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Mere Angne Mein 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti coming downstairs wearing the saree Lucky gifted her. Nandu smiles seeing her and prays to Devi Maa that he made Preeti wear saree given by Lucky and hopes she accepts saree given by Nandu too. Shanti says we will do puja soon, Nimmi did not come. Nimmi comes and they start puja. Shanti recalls her bad dream and drops the aarti. Shivam falls down and Riya shouts. Shivam says I m fine. Shanti gets scared and says same happened in my dream, plate fell like this.

Riya shows the oil on plate and that’s why it slipped by Shanti’s hand. Kaushalya says sometimes Lord give signs of bad happening. Shanti says nothing wrong will happen. She asks them to do aarti fast. They do all puja. Shanti asks all of them to go and do visarjan. Kaushalya says no, I will stay

here, aarti plate fell, I m feeling some abshagun will happen. Shanti says no, go. Kaushalya says I will stop Shivam and Nandu here, how to leave Shanti alone. The ladies say we will stay here and go home, Kaushalya you go. Shanti asks all of them to go.

Nirmala talks to someone on phone and says I will send you Sarla’s photo, do anything with her. Ashok hears her and asks what are you saying. Nirmala gets tensed. He asks what do you want to do with my wife. She says I did not mean that, I meant.. He scolds her and says I will kick you out. She says how, I will not go, I paid money to Sarla. He says no use to repeat, I will do this now. She thinks how did he get angry now and begs to him to forgive him. She cries and says I m worried for my future. He says I don’t know, if anything happens to Sarla, I will not leave you, I will call police. Nirmala says no, I will call man and refuse. He records her. Nirmala asks the man not to do that work. She asks Ashok not to do this, he is of just Sarla. He asks her to accept her crime. She accepts she wanted to do wrong with Sarla. He says say you called goons. She says yes, but now I m not doing this as Ashok stopped me. He says if you do anything to Sarla, I will not leave you. He goes.

Shanti sits talking to neighbour lady and asks Lord not to make her bad dream true. Lady says don’t worry. Shanti says it was bad dream. Lady says this signs to bad danger, the house went through a lot. Shanti gets more scared and asks her not to say all this, and leave. Lady says what will Kaushalya say if I leave. Shanti asks her to go. She gets tensed and sits praying.

Sarla comes there and greets Shanti. Shanti asks about Nirmala and says its last day, I told you to send her. Sarla says I did not come to say that, I came to talk to you, as you are worried. Shanti says yes, I m worried by the bad dream. Sarla says don’t worry, I know what will happen, I met a pandit and told about your pandit, he said you may see bad time.

Shanti says house got saved, I survived, what can happen now. Sarla says pandit said kundli dosh. Shanti asks what dosh. Sarla says leave it, he gave solution. She wards off evil sight from Shanti. Shanti says I m thinking to keep havan. Sarla says I always pray for your house. Sarla goes and says I will pray for your house ruining, not peace, i got insulted here, Lord has to just support me now.

Bunty asks Riya and Shivam where were they. Riya says sorry, we got late, what to do of the plants. Bunty explains her the plants and their significance. Riya asks her not to talk like Kaushalya, sorry Shivam, Bunty was giving Gyaan. Bunty says fine, you joke, but care for them as kids. Riya says I will take care. Shivam asks Riya to come, Maa is waiting. Bunty asks him to wait, how was your interview. He says hopefully I will get job. Bunty asks him to do any job, his mind will be fine by being occupied. He asks what do you mean, I don’t need your advice. Riya says she had no wrong intention, how will we take plants. Shivam asks Riya to take rickshaw and put plants. She asks why are you getting angry on me. He says Bunty is your friend and goes to get rickshaw. Rishi comes to take Bhiksha and sees Shanti. Sarla and Shanti meet him. Rishi asks Shanti till when will she get scared of bad dream.

Shanti asks how do you know. He says I m antaryaami and know everything, you have seen fallen sindoor, I know everything, I read your heart, your family is going to get big danger. Shanti gets shocked and says no, don’t say this. He says your kundli is saying this, everything will be snatched from you. She says don’t say this, give some solution. He says problem is big and solution is big too, do you have courage. Shanti says tell me what to do. He says you have to give big sacrifice. She says I will leave food, money and sleep. He asks her to give sacrifice of someone dear, human sacrifice. Shanti and Sarla get shocked. Shanti asks what did Rishi say, how can he say that of sacrifice of loved one. Sarla says I can’t believe this, manage your house Amma. Shanti thinks to choose heir today itself.

Kaushalya and Nimmi come home. They see Shanti tensed. Kaushalya asks are you fine. Riya comes with plants. She says Bunty is going out for few days and asked me to manage her plants. Shanti says you did not ask anyone. Riya says plants are good, its auspicious plants, I thought you will like it. Sarla says Riya, if happiness came by plants, people would make jungle at home, you are educated and saying this. Riya says I can even do plants puja for the family peace, I believed this because of house. Shanti says its good you got it. Riya says if Bunty said true, see our house will have peace and happiness. She keeps plants near Shanti’s swing. Sarla thinks to treat plants well, I will break Shanti’s illusion now.

Shanti says I want you to make Nirmala leave, if you do this work, then I will make you heir soon. Riya gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What’s going to happen? What is this big problem that’s going to come? Or is sarla doing her plotting?

  2. omg…sacrifice!!! per kisko… Riya to shanti ki dearest nahi hai.. agar hoti to Riya ko hi sacrifice karti..but i don’t know what is going to happen..

  3. Whistle blower

    Sacrify sarla, she is the most dearest to shanti

  4. I sarla d going to do something bad and blaming on her mother because she brought the pandit because pandit give sloution not problem he say kill someone ture pandit never say the give solution not I think sarla doing this .want to destroy her own family
    But she want everything from her family shame on her

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