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Mere Angne Mein 25th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya saying Varun’s phone is off. Shanti asks Sarla how did she get Varun. Sarla asks is this my fault. Shanti says we would have died because of him. Sarla says its big loss for him also. Shanti says we will go home. Riya says no, Preeti and Pari did not come. Sarla says someone kidnapped Pari. Riya says they are not answering. Shnti says we will look that side.

Pari and Preeti have food at home. Preeti says Riya is calling. Pari says leave it, have samosa with chutney. Nimmi sees them and asks are you not ashamed, you are disconnecting calls and eating samosa here. Nimmi takes samosa plate and shows it to Shanti. Everyone see Pari and Preeti. Shanti asks Sarla to meet Varun. Pari says why will Varun do this. Shanti says why was Varun not there. Sarla says he

is big family son, he will have work. Sarla and Pari leave. Preeti says I will also leave now. Shanti stops her and says you were eating samosas at home, when we were risking lives there. Preeti says no, I was finding you all. Kaushalya asks them to call Shivam and Amit. Nimmi and Riya try. Riya says their phones are off. Shanti worries. Everyone wait for Shivam. Shivam comes home. They get relieved seeing him.

Kaushalya asks where were you. He asks what happened. Shanti says your mum’s harmonium had bomb, we would have died, the Shanti Sammelan spoiled, where is Amit. He says he is fine, he went home from Shanti Prasad’s place. Shanti asks why. Amit calls Shivam and reminds him to come tomorrow to sign agreement, manage your family. Shivam says fine. He thinks to tell family about fight tomorrow. He goes to room.

Its morning, Riya does puja. Nimmi gets the newspaper. She sees Shanti’s pic in paper and shows her. Shanti gets glad and shy. Nimmi says you have become heroine. Nimmi shows newspaper to Riya and Kaushalya. Riya says I will read and say. Riya gets shocked seeing real Varun’s pic. She says Varun’s pic is different. Shanti asks what happened. Nimmi says Varun is different in this. Shanti gets shocked. She recalls seeing Varun’s pic.

Nimmi says if this is Varun, who is he with whom Pari got engaged. Pari gets shocked and shows newspaper to Sarla, saying you did all the things, and Shanti got the credit. She says Varun is not answering the call, I think my engagement can break. Sarla says that won’t happen, I will go and ask Shanti why is my pic not there. Riya checks on net and says this is real Varun. Shanti says the fraud trapped Pari. Riya says he used all of us to spoil Shanti Sammelan, Nimmi you should thank Lord, you got saved. Kaushalya hugs and apologizes to Nimmi.

Shanti says your daughter saved, what about Pari. Kaushalya says I did not mean that. Sarla sees lock at Varun’s house. She says they have run away, there is something wrong. She calls Pari and says we got cheated, come to Shanti Sadan, we have to find out. Pari cries and Rani gets bored. Lallan asks why is she crying. Rani says she got cheated in love, so she is crying. Lallan asks about bomb incident. Rani says yes, but everything is fine now, Sarla has gone to find Varun.

A man throws a note at Shanti Sadan and runs. Nimmi gets the note and says this has Pari’s engagement ring. Pari and Sarla come there. Nimmi reads, sorry Pari this relation can’t happen…. Varun. They all get shocked. Pari says such big rejection, no this can’t happen. She cries. Sarla feels sad. Shanti says we have spoiled Shanti Prasad’s enemy by spoiling the event, Sarla did all this. Sarla asks why will you blame me now, I was doing good, you got 20 lakhs rs. Shanti says he gave cheque, it can bounce. Sarla says what did I get, Pari’s broken heart. She curses Varun.

She says why does bad happen with us always, why bad does not happen with Kaushalya’s family. Shanti asks Nimmi to take Sarla.

Pari is angry with Nimmi. She leaves. Shivam thinks to talk to Amit first and then tell family. He calls Amit. Amit asks him to reach soon, and not get late. Shanti Prasad will be waiting. Shivam says I have to talk to family. Amit says talk to them fast and come, I m also reaching. He thinks if Amit gets Shanti Kumar and if Dadi refuses, it will be bad, I have to tell them.

Shanti Prasad asks Shivam to sign on contract. Shivam tells Shanti that he will get 10 lakhs for losing the fight. Shanti Prasad threatens them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yipee! This episode went so fast! I hope they found out the truth about Varun ji lol

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