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Mere Angne Mein 24th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti arguing with Sahil. Sahil says Riya and Shivam have left from our home, I will leave, ask Riya to call me. Shanti says fine, we will end her to tell you that she reached here. Sahil asks what. Shanti says I m joking kerele. He asks what. She says look at your green tee. Nimmi and Preeti laugh. Sahil leaves. Shivam and Riya hold hands and have an eyelock. Kabhi jo badal barse……………plays………… They close eyes and get close… The tea vendor comes and disturbs them. Shivam argues with him. The tea vendor asks him to enjoy and not understand the meanings. He goes.

Riya says she has to say something. Shivam acts romantic and jokes. She says its serious, she did a big mistake, she has kept fast for him, it broke, Sahil made her eat bhujiya, I

did not eat I, I m confused whether my fast is still on or not. He says his mood spoiled, he kept fast for her. She says sorry, Sahil spoiled it, whats the solution now. He says punishment is the solution. She asks what. He asks her to come close. She says if anyone sees us. He says I can hug you, I m your husband officially. She says she is feeling guilt.

He says whats this, shall we feel your guilt now. She hugs him and they smile. They hear police coming and run. The constable stops them. Riya says let us go, we are husband and wife. They leave on the bike. Kaushalya and Shanti have a talk, and call Riya and Shivam as Shiv-Parvati. Shanti asks Nimmi to call Riya. Nimmi says they are not answering call. Shanti says Shivam is roaming with Riya. Shivam and Riya come home. Kaushalya asks Nimmi to inform Raghav. Shanti asks why to give him tension, its just bahu, not Obama.

Kaushalya welcomes Riya and does aarti tilak of Riya and Shivam. Riya greets Shanti. Shanti blesses her and calls Raghav to come. Nimmi says Shanti stopped us from telling dad. Shanti tells Riya that Sahil has come, why did you get late. Shanti ties Shivam’s hand with Riya’s pallu, saying good family guys don’t stand behind his wife, what will people sya seeing you all roaming, don’t you have job. Shivam says its last day of leave today. Shanti sends him to his room.

Shanti says she is thinking what nek to give Riya. Nimmi tells Shivam that she is tensed, Shanti is playing big game, Shanti can make Riya on her side, she is very clever, tell Riya to be careful of Shanti. Shivam says you mean I ask Riya to not talk to Dadi, we will not tell anything to Riya, if anything happens, Riya can see, Shanti has supported me in marriage and did right. Nimmi says you changed, you feel Shashikala is right. He says I knew my house system, so I did not wish to marry Riya, but she said she will adjust. Nimmi leaves angrily.

Kaushalya asks Shivam what happened. Shivam says Nimmi is mad. She asks him to have food. He says he is fasting. She asks him to eat later and goes. He smiles. Shanti tells Riya that she missed her a lot. Kaushalya comes and asks Riya about her fast, and says I m very happy, its your first fast. Shanti sends Kaushalya. Riya gets tensed and tells Shanti that her fast got broken. Shanti calls out Kaushalya and does not tell her. She asks her to go to terrace for some work.

Sahil comes home and Bua asks is everything fine, Shanti would have not asked for food. Sahil says no, she asked me to have food. He says Riya and Shivam did not reach. Bua says maybe they went somewhere out. Bua says Shanti will do something. Sahil says she is very sweet. Bua says just I m bad. Riya apologizes to Shanti. Shanti says don’t tell this to Shivam and Kaushalya. Riya asks how can I lie. Shanti says you just hide, and if you lie to not hurt anyone, its not lie.

Shanti says your fasting time starts now, go and see. Kaushalya comes to Raghav’s room and sees him sleeping. She asks Nimmi to wake up Raghav. Nimmi wakes up Raghav. Raghav sees Kaushalya outside and says tell your mum, I will get food myself, no need to worry. Nimmi asks Kaushalya whats the matter. Kaushalya says nothing. Nimmi asks why is she hiding, tell me the truth. Kaushalya tells what pandit said, as his stars are not fine.

Riya greets Raghav. He asks is she going to office. Nimmi covers Raghav with towel. Kaushalya asks him to wear shirt, as his bahu has come back. They smile. Shanti sees Kaushalya is not in kitchen and boils milk. She makes the milk fall and shouts Kaushalya. She says milk has fallen and scolds her. Kaushalya says she kept it on sim. Sarla and Rani come home. Shanti welcomes Sarla and blesses Rani. She asks Rani to go and help Kaushalya. Sarla smiles being excited to see the drama.

Riya says you have messed my room. He says this is my room. She says this is our room now. He teases him for fasting. He says I m guy and did not fast, I m just hungry, you did not keep fast and teases her. He says he will tell everyone. She says go and tell, I already told. He asks what did Dadi say. She says she did not say anything. He says its good. She says I think I should tell Kaushalya. He says don’t worry, Kaushalya will ask you to keep fast next year, she won’t scold you. He asks her not to fight with him. She promises him and they smile. Amit gets his friends to show the land. Ashok looks on. Amit says I will get this land, I have contacts. Ashok asks whats going on. Amit thinks why did he come here and asks Ashok not to interfere, as he is a manager. Ashok says your Mama will be big railway guard, but I rule in this canteen. He scolds Amit and says I m manager here and I will not let you do anything. Amit’s friends beat Ashok badly. Amit just sees this and gets tensed. He then stops his friends and sends him. Ashok gets wounded. Amit asks why is he getting insulted. Ashok folds hands and says I knew you are ashamed to call me son.

Shivam and Riya have sweet romance. Kabhi jo badal barse…………plays…………. Kaushalya talks to Rani in kitchen and says she will go and call Riya. Rani says I will go and get her. Shanti says she will just talk to Kaushalya and come. Shanti is upto something and Sarla looks on.

Shanti holds Shivam and slips on the stairs, and says she saved from a big bad happening. Kaushalya scolds Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this program is about women oppression,and i am positive the production team support this that they make such shows,i wish people in india boycott such moronic program.

  2. people like kaushally and ragav encourage to make people like shanti ,they tolerate abuse and oppression,cherena aur darna marna hai:you dont deserve to call yourself a family,die of shame.

  3. please people either change the track or stop this show

  4. What writers should understand is that some viewers are cleverer than them to remember. Sahil was asked to give gifts to Kausi. But he did not do that. Just left them on the floor. If gifts were given to Kausi it would have given some self confidence to her. I have no sympathy for Kausi and the rest of the idiots. Now I get some satisfaction when I see their suffering due to stupidity. Serves them right.

  5. This dram make bad women more baf and good women more suffer not good for society

  6. This is all about how you can drag one thing….showing that everyone is dumb around Sarla and Shashikala……. when is Riya going to join the dumb clan so she can be a part of dumb spectators?

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