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Mere Angne Mein 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with jeweler arguing with Kaushalya over the mangalsutra order. She says all my children are already married, no one ordered for mangalsutra. She shows Nimmi and Preeti. He says this is the girl, she ordered mangalsutra and said she is marrying in 4 days. Kaushalya gets shocked seeing Preeti. jeweler asks Preeti to come soon and take mangalsutra by paying money. Kaushalya asks Preeti why did she order mangalsutra, she is already married. Preeti lies that she is fed up wearing black thread, so I ordered mangalsutra by lying, what would I say that I m clerk’s wife. Kaushalya says I forgot to buy it for you, why did you not tell me. Preeti asks what would you do, give me money. Kaushalya says Raghav lost job. Preeti asks Kaushalya to sell Chandrahaar. Kaushalya says its Riya’s


Preeti asks why, I have right on it also. Kaushalya says she is not my daughter. Preeti taunts her badly and goes. Kaushalya cries. Riya comes home and says she did not get Shanti anywhere. Shanti comes home with a baby and cradle. Kaushalya asks who is this baby. Shanti asks Nimmi to take her selfie with the baby, this is Raghav’s grandson. They all get shocked. Kaushalya asks you mean Shivam’s son, who is baby’s mum. Shanti says mum is not necessary, call pandit, we will do naam karan of baby, I m not dependent on anyone to get my wish fulfilled, this is my house’s heir and will do my last rites.

Rani reads Gita and explains Nirmala. Sarla smiles. Nirmala says don’t explain me this Gita gyaan. Rani says I want you to die with this gyaan. Nirmala says I m having headache, stop this, else I will die today itself. Rani says I can’t stop, its Sarla’s order. Nirmala goes. Rani asks Sarla shall I read gita for you.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to get warm milk for baby. Nimmi likes the baby. Kaushalya says don’t get angry, who is baby’s parents. Shanti says Shivam is his father, see his features. Kaushalya laughs and asks from where did you get baby. Shanti says I bought baby from market. Riya asks will it be fine for baby if I get in pressure and have baby. Shanti says I just know, I want baby before I die, so I got this baby.

Shanti asks everyone to do their work. She goes to her room and says its Riya’s test now, I have to see will she pass or fail. The baby cries. Kaushalya comes and Shanti stops her. Riya hears baby crying and goes to baby. She comforts the baby. Shanti smiles and says Riya passed the test. Shanti comes out and Riya keeps baby back in cradle. Shanti asks Kaushalya did she not hear baby crying. Kaushalya says I thought you will scold me.

Kaushalya takes the baby and feeds bottle milk. Shivam comes. Shanti asks Kaushalya to make father and son meet. Shivam takes baby and gets puzzled. He asks am I father of this baby. Shanti says I got this baby, you will always go against me, now you have to become father of this baby, don’t look at Riya, I don’t need permission of anyone, you will give father’s name to this baby, I got readymade baby, as you are not having any baby. Kaushalya says I m not able to see Raghav’s face because of you. Shivam says if you all are fine with this… Riya looks at Shivam. Shanti pacifies baby. Shanti and Kaushalya laugh. Shanti says baby is calling Papa to Shivam, baby talks by heart and talks of Shivam’s childhood. She asks Shivam to take baby. Shivam goes. She asks why are you going to room, why did you come early from office. Shivam says I was unwell. Shanti asks him to take rest.

Lawyer tells Nirmala that she will get papers tomorrow. Amit sees Nirmala and asks her to give some property to him now. She says I thought good for you, don’t tell Sarla. He says fine, I need extra fees for that. Bansi and Rajendra come there to kidnap Nirmala. Amit gets a call and goes. Bansi and Rajendra try to kidnap Nirmala. Amit sees this and rushes to her. He beats Bansi and Rajendra, and asks who are they, which gang is this. Nirmala says they tried to kidnap me twice. Amit asks her not to roam alone, come with me.

Shanti suggests baby names. Kaushalya says this looks pet name, we should think of unique beautiful name. Riya asks Shivam to talk to her and not pressurize her to become mum. He asks her to leave him alone. She says I don’t know whats happening, it has become big issue. Kaushalya comes and asks Riya does she not have manners, will she fight with Shivam even if he is ill. Riya says I m not fighting with him. Kaushalya says we don’t get what we want in life.

Nimmi goes to Sarla’s house and gets to know truth that Sarla took money from Nirmala and got her married to Ashok. Nimmi gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Nice episode

  2. WTH where is Raghav? Why is he never shown? Why does shanti always shout and make decisions without consulting anyone even her son? What’s shanti upto? Raghav should be shown.

  3. This baby issue pulled up by Shanti and asking Shivam to be the father is stupidity.

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