Kaushalya asks what happened. Riya says Chandrahaar….. Shanti wishes Riya does not tell it now. Shanti starts questioning Riya and makes her tensed. Riya says she will get Chandrahaar after repair. Shanti smiles.

Amit gets his agency products to bet and the man laughs. Amit’s friend asks Amit not to waste more money. Amit scolds his friend and bets again. He loses and asks him to get more products. His friend asks Amit to leave game now. Amit refuses. His friend tells the man to leave else he will beat him. Kaushalya tells Riya that Chandrahaar should come soon, I want to wear it infront of everyone. Renu calls Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks her to come soon and help her in Preeti’s marriage.

Raghav asks Shanti did she order sweets. Shanti asks about giving gifts. She asks Kaushalya did she call Sharmili. Kaushalya says I will call tomorrow. Bunty calls Riya and asks her not to worry, she will break her FD and give her money. Riya says no, I will manage. Bunty asks what will you do. Riya says I will tell them everything or keep jewelry mortgaged, I want your help, I can’t go out, you come here. Shanti asks Riya how much tension will she take. Sarla asks Kaushalya to feed badam to Riya, she is working a lot. Kaushalya says your clothes will come tomorrow, come and see, everyone will wear lahengas, if Shanti permits. Shanti says I m very happy today and approves her ideas. Sarla says I will get Sonal and Rani tomorrow. She leaves.

Raghav asks Shanti to get lahenga for her also. Shanti says I m very happy and dances. They all laugh. Rani waits for Amit. Amit comes there and talks to his friend on phone. He says I lost a lot, why did you interfere, I will manage and win, then you see. Rani hears Amit. Rani argues with Amit and asks him to do job like Shivam. He gets angry and asks do you love Shivam to take his name, leave from this house. She cries and says I love just you, I will not go from here. Sarla comes and asks whats happening. Amit asks Sarla to make Rani earn by giving lectures. Rani says you know my worth and gets glad. Pari comes there and Sarla welcomes her. Amit asks Pari to make him talk to Sujeev later. Sarla asks Rani to make tea for Pari, and goes with Pari to room. Rani thinks they have come to make some plan.

Sharmili and Mama come to Sujeev’s room. Sharmili tells Sujeev that she is worried. He says even Pari is worried for marriage arrangements, she went to meet her mum. Sharmili says she did not inform us. She goes and asks Mama did he see, Pari has gone to meet Sarla to tackle us and break this marriage. She says we can’t do anything now, we will see what to do tomorrow.

Pari tells Sarla that Sharmili is liking Preeti more now, and I can’t see Preeti marrying Vyom, I will give you two necklaces. Sarla asks her not to worry, Sharmili will not favor Preeti much. Pari asks Sarla to break the marriage, as she loves Vyom. Sarla gets shocked and slaps Pari. Pari cries.

Nandu cries and drinks in the bar. He visualizes Preeti there. She asks him not to ruin his life, she will marry someone else, because you don’t have courage to ask my hand from my parents. He asks what, do you want this, how to show courage, you talk to me rudely. She asks what shall I do then, I m helpless, even I love you, that’s why I get angry on you. He says fine, I will talk to your family today and do marriage, if you are with me, I will tell your family the truth. Preeti comes to Kaushalya and looks sad. Riya tells Kaushalya that Preeti did not forget Mohit till now. Shanti hears this. Riya says I m not saying to break marriage, but if we give her time, then it will be good. Kaushalya refuses. Shanti asks how much time Riya.

Shanti scolds Riya and asks do you want 3 years, so that everyone gossip about Preeti, that she did not forget Mohit, and then Vyom will marry someone else, fine take your time, I will tell Raghav. Kaushalya stops Riya and says I want Preeti’s marriage to happen soon. Shanti says I feel Riya wants to hide her failure by Preeti’s excuse, you are not able to manage arrangements, you want time. Riya says its nothing like that. Nandu comes home drunk and shouts. They all go out and see him. Shanti scolds Nandu and asks why did he come like this. Nimmi takes the video. Shanti brings water bucket and throws water on Nandu. Nadnu tells Raghav that he wants to say something. They all stand outside house and Raghav asks Nandu not to speak a word. Nandu says I will tell my feelings. Raghav slaps Nandu. Nandu falls and gets up. He says I will tell everything today, you can slap me. Nandu looks at Preeti.

Shanti asks Raghav to kick out Nandu from home. Raghav asks them to leave Nandu somewhere out from here. Nandu falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. now day by day episodes are becoming boring as never shanti and sarla are caught and punished for their mistakes.

    1. Yes I agree with your comments.shanties andla creates all criminals thing in raghavhoue but they never cought how this possible.all others are madless Darla have to begets they do evry thing for her and they never fought by cop or ragva family and never try all this this how this happens

  2. Why always Riya is in problem. They are thinking we are blind as both mother (Shanthi) and daughter (Sarla) keep on doing mistakes and hurting Riya but they are not caught by others and they act very innocent

  3. Episodes are long and boring …………

    show something interesting to increase trp
    Pls dont ruin the show

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