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Mere Angne Mein 25th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaushalya asking Preeti and Nimmi to go. They look for Shivam. Shivam tells Riya that he got phone for her, and he will go now. They see Shanti coming to the room and get stunned. He hides behind the door. Shanti asks Riya why did she shut the door. Riya makes excuses. Shanti asks Riya to take rest, else you saas will make you work a lot, like she makes me work. Shivam hears her saying rubbish. He leaves. Riya signs relief. Shanti asks her why did she sigh relief, did you see anyone else here. Riya says no.

Nimmi and Preeti ask for nek from Shivam. He refuses to give. They trick him and tease about telling everyone that he came from Riya’s room. He says what. They blackmail him. He says let my salary come, then I will give nek, I don’t have money now. They run

downstairs. He requests them to wait. Kaushalya asks what happened. Nimmi says we want nek.

Shanti says we will give nek, as Shivam married a working girl, and gives 10rs nek to them. Nimmi asks just 10rs. Shanti takes it back and asks them to take from Kaushalya. Kaushalya says I don’t have money, how will I have it. Riya comes there. Shivam smiles seeing her. Kaushalya says Shivam go and take rest, and asks Kaushalya not to trouble Shivam, she will ask Raghav to give them money. Shivam goes.

Shanti says when did you become dominating, just I will rule here. Nimmi argues with her and leaves. Shanti scolds Kaushalya for making her children insult her.

Anupam tells Bua that he feels it was strong friendship, it was childhood and no sense. Bua says I liked that guy and Shanti snatched him. He says its old thing, we don’t keep that in mind always, get ready, you have to leave. Bua says I can never forget this. Prabha tells Sarla that Rani is your bahu, did I force you to get Amit married to Rani. Sarla asks for dowry, saying she does not have any place to keep Rani, the land which Prabha gave have to get sold to buy a small home for Rani and Amit. She asks her to arrange dowry and then send Rani. She leaves. Prabha scolds Rani and asks her to leave. Rani cries. Prabha asks Rani to explain Sarla well that you are her house’s Maharani.

Bua calls Shanti and talks to her. Bua says make me talk to Riya. Shanti says leave her now, talk to me first, we are childhood friends. Bua asks whats the matter, what magic you did on Riya that Riya was praising you. Shanti says I told Riya about our story. Bua says I think you lied to her. Shanti calls Riya to come and talk to Bua. Riya talks to her Bua Dadi. Bua asks is Shanti troubling you. Shanti asks Riya to explain Bua Dadi to forget everything and become my friend again.

Bua says she is going tomorrow. Riya asks her not to go. Bua smiles and says fine, I will stay if you say, I will get ticket cancelled. She asks what story Shanti told you. Riya looks at Shanti. They have a talk.

Riya says Shanti did not tell anyone, leave it. Bua says Shanti is clevr, she will say fake stories about me. Riya sees Shanti infront of her and try to end the matter. Bua asks her to give phone to Shanti. Shanti talks to Bua and acts infront of Riya. She smiles and asks Riya to go and rest. Riya goes. Rani tells Sarla that Prabha won’t keep her at home, where will she go now. Sarla says leave me alone for few days, my home is not Shanti Sadan, we don’t have rooms, where will you sleep and asks hr to go back. The ladies hear this. Sarla says stay there for more 2 to 4 years. Rani asks how, I married Amit, I m his wife. Sarla asks what did you say, you are telling me laws. Sarla asks Rani to go and no neighbor lady is ready to keep Rani with them. Rani cries seeing Prabha shut the door. She asks neighbor ladies not to talk in their family matter. Sarla scolds her and asks her to have some shame. She asks Rani to prove that she loves her and asks for all the jewelry.

Sarla says she has given the chadavas to Rani, and asks her to return it to come inside the home. Rani gives all her jewelry. Sarla asks for her mangalsutra. Rani cries. Sarla asks her to leave now. Rani says I promise, you will come to take me from my home folding your hands, you will see my real colors now. Shanti talks to Kaushalya and asks her to be strict to Riya, as she is now a saas. She says I m very worried for you, you are a cow, you always took family along and kept it united, and cries acting. She praises Kaushalya a lot.

She tells about the ritual that groom and bride can’t be together till Satyanarayana puja tomorrow. Kaushalya asks how can I say. Shanti cries and does drama. She says the bride will jump on your head, she will snatch your son and then the house, what will saas have, just a dhol. She asks Kaushalya to be like a saas now.

Rani rings the bell of Prabha’s house. She says she will tell her uncle. Prabha says I won’t let you come inside. Rani scolds her and Sarla. Rani asks her to leave everything on her, and let her stay inside the house. Suman and Bua argue. Anupam is stuck between their arguments. Bua says she is not going tomorrow. Suman says even she is not going, her husband got transferred here. Anupam says you did not tell this to me. Suman says Sahil is studying here that’s why. Bua says she will also not go now and tells about the puja.

Nimmi offers help to Riya and says you have to wear the dress of my choice today. Riya agrees. Nimmi says your sarees collection is not so good, I m part time designer. Riya says Dadi Bua has chosen this. Nimmi says maybe she did this to keep Shanti Dadi away. Nimmi chooses a dress and asks Riya to change. Kaushalya comes there and sends Nimmi. She tells Riya about sleeping in Shanti’s room, and they have a ritual that groom and bride can’t be together till puja. Riya looks at her.

Preeti talks to RJ and tells about getting Bhabhi suddenly. Shanti hears it and gets angry. Nimmi gets tensed seeing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanx for the update

  2. Thanx a lot,
    Actually my television is not working ,and my parents says first get a job than we will repaire it …
    Than I searched for story of M A M ..and I got it…
    Thanx to all who are connected with this…
    Truely this is more entertaining.

  3. such cheap n money minded ppl r shown in diz serial…every1 be it elders or youngsters stoop so low fr mny…i wonder the makers of diz serialz mind….how cn he cum up wid such absurd scenes n thoughts…sarla is such a no words cn describe her…rani ko bahu banaya zameen leli uski n den ghr per laker ye behaviour uske sath i rly felt fr her so much poor thing had no place to go…her fault she is an orphan n luvs amit truly???so diz is hlmg wid her…but its gud to c dat she wil fight back sarla n amit shld rot in jail n have gud police ke dande how i wish it to happen….n diz riya shanti sarla kaushalya namita pari n her sis is searinh dat clothes since ages…kya low budget me money minded serial banaya hai gr8!!! riya n shivam ki first night shayad 1 mnth ke baad ayegi n shadi wala din hi shayad abhi aur 1 hafta chalega…dey shld win an award fr best dragging in a serial…

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