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The Episode starts with Riya checking her bag. She gets keys and thinks how did it come. She says I will call Kaushalya and inform her. She is called by boss and goes. Sarla drinks tea and asks Shanti why is she staring, does she want tea. Shanti asks what is her mind planning now. Sarla cries and starts acting, that she loves her family a lot. Shanti stares at her. Sarla says I heard there is treasure in Shanti Sadan. Shanti says I was also thinking to take sanyaas later. Sarla says I will take my share, else I will file case against Raghav, its my right.

The men come to survey and find the treasure. A man says we did not get treasure in any house, we think there is much chance to get treasure here. Sarla gets glad and asks Kaushalya to get tea and snacks for the men. Shivam gives his

presentation. Riya is lost in thoughts. Boss asks Riya and she does not respond. Riya then goes to give presentation. The presentation is wrong. Shivam and boss get shocked, as clients look on.

Riya says sorry and checks her presentation. The clients get upset by the delay and leave. Boss scolds Riya and asks whats this. Riya says sorry. Boss says girls have these problem after marriage, their half mind is at home. Shivam says sorry, but mind your language. Boss says I know she is your wife, but she is my employee too. Shivam argues. Boss says we will calculate your salaries based on your mistakes. Shivam says do anything and leaves with Riya.

Riya calls Kaushalya and says keys are in her bag, don’t know how did it come in her bag. Kaushalya says leave it, come home soon. Shivam asks what did Maa said. Riya says nothing, I don’t understand how did the keys come in my bag when I gave this to mummy. He says this is big responsibility, are you sure you will do this. She says yes, very well, I promise, but I want your promise too. He asks what. She says that you will support me, you are my strength. He says I promised while taking rounds, that I will always support you. They smile.

Sarla prays that they get the treasure. The men look for treasure. Shanti asks Kaushalya not to ask her anything and ask Riya. Sarla says no, then Riya will know we have treasure here. He asks the men will they dig place. He says no, we will find it by metal detector. Nimmi and Sarla get glad. Sarla says I have few conditions. She asks about her share. He says you read the form. Sarla checks the form and asks Nimmi to read. Nimmi says you can’t read, its in English. Nimmi says its written that govt will have 50% share. Sarla gets angry and starts shouting. She says we will give 30%. The man says this is not veg market, its govt scheme. He says we will do formalities and come. Nimmi says I will do shopping. Sarla says Riya won’t give anything. Nimmi says Riya is not like that, treasure will be with my mummy. Sarla says its Amma’s house and she will have everything. Kaushalya says Sarla is right. Preeti comes and Sarla thinks to do something.

They all start checking for treasure. Kaushalya gives tea to the man. Lady scolds Amit for the soap. Amit says its company’s rate, go and complain to company. He asks her to get lost and scolds her. She leaves. He gets Sarla’s call. She asks him to be good to Shivam and Riya. He asks what to do. She says get friendly with them, the men came in shanti sadan to check for treasure, they did not find it anywhere in Moghal sarai. He gets glad.

Sarla goes to see did they get treasure. The man says there is nothing here. Sarla asks how can this happen, check it well, we have arrange all breakfast, you have food and start checking the house again. The man says fine, we are trying. Sarla checks herself and says its beeping. The man says that’s not treasure. Sarla does not let them eat food and the men get annoyed. They check the place well for the last time. Sarla asks Kaushalya to keep fast, and go barefoot to temple.

Amit calls Rani and she gets glad. She says she got very happy by his call, and she wishes he could see her blushing. She asks shall I send selfie. He says listen to me. She says I m ready to listen to you all my life. He says I wanted to say…. He forgets. She says I know you called me to say you love me, you are shy type of hero. He asks her to make special food today. She says you are praising me, I will make food. He ends call.

She thinks to wear a good saree, as Amit is in good mood today. She checks the saress and says I will look beautiful. The man says we did not get anything, we will leave. Shanti asks them to leave, they messed up everything. Sarla gets upset. She thinks to call Amit and stop him from buying the things. She calls Amit. Amit is away. Pari calls Sarla and asks for idea, as she paid her 200rs. Sarla gets angry and says give me 2 lakhs as you are rich, I will talk later. Pari argues and says I m angry with you. She ends call. Rani says I look beautiful and smiles. Amit comes and asks for food. She says you sit, I will serve it, I made great food. He asks her not to stick to him. He says get tiffin fast, he has to pack food.

Rani says I did not know you are so romantic to take me out. She holds his hand and looks at him. Sarla cries and says there is no treasure here. Kaushalya asks Sarla to sit, and she will make food for her, it will take a day to clean the house. Sarla says clean house, I will go home. Kaushalya says no, I will make food. Sarla blames her and asks why did she not pray to get treasure. They all hear the metal detector beeping. Sarla and Nimmi laugh and hug happily. The men check for it. Sarla says this is second chance, go and make halwa and call your bhajan mandli Kaushalya. Sarla is excited.

Riya and Shivam see news of treasure possibility at Shanti Sadan. Sarla jumps happily.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. Nice episode interesting concept

  3. Boring Riya should keep her but out of trouble and they keep doing the same story line daddie gets angry at Riya priti stutters and is confused and kashlya is trying to be good daughter in law when daddii doesn’t care

  4. This episode is the Same story line why can’t Riya but her nose in things that will get her I trouble and priti is crying and kushlaya is trying to be good daughter in law when daddii. Isn’t bothered it really get on my nerve.

    1. actually in all of the serial teae heroines will go and get struck in problem,I can give you many examples like Madhubala in Madhubala,Simar in sasaural simar ka,Ishita ,gopi ,it goes on fore ever,they don’t live a peaceful life neither leave others to live .

  5. verry boring .poor riya ttying to smart but nothing story only draging one thing.daadi creating a scene a nd insulting real people who do live simple love n no chemestry between any of the couples.only bakwaas.wasting 1hour .

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