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Mere Angne Mein 24th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari talking to Riya. She sees the big cake and think my cake will go waste. She thinks she won’t let her plan fail. Riya gets the three tier cake outside and Preeti gets surprised. Everyone sing happy birthday cake. Nandu tells Preeti that I got what you wanted, next time don’t challenge me. Preeti says you and your cake go to hell and makes cake fall down. She asks them that they did not wish her all day and now showing she is bad.

Riya says its nothing like that. Shanti scolds Preeti, and says if you a word against Riya, I will not spare you, Preeti you have good valued mother and look at yourself, Riya does not have mother, still she knows relations, Preeti got some bit hurt and she made world her enemy, and Shivam was marrying infront of Riya, she has still

done so much and was determined, Riya worked hard since yesterday for Preeti, and Preeti has thrown the cake. Everyone look on shocked as Shanti praises Riya. Riya cries and says Shanti praised me for the first time.

Kaushalya says Shanti never praised me so much till now. Shanti says so what, I got to know Riya later, but now I know Riya is good. She tells Preeti that her birthday is over, whatever you get as gift, keep it in my room, you don’t deserve gifts. Raghav says there is one solution now, Preeti won’t stay in this house, Nandu find a room for yourself. Everyone get shocked.

Pari asks Sarla whats happening, Shanti is taking Riya’s side. Sarla says its fine, you come here twice daily and make them fight. Shanti tells that she can’t bear anything wrong. She tells Riya that she will decide everything, Preeti insulted food by throwing cake, Preeti will cook food for 51 people and serve needy at the temple, then she will come home and have food, no one will help Preeti, birthday is now over, give this food to poor, we won’t have this. Sarla says you spoiled the mood. Shanti asks her to go to stall and have food. Preeti cries and goes home. Nandu talks the cake and dumps outside. She cries. Shanti says its one year and today’s girls are not planning children. She asks Kaushalya to tell Preeti to go to her inlaws, she will get fine there.

Raghav agrees with Shanti, and says if we all have to stay happy, Preeti has to leave from here. He asks Kaushalya to explain Preeti, and leaves. Shanti asks Sarla to go to her home and manage. Kaushalya says I will give tiffin. Sarla says no, Shanti asked me to have food at stall. Pari asks Sarla what are you thinking. Sarla says I m thinking who will do scheming when Preeti goes.

Sarla says I m thinking to explain Preeti. Nimmi tells Nandu that Preeti is not so bad, give her some time. Nandu says I know, I did not feel bad of her words, I felt bad that she has thrown cake.

Sarla and Pari go to Preeti and console her. Pari asks Preeti to come with her to her house. Sarla pinches Pari and stops her. Sarla says I know Preeti is worried, but be careful, Shanti is eager to send you to inlaws. Preeti says I won’t go anywhere. Sarla says if you fight like this, they will send you out, you go and apologize to Preeti, talk to her sweet and win her, Riya is doing same with Shanti and Kaushalya. Sarla says they were doing this as you are clerk’s wife, you ask for anything by becoming soft spoken, don’t fight, we will leave. They leave.

Bindu cries and tells Prabha that Sarla has done a big thing, I called many times and Sarla did not say anything. Prabha says Sarla made Ashok marry Nirmala, Sarla has shut the door when I was trying to see. Bindu says Sarla has sold my brother and cries. Prabaha says its not a time to cry, we will make Sarla and Nirmala cry.

Kaushalya says I wish Preeti gets some sense. Sarla and Pari come downstairs. Sarla tells her that Preeti is stubborn, I tried to explain her. Sarla asks Shanti not to doubt her and leaves with Pari.

Nirmala keeps her pic with Ashok’s pic. Prabha and Bindu come there and see Nirmala with sindoor and mangalsutra. Bindu slaps Nirmala and asks did you marry Ashok, did you give property to Amit and Sarla, tell me. Pari and Sarla reach home. Pari gets worried seeing her ex BF. The boy calls her Jaaneman. Sarla asks Pari who was he. Pari says I don’t know, he called Jaaneman to you. Sarla asks what. Pari says he was servant at my home and lies. Rani comes. Sarla asks where was she. Rani says I went to have vegs. Sarla, Pari and Rani see Bindu and Nirmala arguing. Sarla asks what happening. Bindu confronts Sarla and threatens her. Sarla scolds Bindu. Rani asks Prabha not to support Bindu. Bindu says we will go and tell everything to Shanti. Sarla gets worried.

Ashok tells Shivam and Riya that Sarla has sold me to Nirmala, she made me helpless to marry Nirmala for money sake. Shivam and Riya get shocked. Riya says I have a solution.

Update Credit to: Amena

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