Mere Angne Mein 24th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Mere Angne Mein 24th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivam asking Amit to respect girls. Amit brings a stick and asks him to shut up. Shivam breaks the stick in pieces and smiles. He leaves. Sarla comes and tells Amit that Shanti asked Riya’s family to come for tilak. He says she has gone mad. She scolds him and asks him to talk well. Ashok thanks Shivam for helping so much, even when Sarla does wrong with them. Shivam hugs him. Raghav comes and asks is all arrangements done. Shivam says yes. Ashok tells Raghav that your children are good. Raghav says even your children are good, get some time and try to know them. Ashok gets puzzled.

Sarla calls someone. Shanti argues with Kaushalya and tells Raghav that Sarla has done all the work quickly, she is so busy and doing everything. Sarla follows a pandit. She blackmails

him and asks him and some men to kidnap few people, its small work and she will give good money. She asks them to pick some people and leave them after 5pm. She says she will give 1000rs. They ask for 2000rs. She shows the knives to them. She asks them not to use it, its just to scare them.

She calls Anupam and asks did he leave. She says fine, I was just asking. She tells the men to keep them, and not beat. Raghav talks to Kaushalya and sees her working a lot. He asks her to apply black dots to her when she gets ready, as she will catch bad sight. She smiles. He romances and asks her to drink juice soon. She leaves from the room. He says she works a lot. He sees his wallet and thinks to give 2000rs to Shanti for some work. Anupam says they are getting late. Bua says we will reach on time. Riya asks him to wear some good clothes and go.

Riya says mum always liked him in good clothes and makes him smile. Bua says lets go soon, else Shanti will create problems. Sarla sees Pari outside the house and asks her to do work. Pari says another problem is going on at home. Sarla asks what, Shanti poses with Nimmi and Preeti for pic. Sarla comes and says she has gone for imp work. Shanti likes the pics and says when they get tilak, we will take pics and send them. Sarla thinks Riya will see Amit’s pic.

Sarla sends the cameraman. Shanti asks Sarla whats the matter. Sarla says nothing. Kaushalya asks about the dishes. Shanti says about Amit’s allergy and Sarla gets an idea. Sarla says she has some work in kitchen and goes. Shanti gets thinking. Riya compliments Anupam for looking good. Sarla goes to kitchen and adds brinjal in dish to make Amit get allergy. She gets the call and asks the men to kidnap Anupam.

Sarla fries the brinjal in Kaushalya’s absence. Pari comes there and sees this. She asks for 500rs to hide this secret. Sarla thinks to send Shivam out again. Shanti get shagun envelops. Pari makes Preeti fall down and acts like she got hurt. She cries and Shanti scolds Preeti. Sarla asks Amit to have brinjal. He says you know I have allergy. She insists and says its necessary, if your face turns red, your pic will not be taken. He says what will we do when Riya sees me in mandap. She says she will not refuse and marry you. She makes him eat the brinjal, and says how many problems she has.

Amit eats brinjal and asks what will she do to manage Riya, as Riya will take Shivam’s name. Sarla worries and calls Riya. She acts sweet and says she has to tell something. Riya asks whats the matter. Sarla says Shanti is doing old rituals, I m worried, she asked me to tell you that Riya should not take groom’s name before marriage. Riya agrees.

Nimmi and Preeti have a talk. Nimmi does first aid to Preeti. Shanti sends Kaushalya to Sarla. The men see Anupam and their auto does not start. The men call Sarla and she asks them to do the work, else she will take their life. Kaushalya hears this and is shocked. Sarla smiles and says I m talking to maid. The auto starts and they see Anupam leaving. Sarla scolds them.

Bua reaches Shanti Sadan and wishes its not that Shanti. She talks to Kaushalya. Sarla is shocked seeing Bua.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Great story line
    Existing ep…….

  2. just waiting for shivam to marry riya.
    kaushalya ji and raghav ji love s so sweet….
    wish riya nani aur sarla ka band bajaaiye…
    yippeeee waiting..

  3. They are dragging it too much and use 1hour for nothing.

  4. please get this crap off the air,the story line stinks which part of the world the writers. and producers come from.please watch and learn from englih soaps.

  5. sorry to say i cannot bear to see this shit

  6. Oh my God! I hate to see Sarala’s childish actions. This is too much.

  7. Tapaswini Panda

    Oh God come on grow up this is really beyond toleration now

    come on go ahead

  8. Who is the one behind such an idiotic story line? I won’t be surprised if it is from the mindless duo of Ekta and Shobha Kapoor. A girl is getting married and no one in her family is interested to see the groom and his picture, not even her father? The girl’s character is perhaps the dumbest and the way Bua is going in the serial it seems she should be promoted to Indian envoy to Pakistan to solve the problem. Is this serial made to prove that Indian have completely gone bankrupt with their IQ or what?

  9. very nice serial..i like dis serial so much
    i m waiting for riya and shivam’s marriages

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