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Mere Angne Mein 24th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti crying seeing her husband’s pic lost. Raghav pacifies her. Shanti asks Sarla to come in Satyanarayana puja. Sarla refuses and thinks she will never come. Raghav says Sarla will come, don’t worry. Nimmi acts like Shanti and tells Riya about Shanti’s fake tears. Shivam laughs. Shanti asks Kaushalya to get tiffin for Sarla. Shivam holds Riya’s hands. Amit looks on and gets angry.

Bua says I will not go from here as Sahil’s mum Suman wants to stay here. Sahil gets Bua’s ticket. Bua says cancel my ticket, I don’t want to go. Sahil thinks even mum does not wish to go. Anupam says I will drop Bua to station. Bua says I don’t want to go, I m missing Riya. Anupam asks Bua not to worry, Riya is happy in her inlaws. Bua says she has seen Shanti in her

dream. Anupam asks whats the story, tell me, I want to know, my daughter is married there, I should know what Shanti did wrong.

Bua tells that they were 16 year old and Shanti and she were best friends, everyone disliked Shanti, as she used to talk with bad manners and was very clever, whereas I was innocent. Shanti calls Sarla and asks Kaushalya to get Riya. Kaushalya asks Riya to sit with Shanti, she is sad and will like to talk. Riya, Shivam and everyone come to Shanti. Riya smiles and Shanti asks why did Shivam come, is he the bride, she wants to talk with bride, leave. Shivam leaves.

Shanti says Riya is bahu, and I will call her bahuriya now. She laughs. She asks about Bua. Riya says Bua will go back tomorrow. Shanti says she can stay for few days, I could not talk to her, and just fought, its fine. Riya says you and Bua were best friends right. Shanti says we were like sisters. Riya asks then what happened between you two. Shanti says its bad story, what shall I say. I will say if you are asking, it was good time, one day we went to temple.

Bua says she has dragged me to the temple, people used to go there to wash their sins, and she has made me part of her sin, Shanti was a thief. Shanti says I was nice girl and could not think of stealing, I did not have anything to play, so I went to temple to pass time. Shanti says Lali Bua has gone to do stealing. FB from Shanti’s story shows Shanti and Lali Bua’s teenage age. BuA says she wants to steal the jewelry Nath. Shanti says she will get sin. Bua says fine, I can steal Chadava, don’t tell dad.

Bua says I was scared and supported her, and did this sin. FB from Bua’s story shows pandit going. Shanti steals the temple cash and takes Bua’s support. Shanti asks Bua for some money and they both start arguing. Shanti says we are kids and did mischief, we did not have sense, when pandit caught us, Lali has put blame on me. FB shows pandit scolding Shanti and Lali leaving after putting blame on Shanti. Shanti fumes. Shantu says I was angry. Nimmi says you may have not forgiven Lali. Shanti says it was childhood friendship, I got annoyed with Lali, she came to meet me in evening. FB shows Lali apologizing to Shanti. Shanti says I know you said I m thief to save yourself. Shanti thinks to make Lali cry.

Bua tells Anupam that Shanti has put all the blame on me, then I came to know she is a liar, but I have forgiven her for our friendship. Shanti tells Riya that their friendship was strong. We have gone to see wrestling. FB shows Shanti and Lali seeing the men wrestling. Shanti likes the wrestler and tells Lali. Lali asks do you like that man, and teases her. Shanti says Lali and that man’s name got linked. Bua tells Anupam that Shanti was her good friend, and told Shanti’s dad about it, as she did not like that wrestler, her dad slapped Shanti and shut her love, then she became my enemy. Anupam says you did wrong.

Bua says that was old time and it was bad to fall in love, she got annoyed, then she came to me after many months, she cried hugging me and we got friends, but she came to spit poison. Shanti says I did not go to spit poison, Lali felt I came to take revenge, then she took the stick and got angry. She says my relation was fixed, the guy was very nice, your grandpa was very handsome, this proposal went to Lali, it did not get fit there and came to me, his family liked me and Lali felt I took revenge. Lali says Shanti was disliked by guy’s family and came to see me, Shanti came to my home as Naagin and hidden a diamond ring in my bag, which was stolen. She proved me thief infront of them and got my humiliated. She says then Shanti fixed her proposal with that guy, then our friendship cracked.

Shanti says Lali wanted to break my marriage, if I knew that guy went to see Lali, I would have refused. She smiles and thinks Lali has made me away from wrestler guy, so I snatched her husband. Nimmi asks what happened then. Shanti says you guys are enjoying free story, I don’t have any bitterness for Lali, I wish she forgets it too. She asks Riya to rest now. She asks Riya to go from office tomorrow if she wishes. Raghav comes and says let her rest for few days, whats hurry to go office. Shanti says you know it, work will get money. Riya says no, my salary won’t get cut, I took 15 days leave, our boss is very nice. Shanti says then no need to go, stay at home. She says I have met your boss and took Shivam’s leave.

Kaushalya asks Nimmi and Preeti to go and clean Shivam’s room. Shanti says it was Amit’s room set yesterday and today its Shivam’s room, I m worried for Sarla. Raghav says I m also worried for Sarla, she is not ready to forgive us. He says we will go to Sarla’s house. Shanti says let her be there for 2 days, then we will see. Raghav says I m going out, I will come in some time. Kaushalya takes Riya.

Sarla, Amit, Rani, Pari and Sonal come to their house. The neighbors smile seeing them. The neighbor ladies laugh on Sarla and Amit. Ashok takes their side and says he is proud of Sarla and Amit. Sarla asks him to stop it, why did he not say this at marriage time, now his lecture is of no use. She asks Amit to come along. Sarla tells Amit that she will not take Rani to her home, and drags her to Prabha’s home.

She argues with Prabha and asks her to keep Rani. Renu gives nek to Kaushalya for Shivam’s money. Kaushalya says she can’t take 20000rs. Renu says this is shagun, keep it and hands it to her. Shanti sees this and gets angry that Kaushalya is hiding money. Renu says she is leaving. Shanti asks her to stay till puja, and asks Kaushalya to give her tiffin for way and also sweets. Renu gets glad. Shanti says she will get the money from Kaushalya by her way. Preeti and Nimmi clean Shivam’s room and they decide to take nek from Shivam. Riya sits in Shanti’s room.

Shivam sees Riya alone and smiles. He sees Shanti coming and hides behind the swing. Shanti asks Nimmi to look for her radio. He looks for the radio. Shivam comes to Riya and asks is she fine, did she have food, I know you will miss your family, so I got this phone for her. Riya says relax, I m fine, I had food, I spoke to family, everyone is fine there, whats the need of phone, I don’t want. He says I got this for you. She says I want to talk to you now. He says I can’t talk to you, I m helpless. Riya smiles and takes the phone from Shivam, holding his hand. He says anyone will see, leave my hand. She says no one will see. Koi nahi tere siva mera yahan……….plays……… They have an eyelock.

Shanti tells Kaushalya about bride showing true colors, she snatches the son and then home, you are now a saas, so stay as saas.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The upcoming episode of Mere Agne Mein will show that Sarla and Amit get upset to by Riya and Shivam’s marriage.

    Amit is irritated to stay with Rani so Sarla sends Rani back to her paternal house.

    Rani decides to teach a lesson to Sarla and Amit, and filed a complaint against them.

    Rani complaints about Sarla demands dowry from her family.

    Cops reach to arrest Sarla and Amit.

    On the other hand, Shanti asks Riya to maintain distance Shivam until they completed Satnarayna pooja.

    Shanti gets faint seeing handcuff in Sarla’s (Ananya Khare) hand

    Shanti invites Sarla but she refuses to come as she wants get money back from Shanti.

    Later, Shanti gets information about police at Sarla’s house and Raghav, Shivan, Shanti reach to help Sarla.

    Shanti gets faint to see her daughter Sarla is getting arrested by cops.

    Will Rani take her complaint back?

    Will Riya find out the real of Shanti and Sarla?

  2. again nothing about shivam and Riya

  3. Better to end this serial.riya for how many days more u wil stay in that shaddi dress

    1. Agreed

      1. yes they should do that.

  4. Seriously I don’t understand this serial whts going on but I like sarla acting and fed up kaushalya
    Riya and shivam senc good

  5. I so understand this serial,because,thats what exactly happened to me and my children,inlaws manipulated husband,enriched daughters with our money.

  6. serial is getting a bit boring and annoying off 1 sided drama winning(by Shanti and Sarla). i think its time that some of the tricks backfire or part truth comes to light so they drama queens go on back off now and then. Also if Raghav can start making some decisions rather than his amma

  7. Love shiYa!! Shivan and riya lolxD

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