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Mere Angne Mein 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shanti saying we will save the house and getting emotional. Sharma and police comes there. Sharma asks them to seal the house. Shanti asks them to stop, auction is at 3pm. Sharma says yes, we have to start work now and seal everything. She says no, all the things belong to us, you all leave, I will beat you with stick. Sharma says you can get punished for this. Shanti says our house is getting auctioned, what can be punishment other than this. Sharma says we knew you will do this, and got lady constable. Constable handcuffs Shanti and then the police seals the house. Shanti asks them not to do this.

The man tells Riya that guests praised the food, we will call you next time also. She asks him to give remaining amount. He says I will do payment soon, I called my

friend to get money, there are guests here and its getting late. Shivam says you should have got money before, this is not right, we told you we need money, its urgent. The man says why are you getting angry, its big amount. Riya calms down Shivam and says yes we understand. She sends Nimmi and Nandu home and says we will get money soon.

Temple committee man gives 30000rs to Kaushalya and says we will give remaining amount later. She thinks house will get acutioned. She says you said you will give total amount. He says I said, but expenses were high, you are old member and I will pay later. She requests him. He says I will try till evening. Kaushalya asks them to help her in bad times and leaves.

Shanti asks inspector to call Sarla, she is my daughter. Shanti talks to Sarla and says come home, get money, I m handcuffed and house is getting auctioned. Sarla says oh, I m in hospital, lying on ward bed, doctor said I will die if I move. Shanti asks where did you keep money. Sarla says I can’t hear you, I will call Amit and tell him to give money to you. She ends call. Shanti tells them that she will go and see her daughter in hospital. Inspector says I know Sarla, even Yamraj won’t take her so soon.

Nimmi and Nandu come home and get shocked seeing Shanti handcuffed. Inspector asks constable to tie Nandu and Nimmi. Shanti asks them not to tie children. Kaushalya and Preeti come home and get shocked seeing the state.

Bansi takes disguise and meets Sarla. He says Rajendra is in hospital. She says my son Amit has taken money from home, find him, snatch my money from him, bid in auction as I tell you, I will come there in disguise, I will become Julie, you go.

Riya and Shivam feed food to guests. Shivam asks her to see time. She says yes, how will we stop house auction. Shivam gets angry and tells the man that he has just 10mins and he will not have anything to lose then. Riya explains their need to the man. The man says we keep Mata ki chawki, we don’t cheat people and do sin, I will give money when my friend comes.

Nimmi calls Riya and asks her to come soon, Shanti is handcuffed and house is sealed. Riya gets shocked. Shivam scolds the man and asks him to give money fast. Riya stops him. Nimmi tells Shanti that Shivam is fighting again. Shanti says he always gets angry. He tells Kaushalya that her son is useless. Sharma says nothing can happen now. The man scolds Shivam and says I will give money when the man comes, this is last contract, I will not give work to mad people now. His friend gets money and gives him. Shivam thanks him and says I needed money. The man asks him to count money. Shivam says I trust you. The man says count it infront of me, else you will hold my collar again. Shivam counts.

Rani calls Amit and says Sarla called police, I saved you by managing here. He thanks her. She says I will name the house when you buy it. Shivam and Riya are on the way. The man says this way is blocked, no one can cross this till our demands are met, we are protesting, go from other way. Shivam and Riya try to request. Shivam gets angry. Riya says its about house, I will not top you today. Shivam beats the men. Riya gets the stick and drops the purse. Kaushalya says our son is coming in some time. Sharma says nothing can happen now, its just 15mins. Kaushalya calls Riya and her phone is in purse. Kaushalya says Riya is not answering. Sarla comes as Julie, in disguise wearing a white gown. Amit dressed in black suit comes for bidding, and thinks to get someone to bid, else Shanti will identify my voice. Sarla sees him and thinks its Amit. She goes. Sarla sits with Bansi. Amit asks the man to do bidding for him. Amit hires a man for 300rs and asks him to do bidding on his behalf. Amit and the man get seated. Sharma says we will start auction now, and we will tell you in detail about Shanti Sadan so that you can bid well. Shanti and everyone cry.

The auction goes on. Sharma asks is there anyone else to bid.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. OMG will shanti sadan get auctioned or will someone come and save it from being auctioned?

    1. Maybe Riya’s dad

  2. Only hope sarla or Amit aren’t successful. Maybe Riya’s parents can help shanti and make a bid.

  3. this Shivam’s work is only to spoil everything… Brain less fellow… Riya will do everything to sort the things and Shivam will spoil…. He is very care less also…. Why he will get angry when he is in need… Why Riya loved him… Loving is wrong is hell life..


  4. This show is ideal example how the garbage writers can ruin a show. This show is pulled down by stupid sarla and her clown friend writers.No need to watch it.

  5. I don’t feel like blaming shivam because he reacts only when someone insults him badly. How can those people talk so harshly. Generally I don’t think people talk like that. They r showing like this only to prolong their show.

  6. I don’t feel like watching Sarla and Amits behaviour on the show. Soooooo dirty.

  7. Where is Raghav again he is not here. Who will buy shanti sadan and how can they auction it without documents? Serial going nowhere. When will shanti realise that sarla is no help and only comes when she wants something or money.

  8. I really feel bad for shanti her own daughter is cheating her disgusting shame on sarla and her kids really putty in shan’t feel bad for her she give her daughter money and sarla cheating own mother shame shame sarla you re on selfish daughter I love my mom I can do anything for her

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