Mere Angne Mein 24th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Mere Angne Mein 24th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti and Sarla leaving. Shanti asks Kaushalya to carry on her work. Sarla asks where are we going. Shanti says you will know when we meet that person. Pari calls Sarla and tells the problem. Sarla says I can’t understand, I m outside, we will talk later. Pari says Sarla does not care for me, I have to think something on my own. Nandu comes home. Shanti asks him to do some work, as he is staying for free. She asks him to take leave from office and distribute cards. He says sure and goes. Shanti says we will take sweets on the way.

Sujeev shouts to Pari. Pari gets tensed. Sharmili asks Nimmi to get juice. Pari asks Sharmili to save her, Sujeev is calling me to beat me. Sharmili and Nimmi smile. Sujeev shouts to Pari asking her to come fast. Pari asks Sharmili to

save her. Sharmili scolds her. Pari apologizes and asks Sharmili to come with her.

Riya goes to Raghav’s office and asks the peon about him. He says he is in meeting, wait here. She says fine, just inform him I m waiting for him here. Shanti and Sarla meet Anupam. He asks why did they come. Sarla says have sweets, we came to give you good news. He asks her to say clearly whats the matter. Sarla says we came to give you marriage invitation, we got first card for you. He asks whose marriage. She asks him to promise he will come. She gives him the card. Anupam checks card and gets shocked seeing Shivam and Chanda’s wedding card. Shanti smiles seeing his expressions. Anupam sees the invitation is given by Riya’s name.

Riya asks the peon about Raghav. He says meeting ended and he went to Delhi. She asks why did you not tell me, I told you before. He says don’t shout, I have many work, I forgot. She apologizes and worries thinking what will happen now. Shanti tells Anupam that Riya is happy and celebrating for Shivam’s marriage, you have given birth to a great daughter. Anupam tears the card and says you are doing wrong, this will happen with your daughters too. Shanti says Riya already ruined their fate, you did abshagun by tearing card, you have to pay price for this. He says its limit now, I won’t hear anything bad about Riya. She says I think you did not like our coming here. Shanti and Sarla see Kaushalya reaching there and hide.

Kaushalya meets Anupam and asks for her Chandrahaar back. He says you all are so fallen people. She says your daughter is such fallen, give me my necklace. He says I will call police. She says fine, I will be here. He says you are shameless to ask for things given in marriage. She says yes, I m shameless. He says I will get the necklace, I have given my daughter in a cheap house. Kaushalya takes the necklace. Shanti says Kaushalya became tigress and smiles. Kaushalya leaves. Shanti and Sarla leave too.

Chanda calls her BF and says I m coming. Riya hears her. Nandu gets some grain bags. Chanda hides and leaves. Riya follows Chanda and thinks whom is Chanda going to meet. Chanda sees Riya in the mirror and stops. Riya turns away. Chanda goes with her BF. Riya thinks where did Chanda go. Chanda tells her boyfriend that they got saved today, Riya can come from anywhere, come at night, don’t make me wait, leave now.

Chanda comes home and does some work. Riya comes and sees her at home. Anupam calls Riya and asks about Shivam’s marriage. Riya denies it. He says don’t lie, Shanti and Sarla came to give card. She asks what, I won’t let this marriage happen, don’t interfere in my matters, I will manage, take care. She ends call.

Nandu does the work. Preeti sees him and scolds him for acting as Lucky. She insults him. He asks what are you saying. She says you met me today. He denies sit and says why will I act with you, I m at home. Kaushalya comes home and tells Riya that she got the Chandrahaar back. Shanti and Sarla come home and look on. Kaushalya says I snatched this from your dad, I will make my bahu wear this. Shanti says Kaushalya made me happy today, she feels deserving to be my bahu. Kaushalya makes Chanda wear the Chandrahaar and compliments her. She asks Riya how does it look. She tells Chanda that she will give this to her in marriage. She asks Riya not to challenge her. Kaushalya asks Preeti what happened at parlor. Preeti says I won’t answer everything. Shanti scolds her and asks her to leave. Sarla tells Shanti that she will leave now.

Its night, Shanti hears anklet sound and gets scared. She goes out to see. Kaushalya too comes out and screams seeing the ghost. Shanti shouts and asks everyone to come out. Kaushalya creams and holds herself. Shivam asks what happened. Kaushalya says I have seen ghost. Shanti says I told you I have seen someone. She sees Riya missing from her place.

Riya frees Shivam and all of them from this relation. She says I will never come back. Shivam looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohh thank god!!!! I’m happy for the precap,,,,,once Chanda’s truth comes out,they will beg to Riya,,,,,

  2. crap show.Boring.precap is gud.I think Riya took right decision. Finally she think about her self respect. shivastav family especially kusiya deserve fraud daughter in law like chanda.Now they learn about Riya good hearted.I think Nandu is bf of chanda but not according to the dressup I think he is mohit.Go to hell.kya socha thaa kyaa hogya.feeling disappointed .

  3. thanks riya you should do this before at least now your awake good precap these shrivastav family are not value you let chanda be there daughter in law as she has the brain as they

  4. Finally the ‘recap bring some cheer to people like me who were yearning to see a strong character in riya. Also I am anxiously waiting for raghav to give a dressing down to everyone of his family,

  5. THEY peoples are so cheap and specialle that kaushalya. I hope ki agar shadi ho gai na channda ki shivam se to in logo ko akal aani chahiye aur ye log jaake riya se bhik maangne chaiye par riya shoul not forgive.
    More than shanti and sarla I hate tha kaushalya and preeti khud ki aur khudki beti ki galti apni bahu par daalti hai cheap minded lady bholi banne ka dikhawa krti hai aur kitna overacting krti hai……………………………………………………………

  6. Chandra’s boyfriend looks like mohit. And if indeed he is mohit then it would be most fascinating to see Sarla and daadi amma’s face

  7. Shanti is being over smart. Waiting for the good days for RIA. Request for Ekta not to show too much atyachaar. Show real life things.

  8. Finally, the looooooooooooong awaiting scenes are yet to come.. Can’t wait to see the sufferings caused to kusalya, shanthi sarala preeti gang by chanda… meantime poori/pari the fraud will also bounce back from in laws house. may be Namitha too. who ever blamed Ria are going to suffer in another 2 weeks. Let shivam kill himself for doing this for his blo*dy mom kusilya. The so called dad always hides whenever there is a problem he is such a useless character and got awards for it.

  9. Hi roshni sakeeth. Roz hawa jaz riya’s fan and all mam. Fans. Precap was fantastic. I think mohit is chand’s bf. Mohit is involved. Kaushalya and sarla shanti. Deserve fraud daughter like chanda

    1. mohit wanted to revenge riya as he think she is the one who bring misunderstanding between him and priti it must be he sent chanda so that she can separate Riya and shivam and I think he successed

    2. Hai Fathi,,,,,Chanda’s aim is to loot Srivastavas,,,,,Mohit is frm a good family,,,why will he do that,,,,,,may be cvs manipulated Mohit’s character to show Nandu good,,,,hope he also knw abt mms made by Sarla

  10. I’m much sure that Mohit is Chanda boyfriends, as RIYA stop Mohit to marry preeti

  11. Cheap khusiya has a dinosaur like face is a shit lady with no values and brains.prerecap is very good indeed. Riya should have done this before. Khusiya and her stupid talks are untolerable in the show.Riya should dump that idiot shivam.

  12. Hey All,
    I understand that it is a horrible serial with a sick writer/director/creative team. But the characters are doing exactly how the story is written, so there is no use cursing/blaming them. Nonetheless, as for the actors/actresses in the serial, I think they also should own upto some moral responsibility for showing such crap ideas.

    I think if the serial’s TRP continues to be stable, the writers won’t understand that they are writing a sick serial, with nothing good to see/teach or watch. So, I think people should boycott such serials, not watch them till the point that the serial improves its contents or the channel stops broadcasting it. As for myself, I used to watch this serial, but have stopped watching it after Chanda’s entry.

    Sick serial. Sick writers/creative team.. I hope what they write in the serial happens in their own life, so they wnt wste our time showing such mindless shit.

    I hate them.

    1. Many ppl including me already stopped watching this serial,,,,bt still no change,,,hope Riya will go back to her maayka

  13. Oh I am so happy Riya has decided to leave.

  14. I think riya went to meet ragah at Delhi and tell him the whole situation and try to stop this nonsense because he is the only person who can understand her and so i feel she just made an excuse by saying that she will never come back and free them. ..what do you guys feel?

    1. Yea,,,,maybe she will enter the mandap with Raghav at the last minute,,,,,,bt I want her to move on so that we can see Chanda’s drama

    2. i agree

  15. Tell me has Riya dressed like the witch shantidevi able to sort anything..NO.all i saw was her getting blamed and insulted on daily bases.No self respecting person should have to go through this.Shivam is blind and his mum is stupid and useless and hope her dtr suffers same fate.The whole family has stooped so low..the serial is disappointing.Riya an educated woman..will to get insulted and her father being humilated too..does she not care about their own reputation?Stop this nonsense and go home to your dear father..these shameless shanti and her disfunctional family are not worth it.Kaushalya you are not a mother but useless bit of dirt and shame on you for not using your brains..just a doirmat for Shanti wipe her feet on..well serves you right.Prity and Nimi come clean or you also rot in brain..useless man..

    1. U are right Uaha,….she should go back to her papa and concentrate in her career

  16. riya don’t u have some self respect

  17. Chanda Chandrahaar lekar bhaag jayegi,aur woh bewakuf kaushalya baithke rone wali hai

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