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The Episode starts with Sujeev catching Mama and asking him about the girl. Mama asks him to move the gun away. Sujeev asks her for Vyom. Vyom and Pari are also there. Mama worries as he can lose life. Mata says I will kill you, tell me where is Vyom. Sujeev asks Mama to kneel down. Vyom lies to Pari that Sujeev called him, he orders him and gives him money, but he likes to be with her. She asks it means I have to become Sujeev’s slave after marrying you. He says yes. She thinks she makes others slave. Sujeev says Vyom left me here. Mata asks him to give the gun. Sujeev says leave it, tell me where is Vyom.

Shanti says she wants to do her Shraddh. The family gets shocked. Kaushalya asks what is she doing, and apologizes. Riya asks why is she doing this. Shanti asks pandit to start puja.

He asks her to call someone to do Shraddh. Shanti says I will do my Shraadh myself. Kaushalya cries and apologizes. Nimmi says she will not listen to anyone. Preeti says I wish I could keep my salary with myself. The pandit asks Shanti to do rituals.

Raghav comes and stops Shanti. He asks what is she doing, what happened at home. Kaushalya says I don’t know, I just came from Visarjan. Raghav sends the pandit. He asks Shanti what is the problem. Shanti asks what to say, you don’t feel anything wrong. She says Riya wasted money, I don’t want insurance, did I get old. Raghav says Riya did this for your good.

Shanti asks why do they want her to die, forgive me, I don’t want to become burden, I will go to ghaat, will they put her in hospital. She says since the papers came, she feels she is ill. She asks Riya not to give salary, but why to bring diseases. Sarla says there are many diseases. Riya says I did not think so. Kaushalya says we did not think from Shanti’s side, she is right, we are wrong. Riya says I did not wish to hurt you, I thought for your good. Raghav says its not Riya’s mistake, she did right, what will you think if you go hospital, the expenses will be covered, you ask her to save money, she saved money, can’t you understand this. Shivam comes there and asks whats this drama.

Nimmi says its drama after medical insurance. Preeti says Kaushalya will get unwell. Raghav says Riya did this to protect you. He asks Shanti to understand or leave it. He sends everyone. He asks Riya to do anything with her salary, no need to do anything for anyone here, no one understands here. Shivam goes with Riya.

Sujeev sees Vyom and goes to him. Mata asks Mama to stop Sujeev from seeing Vyom with Pari. Sujeev does not see Pari. Mata tries to call Vyom. Vyom talks to Pari, while she is standing behind a pillar. Mata calls Vyom and asks him to run, Sujeev will shoot him. Sujeev shoots in the air. Vyom says run and takes Pari with him. Pari asks what is your brother doing. Vyom says this is not any bollywood movie and leaves with Pari in an auto. Mata and Mama run to stop Sujeev.

Vyom says we have to run away. Pari says I love you, but I can’t run away with you. Vyom says he is lucky to get her, she has very good values, he will make her meet Sujeev tomorrow. She says I love you Vyom. He says I love you too. Vyom worries seeing Sujeev coming on someone’s bike. He gets worried. Sarla asks Shanti to leave all this. Shanti is still in her drama. Vyom asks Pari to run fast and sends her in auto. Sujeev catches Vyom. Vyom asks Sujeev to beat him, he wants to see him happy. Sujeev asks him why is he sitting on the floor, why did he have gun. He asks Vyom what is he doing, what will people say. Mata slaps Vyom and scolds him. Sujeev asks Mata to talk with love.

Sarla asks Shanti for money and starts acting. She says she got to know everything, how she made neighbors fill survey forms to get Riya and Shivam‘s salary. Sarla says its no use, you did not get anything, I m worried for you, Kaushalya will control Riya too, as she controlled Raghav. Shanti says this won’t happen, and gives her money. Kaushalya comes and Sarla sends her. She tells Shanti that she can see Kaushalya sitting on the swing.

She asks Shanti to just see. Shanti imagines Kaushalya Sadan. She sees Kaushalya and Riya sitting on the swing, and making Shanti work as the maid. The scene is very funny. Kaushalya dominates Shanti and asks her to cook well for her bhabhi Renu coming for lunch. Kaushlaya asks Shanti to call her bahurani. Shanti says Sarla and Renu are equal for me, ration is over, give me some money. Kaushalya scolds Shanti and asks her to get items on loan. She gives her 10rs. The dream ends.

Shanti says I will show Kaushalya her place, you see. Nimmi and Preeti hear Riya and Shivam talking. Riya says I love Dadi, she overreacted, don’t you think. Nimmi says this drama will be fun, the fight Dadi versus Riya. Shivam says Riya you did right. The sisters leave. He says Dadi always does things for us and did not do any medical insurance. Riya says sorry, and hugs him. They have a romantic moment. Shanti sits thinking about the salary.

Shivam hugs Riya and they smile. Music plays……… Shanti comes there running. She knocks the door. Shivam opens the door. Shanti hugs Riya and shocks them. Ashok tells Sonal that he is waiting for Rani to come back. Sarla comes and Ashok argues with her. Nimmi tells Mohit about the old lady taking salary from Riya. He says he wants to see her, and he knows she would be beautiful. Preeti smiles. Nimmi says Shivam is coming. Preeti ends call. Shivam talks to them. He says Shanti has come to talk to Riya. Nimmi wonders what are they talking.

Shanti acts sweet to Riya and says she trusts her a lot, as Riya would manage Shanti Sadan after her death. Riya says no, you manage it well, I have to learn a lot from you. Nimmi and Preeti come there to hear them. Riya promises she will give her salary to Shanti every month. Shanti smiles. Nimmi says Dadi is so clever, Dadi took Riya in her team again. Shanti talks to Riya. Nimmi and Preeti get tensed seeing Shivam. Nimmi screams and Shanti comes out to see. She sees the siblings and goes. Shivam pulls Nimmi and Preeti’s ears. Nimmi and Preeti tease him. He asks them to make Riya know Dadi’s truth herself. Nimmi says how to get Riya in our team, I m not great to talk sweet to Riya, like Shanti does. They leave.

Sonal comes to Sarla and asks why was she talking to Ashok like this, he is so worried. Sarla says I know how to talk to him. Sonal asks Sarla for money to buy books. Sarla gives her money and thinks of Shanti who manages her expenses.

Shanti sees the scooty and says I will snatch your freedom Riya. Nimmi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sometimes feels sorry for Sarala. She has been spoilt by both mother and elder brother as she lost her father. This is very common in our society. Then she has married a good but never-do-well type man Ashok. She is always frustrated comparing Kausi who according to Sarala is enjoing what Sarala would have enjoyed with Shanthi and Raghav. Sarala’s laughing when Shanthi did not get money from Riya to pay for land indicates Sarala is not greedy. Her poverty makes her want things.

  2. @ninesha Good to know you pity Sarla. There are more people like you in India now. Did Sarla think of the word ‘educatio for her and her good for nothing two children’ How about helping her husband to run the house than plotting to suck out money from everyone? But I guess easy money is better than hardwork.

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