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Mere Angne Mein 23rd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari seeing Vyom. She starts acting that she is weak and he gifts her. She likes the gift and goes with him in his car. Raghav is annoyed seeing Kaushalya away, and asks Preeti why did your mum not come. Preeti says mum was asking about saree. He says she can wear anything, why is she asking me. Preeti says you have misunderstanding, mum said…. He asks her to calm down and explain. Preeti says I don’t know.

Pari and Vyom are on the way. She asks him to take care of any good café. Shivam comes to Riya’s home. Bunty and Sahil welcome him. Shivam says you guys know me, don’t do this, I get uncomfortable. Bunty teases him. Riya comes there and they smile. Shivam talks to Anupam and Bua. Suman brings the juice. Shivam says I can’t drink. Sahil says he will

show Riya’s room.

Preeti tells Kaushalya that Raghav asked her to wear any saree. Kaushalya says it means he is very angry. She gets annoyed as Preeti could not tell Raghav everything. Shanti calls Sarla and says its good news, I have given the Chandra haar order. Sarla gets glad. Shanti says Raghav is not talking to Kaushalya, I will add fuel in the fire. Sarla says you are so nice. Shivam and Riya meet in her room. Sahil says he has work and goes. He apologizes to her.

Shanti asks Kaushalya to change her saree. Kaushalya says she does not have many sarees. Shanti says you got many in marriage. Kaushalya asks for the store room keys. Shanti asks her to take from Riya’s cupboard. Kaushalya asks how can I take. Shanti says everyone can share things at home and sends her. Shivam tells Riya that he believes husband and wife are equal. She tells about the Teej fast, its special for her. He asks what happened. She says nothing, I m hungry since morning. He asks her to have food. She says no, its fun to do small things in love. He says I know. She says you don’t know, else you would have got gift for me. She says she does not want gift, as he has come.

Preeti comes to Kaushalya and asks why is she taking Riya’s clothes, does this look good. Shanti says you are teaching biasing. Kaushalya says Shanti is right. Preeti waits for Nimmi, and says what will Riya think. Shanti says she also used to make them share things always and asks Kaushalya to wear it, and says everyone supports each other and wears clothes. Kaushalya agrees. Shanti stands outside and listens. Preeti says this is not right. Kaushalya says I will do what Shanti said. Shanti thinks to inform this to Sarla.

Sarla gets ready. Rani comes there and asks for her jewelry. Sarla asks her to wear imitation jewelry. Shanti calls Sarla and asks her to get Rani and come, else what will people say. The keymaker comes and gives the keys to Rani. Sarla sees the man while talking on phone. Shanti asks Sarla to get Ashok and Amit too, as she has got gifts for them. Sarla ends call and asks Rani.

Bua does aarti and tilak of Shivam and Riya. She gives nek to Shivam. Shivam refuses. Suman and Bua ask him to take it as shagun. He asks for 1rs, as there is no difference between 1 and 1000. Anupam gives 1 rs and bends. Shivam asks what are you doing, I will touch your feet. Anupam says no and hugs him. Bunty jokes seeing the drama. Buntu teases Shivam and asks him to tell something to Riya. Bua asks Riya not to worry about her fast breaking. She asks Shivam and Riya to leave now. Shivam and Riya leave. Sarla checks Rani’s hands. She does not get anything. Rani says I have nothing. Sarla asks who came, whom were you talking. Rani says Prabha has sent him to ask whether I m coming to her home. Sarla hears the keymaker and goes to see. Rani hides the key and thinks she will see Sarla.

Sarla calls Prabha in the balcony. Sarla taunts Prabha. Prabha’s husband greets them. Sarla says so many things changed, now we have become relatives than neighbors. He says I was not here and Prabha got Rani married. Sarla says just you are sensible in that house and taunts Prabha. Sarla says she will not send Rani. He asks what, I m union leader and will protest against you. Sarla says no, calm down, I mean Rani has kept Hartalika fast. Prabha says Sarla has finds chances to send Rani here. He asks Prabha to be quiet. Prabha says Sarla is a dangerous woman. He says stop it, I m union leader. Prabha says this is our locality and Sarla is the issue maker here. He says Sarla is such a nice polite lady. Prabha says you did not see when police has come. Sarla asks them to sort their house matter. Sarla says she will send Rani later. Prabha takes her husband inside the home and shuts the door.

Rani asks Sarla is she calling Pari. Sarla says Pari is not characterless to roam around. She calls Pari and asks where is she. Pari says she is busy. Vyom and Pari are in hotel room. He gets many gifts for her. Pari ends call. Pari does tilak and aarti of Vyom. She says he is God for her, she will always be with him. He hugs her and says he trusts her, he is lucky to get her. She likes the gifts. She says I think we should go home, as I have headache.

Bua sends Sahil with clothes and jewelry of Riya. Anupam asks whats all this. Bua says I made all this ready. Shivam and Riya are on the way. He brings her to some place. She asks is anyone see us. He says so what, we are husband and wife, I want to go on date with my wife. She says she feels like he has run with him. Bua misses Riya and taunts Suman. Suman argues with Bua. Anupam asks them not to fight. Bua says she will call Riya. Anupam stops her and says let Sahil come, he will tell you. Riya and Shivam see people in the garden and find it very crowded.

They sit on the bench and have a talk. Shanti waits for Shivam and Riya. Sahil comes there. Sahil gets the shagun, clothes and jewelry. Shanti asks did he come to see Riya and Shivam. Sahil asks did they not reach till now. Shanti looks at Kaushalya.

Shanti tells about the fast to Riya. Riya says she did a mistake, her fast got broken. Shanti gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Huh!! such a long episode and shivam and riya not reached home yet ???

  2. Pls stop dragging each episode….are there such evil women like Santhi and Sarla ??

    1. Actually there are women like that everywhere in India unfortunately. But these writers are testing our patience.

  3. Preeti says “I don’t know” when her father asks her to explain about her mom.
    REALLY? How desperate can the writers of the show get? Unbelievable. It is making me mad!!!

  4. Stopped watching dis crappy dragging show…….

  5. This show is boring now. Kaushalya is shown as a Pagal woman.
    Raghu is ediot.

  6. Kaushlaya has no brain and so is her daughter preeti brainless …. And shanti and sarla are so cunning that they can even manipulate god …. Pari is the most irritating character and Amit is the most useless character… Raghav has gifted his brains to his mother and sister dividingly… And riya I really doubt u r d protagonist … Dey hardly show you …. Fr god sake evn if I hv to show shanti to be so clever please hav a little mercy on kaushlaya and giv her some brains please…. It so disheartening when a good character person is shown so dumb….

  7. Rani’s character is ideal to meet Sarala’s character. But please do not make Rani use her not so good ways to make problems in Riya’s life. Let us have some faith in humanity. It would be good if Rani and Riya together make a force to fight against unfairness created by Pari, Shanthi,Sarala and Amit.

  8. Unrealistic characters in this serial. Useless Raghva and dumb Khushiya.

  9. Unrealistic characters in this serial. Useless Raghva and dumb Khushiya. Get them some brains please.

  10. Seriously…feel like slapping kausalya and saying lady wake up…and please don’t make the show so boring…audience obviously l stop watching 1 hour of crap. …If shanti had so much brains she could be an IAS officer instead of dadi. ..kausalya role has been reduced inferior to a maid in this show …makers please wake up..if you really want show to run

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