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Mere Angne Mein 24th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajender saying you guys insulted Riya and her dad, her dad wants Riya and Shivam to mutually take divorce, and then you all can.. Sarla says I m not from this house. He says its dowry harassment case. Shivam beats him. Sarla worries. Shanti asks Shivam to leave him. Shivam gets angry and scolds him. Sarla signs Rajender to fix his moustache. Rajender fixes it. Shivam says she wants divorce, fine, I will give her divorce. He signs on the papers. He asks him to get lost now. Kaushalya cries. Shivam fumes.

Sarla says our family name should not get dark in court, don’t worry Shivam. She leaves. Riya is praying at temple. Bunty meets her. Riya says I thought to come and pray in temple today. Bunty asks her to come for movie, if she goes out, mood will be refresh, then

find solution for life’s problem, don’t be sad like this. Riya nods. She calls Shivam. He does not answer call. Bunty asks why is he annoyed like this for so long, and calls on landline. Riya talks to him, and asks why are you avoiding me, we have to talk. He says you do mistake and put blame on me, family is bearing punishment, what happened to you. She says don’t misunderstand me, why are you blaming me, my courage is breaking. He says I signed, don’t worry, you are not doing right, I started hating you. He ends call.

Riya cries and asks Bunty to come with her to Sinha house, I will explain Sharmili what happened, I can’t bear Shivam’s hatred. Bunty says I m scared. Riya asks why, I m not weak. Mama asks Sharmili what is she doing, I have seen how you were talking to Nimmi, I asked you to divide and rule. Sharmili says I was seeing how high can Nimmi fly, I will start my game later.

Bunty and Riya come to meet Nimmi. Nimmi smiles seeing Riya and stops herself recalling her marriage with Vyom. She gets angry on Riya. Riya says I did not do anything, I know wrong happened with you. Nimmi says you realized soon, everyone hates me here, I have snatched Preeti’s rights. She cries. Pari comes there and greets Riya. She taunts Riya. Riya says let me talk to Nimmi. Pari says you made Nimmi’s marriage bad happening. Riya and Nimmi ask Pari to stop it. Nimmi gets angry. Pari argues. Nimmi asks Riya not to come here again, my family has kicked me out, what can you do, I will solve my problem. Pari says you are a problem yourself, Kaushalya gave birth to two characterless girls. Nimmi fumes and slaps Pari. Pari says how dare you slap me, I m your Jethani, see how I make you leave now. Nimmi requests Riya to leave. Riya says listen to me. Bunty says no one wants to listen to you, come with me. They leave.

Riya comes home and asks Anupam is he fine. Anupam asks where did you go. Riya says I went to temple and office. He says you are lying, I went to your office, why did you go to Nimmi’s house. Riya says they are my family, I m sorry, I will always do what you say, forgive me please. Shanti checks the divorce papers. Sarla says I made papers by biggest lawyer of the city, he is divorce master, papers are made well, I m worried if Riya does not sign then…. Its all waste. Shanti and Sarla leave to meet Riya.

Anupam asks Riya why did they not send jewelry, when they have sent clothes, they are greedy. Riya says situation was like that, I have Chandrahaar. He says I knew about Sarla, when she asked for 5 lakhs in tilak. Anupam tells about the 5 lakhs matter. Riya and Bunty say we did not know this. Anupam says Raghav is a good man, he refused for money and made Shanti return money, but now I wonder why did Raghav not stop you. Riya says don’t misunderstand Raghav. Anupam says I want someone to give an answer to Shanti.

Nirmala is annoyed with Ashok and says you did not miss me, and did not ask my welfare. He says its not like that and holds her hand. She smiles. She asks him to buy some items. He says I will go to market.

Riya gets glad seeing Shanti and Sarla at the door. Riya tells Anupam that her family has come to take her. She greets Shanti and Sarla and touches their feet. Shanti says its time to take a decision. Riya asks what do you mean. Shanti asks her to free their family, as Anupam threatened them of court and police, we got divorce papers by obeying you. Riya and Anupam get shocked. Shanti asks Riya to sign and free Shivam.

Shanti says I had to do all this things to make you leave the house. Riya cries.

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  1. rahul

    Same Rajinder had kidnapped Shivam. How dumb he is to not recognise him in advocates dress. And why did not he pursued the kidnapping case with police in the first place. It was game over for Sarla then only. I mean the script writer thinks no viewer has got any brain. Seriously!!

  2. Singh

    What a cheat Shanti and Sarla are! Time for the tables to be turned! Riya and her dad should take the Devils to task! Only then MAM will roll into something interesting . Directors please be quick to develop a fantastic story whereby showing the sufferings and cumuppance of Shanti , Sarla and company!

  3. Vijay varma

    Riya cries,Riya cries am so sick of this. Riya is educated show her that way. If she constantly put down and defeated, it will be very disheartening to young woman,it’s time to Riya defeating the evil duo with smartness.

  4. khady

    Where is raghav ? Sims lyk nobody has a brain in shanti mansion, stop this nonsense and make some one intelligent


    HERO hi Bakvas Chichora HAI toh Bakhi LOGON KA kya Haal HOTA Hum Amdaza Lagasakte Hai.
    Chillar FAMILY Srivastav Parivaar.
    Poore Gandhe BESHARAM log REHTE HAI.
    No Emotions ONLY POWER Only POWER
    Very BAD Message to SOCIETY.

  6. Hawa

    today nimmi you did rights superp
    tomorrow shant tell truth to riya now waiting to see if Riya signs the divorce paper and what she will do about shant true face


    This is the wrost show jo mmaine aaj tk dekha hai ya padha hai….
    I know ki dadi or bua paise ke piche or satta ke piche pagal hai in short they are greedy for money and they are uneducated ( jo kahin na kahin real life me hota hai) but padhi likhi riya ko itna dumb dikha diya hai ki hadd par ho gyi hai, ki vo padhi likhi hine ke bavjud kuch nhi kr paai… upper se chalo dadi or bua ko riya pasand nhi samjg aata hai kyu ki bahu kabhi beti bann sakti but usne to apne pote potiyon ki life barbad kr k rakh sirf satta ke liye or ghrwale bhi kitne dumb hai jo uss dadi ki baaton me aa gye… i hope riya divorce dete shivam ko as she deserve better person…
    Maine yeh show dekhna chod diya tha or sirf sunday ka episode padhti hun to pura week ka samjg aa jata hai…but aaj k baad to sunday ka bhi nhi padhungi…..

  8. Singh

    If a home is surrounded with such low mentality women like Shanti, Sarla and Kaushaliya, no wonder it will impact on the men folk who are staying with them! Look at the cheap thoughts of Shivam and Amit. They are retarded and think like Shanti , Sarla and dumb Kaushaliya. Why Riya is crying? Is it worth shedding tears for any member of the Srivastav family? The girls Preeti, Pari and Nimmi are vice versa- like their mother, Aunty and grandmother. Now we can finally conclude that that the flaws in the scripts of MAM completely exists because of the weak writer who lacks positive qualities and promotes his /her low mentality through his/ her characters! Change the writer of MAM! Bring a writer who is having the caliber of writing great stories with the balance of positive values, education for children , young and old. Show us how negativity could be destroyed or how all could solve every day problems through good means and healthy relationships. Allowing stupidity and negativity in MAM will not solve anyone’s problem. Please writer/producer/director start thinking practically about your audience.

  9. Sharad

    What did wrong in the serial it’s drama.and Riyadh is educated why she is not approach police to trace culprits in gold stolen.wrong massage to society.and pepole of India.

  10. noor unnisa

    humesha kuch na kuch chupa kar problem mai padhti hai. yeh stupid riya
    ex woh chandan har wala case
    woh love letters wala case
    ab yeh preeti bhagjanae wala case.
    humesha khudh solve Karen ki koshshi.
    shivam ya Dadi ko b tou bol sakti thi na ki preeti bhag gayi hai bolkar
    foolish riya always crying..
    shivam ko sms mai b tou puri bAATsamjha sakti na pagal

  11. jaz

    U right kiran mein ne bhi khabi nahi dekha aysa serial naa hi chichora hero naa hi riya jaise characteless sasural

  12. jaz

    Anupam is right shanti sarla ko expose karne kiliye kisiko ana chahi hai writers pls stop this nonsense. Ye do devils ka pakwaan bahoot pakchoka hai pls hume aur mat pakaiye story ko change kijiye

  13. jaz

    Ips sandya rati come to mogalsarai and take all pagal sirvastav family I want to see behind the jail to all brain less people

  14. uaha..

    What crap…Shivam signs the paper withour reading..does not know his Dadi is evil…the whole blame should be on your 2 sisters especially Prity…come on girls speak the truth.Riya stop crying and get tough..prove to them and when they realise walk away…leave Kaushalya ,shivam and prity crying and repenting their actions.Let Riyas dad speak to Raghav…man to man as Shivam is not man enough.

  15. pallavi

    What a dumb hero shivam is?? Hate him…he didn’t give even one chance to riya, to know what has happened exactly….and that riya always crying ….worst and haula shrivastav family people, hate that khusiya, what a mother she is….leaving her children responsibility blindly on devil dadi….what a writers and directors of this show…..showing cheap and wicked mentality people ( dadi and sarla )winning over good people….plzzzzchange the track of negative winning over positive…show sumthing positive for the society…

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