Mere Angne Mein 24th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 24th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya saying these plants do not need water. Nimmi says every plant needs water and sunlight. Riya says no, not every plant, and gives example of cactus. Kaushalya says I knew this. Riya and Nimmi argue. Shanti asks Riya to come and arrange her cupboard. Nimmi says I will help you. Shanti says last time you took some money from my cupboard. Kaushalya says I will come. Shanti asks why are you creating issue when I m taking Riya to arrange cupboard. Riya smiles and goes with Shanti. Nimmi says why did Dadi change side. Kaushalya says don’t know, I have been arranging cupboard since all these years. Nimmi thinks I won’t let Riya win. Riya checks cupboard and says its perfectly arranged.

Shanti asks did you stare at the swing. Riya says I did not stare, but I have

seen swing. Shanti thinks you wanted to sit on swing. Riya says no, its not like you are thinking. Shanti says then leave it, I will make Nimmi or Kaushalya the heir. Riya says no, I mean I did not think it on own, till you told me. Shanti asks are you seeing yourself on the swing. Riya imagines and smiles. Shanti asks her to do what she says. Nimmi says now I will see what they are talking, I will record everything, and see how Shanti breaks my dreams. Kaushalya asks what dreams, Shanti will scold you if she sees this. Pari comes home and argues with Nirmala. Nirmala scolds her and goes. Sarla asks Pari to do her work as Sarla is paying her. Pari agrees to do the work. Sarla says we have less time, we have to think and do something big in Shanti Sadan.

Shanti tells Riya to kick out Nirmala from Sarla’s house, and then she will make Riya the heir of the house. Riya smiles. Rani tells Nirmala that she does not want to know what Sarla and Pari are talking, I don’t care. Nirmala says Sarla can get after you also, you know what I heard, Amit has a second woman and a child also. Rani asks her not to say nonsense and gets angry. Nirmala says Sarla and Pari know this and are planning to make you leave. Rani threatens to kill her. Nirmala says I want to help you, if anything happens with you, I will help you. Rani goes. Nirmala smiles.

Riya says fine, I will obey your command, I will throw Nirmala out. Shanti says no one should know about this heir ship matter, else no one will sit on swing. Nimmi records everything. Riya says I promise I won’t say anyone. Shanti says I will declare to everyone that you are my heir and also do aarti to you. Shanti asks whose phone is that at window. Riya checks and asks Nimmi were you recording us, Nimmi you did wrong, Nimmi asks what about your planning. Riya says yes, we are talking personal things. Shanti asks Nimmi to come inside the house. Nimmi and Kaushalya come to Shanti. Shanti asks for phone. Nimmi says I won’t give till I know the talk. She runs. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get phone.

Nimmi says Kaushalya is crying, and Shanti is giving importance to Riya. Shanti says so Kaushalya ignited the fire. Kaushalya says no, I was stopping Nimmi. Shanti scolds her and asks did you think we are planning against you, you did very bad. Kaushalya says I did not do anything. Nimmi asks Kaushalya not to get scared. Riya says I respect Kaushalya, we did not talk about Kaushalya. Shanti says don’t explain, go and do the work I gave you. Shanti asks for phone. Nimmi says I won’t give phone till I see video. Shanti says fine, forget what I said and clap for someone else. Nimmi says fine, and keeps phone. The video plays and Nimmi and Kaushalya hear Shanti asking Riya to make Nirmala leave from Sarla’s house, then she will make her heir.

Kaushalya starts crying and says you broke my trust Amma ji, I was foolish to think I will become the heir. Shanti says stop crying, I did not do anything wrong and will never do. Nimmi says you did wrong with me by fake promise. Shanti says I was dying and came back, I m above lies and promises. Riya says Shanti did right, if she wants me to become head of family, whats the problem. Nimmi says Dadi promised me also that if I agree to her, she will make me heir too, I think Dadi fooled all three of us. Kaushalya goes and cries. Dadi says yes, I will make heir to the one who passes the test, I told you three to check. Nimmi says I m ready, I will kick out Nirmala from house. Shanti says no need, I gave this work to Riya, everyone will get chance, but not together. Nimmi asks what about me and mummy if Riya passes. Shanti says no, if Riya wins, Riya will reach close to swing. Riya looks on shocked.

Shanti tells Kaushalya to take part and compete. Nimmi says if Riya wins, we both will not become head. Kaushalya asks what to do. Nimmi says we have to stop Riya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why are the women of shanti sadan arguing between themselves and not thinking of property papers or if sarla is planning anything against them. Why no storyline. Boring. Instead of arguing amongst themselves why don’t they unite and solve nirmala’s problem?

  2. They absolutely destroyed the serial. Riya is educated, she should be thinking of getting a job and supporting her family instead of all this nonsense politics. Nimmi, is it granted that she will always stay in Shanti sadan? Why aren’t they getting her remarried? Kaushalya, as usual is a waste of space. As for Sarla, that woman will never learn. She isn’t even scared that if something happens to Raghav, she’ll not have a house to live in. Shanti needs to stop doing all these dirty things and focus on getting back Shanti Sadan papers. It’s a disgrace that elders are depicted this way.

  3. Shanti should have died. She is the cause of all the problems.

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