Mere Angne Mein 24th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 24th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bansi and Rajendra coming to Shanti Sadan via balcony. Nandu stops them and asks who are they. Sarla thinks did yamraj came to take Mohit. She sees them and tells Nandu that she called Bansi and Rajendra for help. She asks them to take Mohit with them in the bag.

Vyom asks Pari what did she do. Pari says I did not do anything, you felt burning sensation by haldi and sent same water to Preeti’s home, right? Preeti’s haldi is going on, everyone is happy. Vyom calls Riya and asks her not to give bath to Preeti b y that water, it was chilli mixed. Riya gets shocked and rushes. She stops Kaushalya and throws that water. Kaushalya scolds Riya for this. Riya says Vyom called and said this water had chilli. She asks them to hear it on speaker. Vyom tells them that don’t

know how did this happen, I m sorry, don’t give bath to Preeti by that water, I really care for her. Renu says Riya is right, my hand is burning, the water fell on me. Shanti praises Vyom. Sarla comes and tells about Mohit. Renu asks what happened. Kaushalya starts saying about Riya bringing Mohit, and Shanti stops Kaushalya from saying anything. Shanti asks Rani to make haldi water with Vyom’s name. She asks Renu to go with Rani to help her. Shanti asks Nandu, Bansi and Rajendra to bring Mohit down and take him outside fast. Renu and Rani put haldi water on Preeti to do the ritual. Mohit is taken away. Preeti sits sad.

Shanti asks them to take Preeti to room. She gets relieved that tension got less now. Kaushalya stares at Riya.

Amit asks inspector to let her his mummy. She scolds him and asks him to sit silently. She leaves other people on bail. Amit asks the man to bail him out too. The man and his friends leave. Riya asks Sarla to give Mohit to police. Sarla says till marriage, police will make rounds. Shanti says we can give him to police, fine leave that, but we have to keep an eye on Preeti, Riya will guard her. Riya agrees to be with Preeti always. Kaushalya says no need to tell Riya. Riya promises to guard Preeti.

Sarla says I will not leave Mohit. Shanti says leave him. Sarla says I won’t, and asks Bansi not to leave Mohit free. Bansi and Rajendra take Mohit and leave. Sarla tells Shanti that she has other work now. Shanti asks her to get Amit. Sarla says fine, I will get him. She asks Rani will she come. Rani says I will come later. Sarla asks her to come along and they leave for their home.

Sarla tells Rani to take complaint back, even you love Amit right. Rani refuses. Sarla requests her to free Amit, and accepts Amit did wrong. She apologizes and says I will make him apologize, you come with me and take complaint back. Bansi and Rajendra stop rickshaw on the way to have tea.

Mohit gets free and runs. Bansi and Rajendra run and see Mohit gone. Rani and Sarla come to police station. Sarla asks Amit not to worry. Rani says madam, leave my husband. Inspector says I knew you will come here to say this, but I will not leave him. Rani and Sarla ask her to leave Amit, else they will burn police station. Inspector asks what kind of people they are to threaten her. She releases Amit. Sarla cries meeting Amit. Rani asks Sarla why is she hugging Amit, instead of scolding him, say something else…. Sarla acts to scold Amit and beats him. Rani says you should have done this before. Rani says I m forgiving Amit as its holika dahan tomorrow, I love you a lot, that’s why. Sarla thanks inspector for helping her and takes Amit and Rani.

Kaushalya tells Shanti that its holi. Shanti asks don’t you know what happens on hoilika dahan, if I die this year, what will you do next year. She tells the rituals. Raghav comes home and talks to them about holi. Shanti tells about keeping functions soon after holi. Raghav says Nimmi will manage, what will we elders do in sangeet and all. Kaushalya tells Nandu to be careful, no stranger should get inside home. Nimmi shows the phone and reminds what all Nandu did. Shanti asks Nimmi to show her phone. She say even I m thinking to buy one like this. She asks Nimmi to make tea for her.

Someone throws a paper. Riya gets Mohit’s letter and thinks he did not learn a lesson after getting beaten up. She goes in balcony and sees Mohit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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