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Mere Angne Mein 24th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pramiod recalling the man’s words and goes. Kaushalya sings O palan haare. Sarla plays harmonium. The man asks Riya how many bhajan will go on. Riya says program started just now, more 2-3 bhajans will go on, why are you asking. The man says just like that. Riya tells Nimmi that man was weirdly asking about bhajans. Nimmi says leave it, hear mummy singing so well, mummy will get famous. Pramod tells Shanti Kumar that harmonium will blast, Badri and Varun will be shocked. Shanti Kumar pities on the people singing bhajan, some people will be dying, you make me meet fighter Shivam, he can refuse to fight if his family dies. Pramod says I will give Amit’s number, he is Shivam’s manager, make such contract that even if Shivam’s family dies, he becomes helpless to fight,

till then I will wait for the blast when harmonium blasts. Riya hears this and shouts. She asks which blast. Pramod asks the men to stop her. Riya beats mean and asks them to run away.

Shanti Kumar calls Amit and says I want to meet you. Amit gets shocked. Shanti Kumar says I want my fighter to fight with Shivam. Amit gets glad. He says I have Badri’s support, I can’t meet you. Shanti Kumar asks him to meet him once. Riya comes running to everyone and asks Kaushalya not to stop singing, else harmonium will blast. They all get shocked. Amit says I m manager, Shivam will not meet you. Shanti Kumar asks him to get Shivam, else no talks will happen. Amit agrees to get Shivam and asks him to send address. Shanti Kumar sends address. Amit tells Shivam about Shanti Kumar asking him to meet, if you make his fighter lose, you will be treated well. Shivam says fine, I will meet Riya and come. Amit says Riya will manage everything, come. Shanti asks Sarla to keep playing the harmonium, else bomb will blast. Sarla gets tensed. Riya asks Sarla not to move harmonium. Shanti says we will take it outside and throw it. Sarla says whenever I go to help anyone, I get trapped, my fate is bad, tell me what to do. Kaushalya and Sarla worry.

Shanti asks Riya to go and get dupatta. Riya tears her saree and gives cloth. Amit and Shivam meet Shanti Kumar. Shanti Kumar says when the fighters are good, the public gets fun. Amit says Shivam will make your fighter lose, we will not fight for small amount. Shanti Kumar says I always talk big amounts, it will be 50 lakhs from my side. Amit and Shivam smile. Amit says give us money, your fighter will lose. Shanti Kumar says if you win or lose, its your benefit.

Police comes and says bomb squad will come. Shanti asks will we wait for them to come. Shanti makes Riya put cloth to Sarla’s neck. Sarla says I did not see mum like you, why are you making me wear this. Riya asks Sarla to keep playing it. Amit asks how profit if we lose. Shanti Kumar says whoever fights, the one who owns the ring earns, if Shivam loses, how will he give 50lakhs. Shivam says I will win. Shanti Kumar says confidence is good, over confidence is bad, I m worried what will happen of you if you lose. Amit says we will give in installments. Shanti Kumar says I have one way, if you want to earn money, if Shivam loses in the ring…..

Pramod sees Varun and Badri coming in the Sammelan. He says Shanti Sadan people spoiled this, bomb did not blast, we will leave now. He goes. Police informs Badri about bomb thread. Badri and Varun leave. Shanti asks Sarla to keep playing and asks Kaushalya to move back. Sarla says you are saving bahu. Shanti Kumar says if Shivam loses fight, I guarantee to give 10 lakhs. Shivam apologizes and refuses. Shanti Kumar says if you lose, you have to give 50 lakhs.

Amit says we can talk about money later. Shanti Kumar says if we do this deal, Shivam has to sign agreement, that he is ready to fight, you are literate, read this. Shivam and Amit check the agreement. Amit asks what’s the need for this. He asks Shivam to sign, its namesake contract. Shanti Kumar says money will be given in front of witness, you will get that agreement tomorrow. Amit agrees. Shivam and Amit sign on contract, and leave. Shanti Kumar smiles.

Sarla says I don’t want a mother like Shanti. She plays harmonium. Shanti asks Riya to remove harmonium from Sarla’s neck. Sarla gets relieved. Shanti and Riya throw the harmonium outside. It explodes. They all get saved.

Pari comes to Shanti Sadan and tells Preeti that I got saved, my marriage should not get postponed. Pramod goes to Shanti Kumar, and says everything got ruined, Shanti and Riya failed our plan. Badri and his son will know its our planning. Shanti Kumar says Shanti Sadan did our loss and will pay for it, we will make our fighter fight with Shivam. Pramod says what will we do of media. Shanti Kumar asks him to get underground for some days and then we will think what to do. Pramod goes.

Sarla looks for Shanti and thinks did she die. There is much smoke. They all look for each other. Sarla thinks Shanti has bribed yamraj, so she got saved. Shanti thanks Lord. Shanti asks Riya to call Varun. She asks where is Varun. Riya says his phone is off.

Kaushalya asks them to call Shivam and Amit. Riya says their phones are off. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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