Mere Angne Mein 25th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 25th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti telling about the divorce papers. Riya and Anupam get shocked. Rajender gives the papers to Riya and asks her to sign. Anupam kicks out Rajendra and scolds him. Shanti says we want to do this peacefully, Shivam asked you to sign. Riya says I won’t sign, I will first talk to Shivam. Shanti asks what will you talk to Shivam. Anupam says they don’t deserve your love, sign on it. Riya says Shivam is my husband, I will not sign on any document till I talk to my husband. Anupam checks Shivam’s sign on papers.

Riya calls Shivam. He says I did what you wanted. She asks what did I want. He says I m ending which you started, I hate you Riya, I don’t want to see your face. Anupam tells Riya that Shivam signed on it. Riya cries.

Pari and Nimmi argue. Nimmi

says sorry, you crossed your limits and I had to slap you. Pari says I will call Sujeev. Nimmi stops her and says I will tell him about your love affairs. She says I have your parlor BF video saved, I can show it to Sujeev. Pari says I m not scared, don’t act smart. Nimmi says I m not Preeti to get scared of you, you did not learn proper English till now.

Riya says there is nothing to think now. Shanti shows the keys and reminds Riya. Riya recalls Shivam, their love and marriage. She cries. Riya signs and gives the file. Shanti thanks her. Nimmi sees Vyom’s cupboard messed up and thinks to make a place for her clothes. She throws his clothes. Vyom comes and asks what are you doing, how dare you touch my cupboard. She says I m touching my cupboard. He asks why are you throwing my clothes, this is my room. She says this is my room too, we got married. He asks are you mad, this is not your room and throws her clothes.

She says see what I do now, and throws his clothes. He calls her mad. He asks who will arrange my clothes. She asks him to use his hands, this is my cupboard now, I have keys, I did mistake, it does not mean you will always punish me. Pari looks on. Nimmi leaves. Pari says I m feeling bad seeing your conditions. Vyom leaves.

Shanti says we will not meet now, don’t pass by our lane. Anupam asks her to see her age, she should be ashamed. Shanti says if you had son and got bahu like Riya, you would do what we did. Anupam gets angry. Riya stops him. Anupam says Riya is my daughter, her values are so good that she is stopping me from scolding you, I would have sent you to jail. Shanti says you keep this great valued girl with you, we don’t want her. He asks her to leave.

Shanti looks at the keys kept there. Riya gives her the keys. Shanti says I did not forget, I wanted you to give me, I gave you keys and now I m taking keys from you. Riya asks why do you hate me. Sarla says you don’t suit Shanti Sadan, everyone was loving you, its good we got rid of you. Shanti says I told you, I will make you leave from my house. Riya recalls Shanti’s words. Shanti says you wanted to change my house and family, I warned you and you got against me. Riya says I felt you are angry as your relation with Sarla broke, you were against me, it means you did all that in marriage.

Shanti asks what would I do, you were not leaving, I had to make video and that black saree incident. Sarla says you made Amma work hard, Amma made Mohit’s video, your fate was good, but Amma’s planning was great. Shanti says you ruined Nimmi and Preeti’s lives and had to leave. Riya says you ruined their lives, you did not think how Shivam felt when he signed. Riya says don’t worry for his sorrow, now everyone will be happy, don’t see Shanti Sadan again. Anupam comes and asks them to leave, I will get Riya married to better guy in 6 months. Sarla scolds him. Anupam makes them leave and shuts door. Riya says I got cheated, Shivam did not sign by his wish, Shanti has done all this.

Shivam sees Riya and his marriage pic. He recalls Shanti’s words. Kaushalya talks to him. He says everything will be fine. Riya and Shivam gets sad.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Where the heck is raghav? He was the only character that had any common sense. Stupid shanti I hope If Riya is pregnant they go to court and Riya says I don’t want my baby anywhere near these people. Stupid shanti won:@ when will they show good winning??

    1. You must be blind or hard of hearing if you think Raghav has common sense. He is the reason for the whole family to be this dumb and gulliable. He has zero common sense. He is just a brainwashed buffoon.

  2. Finally riya came to know

  3. Amena Why Didn’t You Write Ptecap?
    RIYA Enters SHANTI SADAN with Luggage.
    That is Only Precap.

    1. That too in a new look…wearing saree lyk Shanthi

  4. Oh my god this such pagan show
    Stick for your self Rayia pagal larki
    Pratgya wa in this show teach you lesson

  5. Ab jake akkal thikane ayi riya ko I think oske papa ne mentos laake di hogi isliye dimaag ki batthi jalgayi.Morden bahuriya kuch karnai payi.ab ye roop daaran karke kya karlegi. Let’s wait and see.

  6. Aditya kiran where are you. U are right riya hi band bajayegi os self ish buddi ka. Besharam kaushalya ka. Achanak howa kya hai riya ko mentos khali kya lo ab tu sab kuch yaad agaya ayisa pata hota pheli hi hum khila dete.kuyi baath nahi derr aye dorust aye.

  7. What a stupid show. Why do the writers think we are fools.
    Why did Riya not call her Lawyer before signing the papers
    Shivam is the stupid fool . No one wants to listen to others problem.
    After all Evil won.
    Please change the story now.

  8. Stupid Hindu type drama

  9. Stupid show. Aditya and saaya is it??

    1. ya so much of negative energy,,,they should show something positive soon

  10. The story is dragging… sound logic in the story in this modern day…..everyone in the serial seems to fight like a fool…and Riya is always crying…getting too repetitive. lots of loose ends in the plot too.
    The biggest duffer is how Kaushalya is being portrayed. We literally don’t get to see such fools in the families of Mughalsarai.
    To much fictional….I don’t crave to watch this serial nowadays as I used to earlier. I am glad about it as the story is really too sluggish and getting unconventional. Pls improve and show some revolution in Riya’s and Shivam’s character, at least for the urban viewers. Are the episodes meant only for the rustic Indian villagers whose IQs boil down to negative?
    Audience will be happy if they get to see how Shanti is being destroyed and how Sarla and her mother’s villainy roles are exposed before everyone.

  11. I don’t understand why did shanti tell Riya what she did???? I mean who would do that ….. This show is getting really silly…and as for preeti she needs a good slap!!!!!!!!!!

  12. What a depressing show!

  13. I hope now Riya and also her father will be strong otherwise show band kardo. She is alone and has no support in the Srivastav family. Let her father help her get justice and get Shanti kuch din ke liye in jail then she will realise her mistake.
    I hope also that Priti get the strenght to fight for herself and create her own world.
    Nimmi well done what you did to Pari, but don’t blame Riya it’ s not fair and please get your donkey MOM some sense.
    And the DONKEY’s here are the writer, director and the producer who thinks that we viewer have no brains. Commom change the storyline and do justice to your Viewers instead of ignoring.
    And Sivam tumhare jaise pati mile na to har ladki ko kunwari rehna chahiyeh, you are good for nothing. Marrried means also support your wife. Sillt cow.

    1. well saidd….

  14. Well said sunita shivam jaisa pati kisiku na mile kisibi ladki ku and shivastav jaisa family na mile

    1. Thanks Jaz, and let us beat the writer, director and producer hahahahha

  15. Shivam is a true Lallu who is not willing to hv personal talk or meeting directly with Riya to ascertain truth but is a puppet in hands of Amma and Sarla who are notorious in doing only bad things.In case of Kids it’s father who take initiative in such serious situation instead of leaving decision making in hands of His Amma and sister despite knowing evil side .Writer shud come up with practical solution to deal with such situations for common viewers in light of latest laws in force.

  16. this show is getting more and more pathetic and ridiculous day by day,I mean whose signs a divorce papers without talking to his spouse?am not an Indian,but there is no way a mother sits and watches her children’s life being destroyed without finding the solutions or causes and no grandmother wishes for her grandchild’s lives to be full of misery except if she the devil herself,above all evil can never triumph over good.soap operas are meant be informative educative and entertainment,but so far this have been full of negativity and it doesn’t do justice to Indian culture that I love and admire, plssss writers change the direction and bring out results it’s time clear some unsolved mysteries and expose sarla and her mother for their atrocities write nandu off the script and bring mohit back show is locked in the room in shirmili house and please give kausliyal some sense ,bring vyom and ninmi togeth er,expose pari intension towards vyom to ninmi.Helen from Nigerian thank you

  17. Safiya in One Word we Can Say “DRAGGING”.
    And Focusing On Secondary Issues is Not A GOOD Sign.
    POOR Direction.

  18. How can preeti blame ria when she went off for mohit leaving her marriage she was d one who told nimmi to take her place……how can ria be blamed for dat dis serial is going stupid day by day… yy r shivam nd kaushalya also blaming ria

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