Mere Angne Mein 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Riya acting sweet with Shanti. Raghav asks Kaushalya to stop Riya. Kaushalya and Raghav sing Phoolon ka taaron ka…… Shanti gets emotional and smiles. Everyone sing along. Riya also joins them. Everyone stop singing. She showers flowers on Shanti. Raghav gets annoyed and goes. Shivam asks Riya not to sing, can’t she sing no one is happy. Shivam leaves Riya in a room. Shanti stares at Riya.

Mama talks to his GF and asks him to come to him. Sharmili comes there and pushes him. She says you are frying pakodas in love oil. He says your both sons got married, you did not do anything for my marriage. She asks him to make wall of Sunehri’s room. She gives him 10000rs and asks him to do anything, make the wall overnight.

Sarla thinks its good Riya went. Kaushalya

dances with Preeti and Shanti on the song Haste Haste….Riya asks Shivam to listen to her. She asks him to move, its her right to see the dance. He says no one has right on anyone, because of you. She says fine, bear me for six months, then I will leave.

Pari asks Nimmi where are you going. Nimmi says I don’t think its imp to answer you. Pari stops her and shouts asking Sharmili to come fast. Nimmi is running with house’s gold, she slapped me. Sharmili asks Nimmi whats happening. Nimmi says I m wearing my own jewelry, I m going to my mum’s place. Sharmili asks will you not take permission from me. Pari says how can she go without patphere. Nimmi says patphere is over, when Sharmili left me and Shanti got me here. Sharmili says that was not patphere, I took you to dump you there, and Shanti brought you here with police. Nimmi says Shanti is unwell, I want to see her once, please let me go.

Shanti tells Kaushalya that she is feeling glad. She hugs Preeti and Shivam. She praises Chanda and says she served me well when I had leg sprain. Riya cries. Chanda says I m thinking to take everyone’s pic. Shanti says call Nandu, maybe he is not here, and asks Preeti to take the pic. Sarla makes Chanda sit with Shivam. Riya worries and cries.

Shivam leaves from the photo. The police comes and everyone get shocked. Riya thinks why did Anupam get police. Sharmili asks Nimmi to come back in one hour, and whatever you are wearing, you have to get this jewelry back. Nimmi says don’t think bad about my parents. Sharmili says I know your parents and Dadi well, Pari did a good thing today.

Anupam asks everyone did they lock Riya at home. Raghav asks whats this bad behavior. Anupam says you said we locked Shanti at home. Raghav says we came alone, not with police. Anupam asks inspector to see, they locked Riya. He asks Riya to come. Inspector tells Raghav came to police station and did drama when Shanti was missing, when Shanti came back, you did not inform police, what are you doing with bahu, you can get arrested. Riya says I m fine and happy, everything is fine here. Inspector says room was locked and you are saying everything is fine, sorry Raghav, I have to arrest you all. They all get shocked.

Nimmi asks Pari to allow her to leave. Pari says I won’t permit you. Nimmi says if you don’t agree, then I don’t need your permission. Pari asks her to hold her ears and pushes Nimmi, saying you are misbehaving with me. Mama and Sharmili look on. Nimmi pushes Pari and asks her to do anything. Mama tells Sharmili that congrats, your divide and rule policy worked.

Inspector says there is report against you all in station. Shivam says Riya was saying nonsense and we locked her in room. Anupam says you can burn her tomorrow. Riya says no, don’t do anything to them. Anupam asks Riya not to stop inspector. Inspector asks constable to arrest them. Riya asks how can you do this. Anupam says Raghav has govt job, once he goes jail, he will lose job. Kaushalya apologizes to Riya and says don’t drag Raghav in this. Riya says I m trying to explain them, what shall I do. She asks Anupam to understand. Anupam says they have given us much sorrow, let them suffer. Shanti asks Raghav to see, Riya is sending them to jail.

Riya tells Anupam that this is her house and he has no right to get police like that, he did not do good by getting police here. Everyone look at her.

Inspector says till Anupam takes report back, we can’t leave then. Riya requests Anupam to take report back.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sana

    No use of riya stopping the arrest. This idiotic family will still blame her to call the police first and then do drama of saving them so she could become a good bahu. It’s better to have all of them arrested and rot in jail.. that’s what they deserve!! Crappy show crappy family! Had enough of this torture already?????

  2. roz

    blaaahh…Kaushalya spoiled the song for stupid shanthi,,,,,,,,what are u doing Riya……y r u begging to ur father fr them.,,.let them beg…..Anupam rocks ….he did right thing today

    • jaz

      Ha roz song tu bada pyara tha.khusiya ne gane ka satyanas kardiya.roz sarla ne kitna hit song play kiyatha.(hasthe hasthe) this song na roz ye gatiya family ku SUIT nahi discusting yaar.roz I love the song.hasthe hasthe)..ragav tu ek dum joker lagrahatha.(chaichap)iski amma tu kitni FRAUD hai.agar achi hoti na tu kya hota.

  3. jaz

    Bewakoof ne kya kiya..acha khsa anupham jail..mei…dalraha… ku.dihar jail mein kamine log.

  4. roz

    Gud eve Jaz Adi Noori and alll……Riya will save Shrivastavas and they will blame her again,,..

  5. jaz

    YA roz…THEN ..again..start..blaming..DRAMA..ek khi tu sahara tha riya ka uske papa ka.lekin ye besharam family o bhi chiiniliya.o besharam kushiya kese DAnce karahi thi.shameless aurat.

    • roz

      Haaa jaz….I didm’t watch today’s epi…..first song was the title song of the serial “ek hazzaaron mein meri behna hein”….Isn’t it,,,,? that was my fav serial………ofcourse Kaushalya is acting mad………..!
      and Nimmi is coming???….Nimmi didn’t get many chances lyk Preethi to blame Riya….sasural me thi na…Hope she will use this opportunity verywell :p

  6. A Big Hi to JAZ Roz Noori Fathi Lovely Swapna And Everyone.
    Aaj toh Srivaztav PARIVAAR HADH kardj BESHARMI KI.
    SAB LOG NACHRE Kaali APNI Bahu ku Chodke

    Raghav KO Chuba Uski Bahu KI Ahvaaz.
    Saara Plan Kharaab kari RIYA NE.
    EK Dialogue SE Saara Srivastav PARIVAAR Hussain sagar mai Doob Marna

    • jaz

      Ha Adu meine padliya hai.Adu tum Ms dhoni ki fan ho .me also.aaj..apne.sasural nahi japai..kal jana hai..TWO days (nautanki) e ri..tabiyat..

  7. john

    shivam is the biggest donkey in the show,he is portrayed as an impotent who cannot support his wife is called a bha wra like shivam.

  8. Amoula

    Riya you are so stupid. Let the police arrest them and move on in your life. You are so ridiculous. You seem like a dog behind them. You are a shame for all the women

  9. Nab

    Growing up in such a family, the children are bound to suffer from psychological problems. Shivam is keeping everything inside, he dares not show his emotions, just not to upset his mother and dadi. The poor boy will explode one day.
    At least Preeti is showing her frustration, and khusia is bearing the brunt. But Riya should do something big, abd shake thenm to the core, as shanti/sarla are strong opponents.

  10. Nab

    The damages done by the people of ss to Riya are beyond repairs, i think Riya wants to make them realise her worth. Then she will leave shanti sadan and then they will be desperate to win their bahu and wife back.

  11. ab Namita bhi shanti sadana aaegi aur Riya ko torture karegi .Namita ko bhi abhi realize hona chahiye ki wo shadi ke pehele Riya ko kitna torture karti thi. Abhi wo bhi shanti sadan mein aakar tamasha karegi. Preeti ki baat to mujhe kisi bhi angle se uski life spoil nahi lagti hai ..oolta wo abhi kuch kaam nahi karti aur sabko emotional blackmail karke dominate karti hai aur nandu ko servent ki tarah treat karti hai. Kaushalya ko ye nahi dikhta ki uski khud ki betiya ki manar less aur third class hai. …khaas karke wo preeti ek selfish , characterless , money minded hai wo bhi sarla ki tarah shsnti sadanki property chahti hai . Kaushalya phir bhi riya ko blame karti hai ..shame on her and shrivastav family.

  12. Drbrowny1904

    Too much negativity really spoils the show… The director should atleast understand this at this crucial point of time… He should concentrate on building riya’s character much stronger and also narration should be crisp…not very lengthy. Regarding pari, too much importance, grave mistake…not very supporting to show… Sharmili house’s episodes are disgusting enough… Kindly change … I think I agree with most of our ‘sincere’ viewers??

  13. Good Morning JAZ Roz NOORI FATHI LOVELY And Everyone.
    There is No problem with Your Understanding.
    The Story went According to Our Understanding

    They Have Only ONE Motive “DRAG The Story”
    That is Why They Are Not Disclosing The Truth of SHANTI DEVI AND SARLA.
    They Are Worsening The Character of SHIVAM too.


  14. The serial is not making headway nor Riya doing anything concrete to tide over the situation. If she is so called माडर्न.बहुरिया, what effective steps or actions worth the name are planned ? She has to bounce back on ShantDevi, Sarla Bua to expose their illdeeds instead she appears to be महामूर्ख type The serial is just wandering lacking purpose.

  15. Rafida

    I have had enough. I can’t endure this all drama anymore. Riya In fact should get all of them arrested for atleast teo days and especially that oldie so called SHANTI DEVI. Then they will realise their value. Even if possible Riya should get all of them hanged by accusing them . Just the way they made her life a hell. Preeti you better be quit . Because you already have lost your reputetion respect and everything. You have stooped so low infront of everyone’s eyes. So you servant you better be careful next time . And don’t you dare argue eith anyone especially with Nandu your parents your siblings and everyone else

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