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Mere Angne Mein 24th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bunty’s aunty meeting Bunty. She tells Bunty that Shanti is a big cheater, see this news of Shanti Sadan auction, will she return money, what will I do if house gets auctioned, my money will not come back. Bunty says no, they will return money, I trust Riya. Aunty asks her did you know all this. Bunty says yes, but I got to know later, don’t worry. Aunty worries.

Shivam beats the goons and is leaving with Riya. He asks her to pick her purse. Police stops them and reminds Riya about her promise. He arrests both of them. Riya tries to explain about the urgency that they have to go and stop house auction. Inspector does not listen. Riya asks Shivam to show her herogiri. Shivam apologizes to inspector and beats him. They leave.

Sarla identifies Amit, and

sends Bansi to steal his money bag. She thinks she will get Shanti Sadan. The auction starts. Shanti cries. The neighbor ladies comment on Shanti, who broke down by house auction. Riya is on the way and tells Shivam about Bunty’s message. The bidding goes on. The lady says Raghav also lost job, what will happen with this family, how will they run home. Raghav calls Nimmi. Nimmi tells him that auctioned started, Shivam and Riya got money, they did not come till now. Riya calls Nimmi and says we are coming, Bunty’s aunty got to know of auction, she is coming, stop her. Nimmi tells Shanti about the same. Nimmi says Bunty’s aunty is coming to take money, as she got to know about auction. Shanti worries and asks Nimmi to stop the lady outside, don’t let her come inside. Amit and Sarla bid high till 6, 90, 000rs.

Amit makes the man quote 7 lakhs. Shanti sees the diya flickering and opens the handcuffs. Shanti and Kaushalya hold the diya. Inspector asks her to sit quietly. Sharma taints that your diya has blown off when auction started. Preeti calls Pari and asks will you come for movie. Pari says your house sale is happening and you want to go for movie. Preeti says I don’t care of that house and asks her to come. Bansi quotes 7 lakhs one rupee.

Amit checks his wallet and says 7 lakhs 5rs. Sarla thinks did Amit get gold mine, he just got 4 lakhs, how will he pay. She checks and says I have just 10rs in purse. Bansi bids with 7 lakhs 10rs. Amit asks the man to give 20rs loan. The man scolds him and leaves. He says I have much money, I m rich. He sees the bag missing and shouts my money. He says inspector, my money got stolen. Sarla laughs. Amit says my money is gone and is sent out by police.

Bansi keeps the bag outside and runs. Amit sees him and asks him to stop. Amit checks bag and cries as all the money is stolen. Raghav calls Kaushalya and asks whats going on, did auction stop. Kaushalya says no, its going on, Shivam did not come till now. He asks her not to worry, Shivam and Riya will reach on time. He ends call.

Sharma asks is there anyone else to bid, and counts down to seal the bidding amount. Riya and Shivam arrive there. Riya says stop, take this tax amount and stop the auction. Everyone smile. Shanti cries and hugs Riya. Shanti asks Riya about the money. Shanti gets the potli and gets the money. She adds all the money. Riya pays the tax. Shanti asks everyone to leave, enough of auction program, this is my house, no one will get it. Sarla thinks Lord did not help me, everyone’s fate is not like Shanti Sadan people. She leaves. Amit says I lost money. Sarla comes to him and asks him why is he crying. He says lady, I lost my 4 lakhs, I earned it by hardwork. Sarla removes her cap and shouts on him. He sees her and says mummy… She scolds him and asks him not to come back home. She beats him and goes.

Shanti asks Sharma to leave and dances with everyone. Preeti meets Pari. Pari asks what happened, you said we will go for movie. Preeti says yes, we will take Lucky along. Pari says we will take his brother along. Preeti calls Nandu. He thinks where did Preeti go, she was here. Everyone dance in Shanti Sadan.

Preeti tells Pari that Lucky is not answering. Shanti thanks her husband to save the house. Shivam asks Sharma to open the locks. Sharma asks them to pay tax on time. Shivam gets angry on him. Sharma says see how he is misbehaving, if his dad taught him manners, he would have not done this. Sharma says see, how angry he is getting. Shanti and everyone stop Shivam. Bunty’s aunty comes and says Shanti you are big cheater. Shanti hugs her and takes her to room. Riya lies to Sharma that lady is Shanti’s friend. Shanti tells the lady that house is saved. Sharma leaves. Inspector comes to arrest Shivam and Riya, Kaushalya asks what did they do, leave them.

Bunty’s aunt asks inspector to arrest everyone, Shanti gave her house to me and took 3 lakhs. Shanti hugs her and says house did not get auctioned, we will pay money in time, leave now. The lady asks inspector to arrest Shanti. Shanti says strange woman, I m treating you well and you are sending me to jail. She asks inspector to leave their children. Inspector says they both are goons. Kaushalya says my bahu is not bad. Inspector tells them that Riya is big goon, she left her angry husband on me, see my nose. Shivam and Riya get arrested. Shanti says one problem went and another came.

Shanti kicks out Nirmala from the house. They get shocked seeing Shanti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Going by the precap – had shanti found out about sarla getting Ashok remarried?

  2. Going by the precap – had shanti found out about sarla getting Ashok remarried? Hope so, and hope she doesn’t help sarla out with money no more.

  3. Wondering if shivam is bitten by stary dog…A$$hole ,He is of no use…Just shouting ,getting angry on riya and now started his $hitty behaviour towards everyone…He sud be slapped nd thrown out…
    Sarla and Amit ,oh my god..I wonder which women wants her mother and son out of house and suffer,,,,,
    From starting of episode Madam X is mystery…
    Started when riya’s dadi nani attended her wedding and now nani is expired , still sarla and her two comedy supporters…oh my…
    Where in world will women arrange for such gown,wig all of soon…Sarla is too much..
    Our writers …nothing to say about these mentally ill people.

  4. Shivam is a loser . Nd sarla is unbearable. How can a girl like riya tolerate nonsense behaviour of shivam.

  5. But from where did they get 20,000 which kaushlya was to bring

  6. Please, at least now change the storyline, now shanti should change and not always keep giving money to her daughter whose not helped her out. She should support her grandchildren and Riya and not always listen to sarla and pari/Amit.

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